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Lawrence White
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2 months ago

Anyone have any work experience at IKEA? The company has over 200 new jobs available right now!

I wandered into a local IKEA store this weekend and couldn't help noticing all the "Help Wanted" signs throughout the store.

I asked to speak with the Personnel Manager to get more employment information but the store was way too busy at that time so the manager politely referred me to the company career page and asked me to come back during the week for more information.

Does anyone have any current or previous work experience at #IKEA? Take a few moments and share your story with us. Any information around the hiring process, pay rates, and management relationship would be greatly appreciated.

The company is currently seeking full and part-time workers in the following areas:

  • Warehouse
  • Customer Service
  • FoodService

The #IKEA website emphasizes a workplace culture build around enthusiasm, togetherness, and a “get-it-done” attitude.

Interested job seekers are encourages to apply online to get the hiring process started.

Do you have any work experience or an interest in #IKEA full or part-time job opportunities? Go ahead and check out what's currently available in your area at IKEA job opportunities near me

Remember, any feedback you can share around IKEA or retail/warehouse jobs will go a long way towards helping your fellow community members decide if IKEA is the right job/career option. Thank you!

Tips and Resources for Active Job Seekers:

Job Search and Application Tips:

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Dupe Orisaremi

I like to work here.