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Hi all.. this 2020 to 2021 has not been great for a lot of reasons.. most of you are looking for work. or working from home. there are just a few of us that are holding the fort at the building you were in.. I had a staff of 900 that I helped to support in mail records packages and print. now the only person there.. had to dig my way into the building in the winter.. try not to freeze when the boiler quit.. and now in the summer not cook to death. no kidding. copiers running can take a enclosed room up to 85 in minutes.. the big problem is all of you still need letters printed folded and put to the mail. try 1200 in a day and there is one person to print fold and post. no kidding. and then management gets pushy when you have a email box that stops accepting email.. and why is that happening fix it my job is to print fold and mail. not do the IT that it takes to admin to the email program.. and I do not get paid to do this.. last week was so terrible. I was in tears most of the day Monday to Friday. .. seriously people ... looking for a new job.. thank you for allowing me to open my heart.... I liked my job loved my staff and company and am not paid much.. you would be surprised at how little for what I was asked to do every day... #merchandiser #healthcare #communications #manufacturing

almost 3 years ago
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