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#MyThoughts on Sunday!

Good Morning Community:

Are you expecting more and doing too little when searching for a job? Why not start with updating your profile and resume on the. Jobcase App. Next search the local jobs in your area and apply. They are many places in your area that are willing to hire you. It depends on how much effort you put into getting hired today. Often times we tend to expect things to happen right away. This isn’t always the case. It takes time during the job search process. For Example, If I was looking for a job in repairing homes, I would update my profile by including items that relate to Cleaning and Repairing Homes. Next freshen up your resume to reflect my experience. Listing previous Cleaning & Home Repair companies I worked at and list them on your resume. Taylor it to make you stand out among the rest. Apply for the positions, attach your resume to the job you are applying too. Wait for the reply. Another way to get hired is by going directly to the companies in your area and apply directly on the website of the company you want to work. When you put in the work it takes to getting hired you can do it! Why not start today? Good Luck!

4 months ago
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