Help a girl out I’m not scared of work !!

Hi I’m 45 and disabled I had a stroke in 2007 I’m very smart I’ve worked in the medical field as a phlebotomist , I’ve sold time share , I’ve done customer service, I’ve done accounts receivable and payables , I am very detail oriented and very dependable I work hard and learn quickly! Nobody will give me a job because they take one look at my walker and think I’m slow too ! I can’t work in an office any longer because I’m in so much pain and can not stand for long periods of time . I’m barely by y on the tiny bit of disability they pay me monthly I need a way to supplement my income badly! I need someone to just take a chance on me ! I have to live to ! I can not make it much longer living like this please someone give me a job I’m begging you !! Thank you !

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