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Cliff Barrett
Bullet point

So, I worked at Walmart for a short duration. I came from a company who does very well with order and communication. Although no cross-training and a personal issue with the supervisor, I had to leave, sitting in one spot for 8 hours a day, I did the same thing everyday for almost 2 years. It literally drove me crazy not to move around and do something different. So, I'm hired on at Walmart, no training, no pamphlet, not in the system. Just started working in the loading area, cab 2. That's fine for me, exercise and change is a must. I had such a difficult time adjusting to all the mess, the chaos on the shelves and getting mixed information within the company. Not a single person knew what the other person knew, all management. This kind of mess definitely drove my anxiety through the roof, I had no idea what was going on the entire time I worked there, just more anxiety ridden surprises. I'm not used to not being aware of whats going on. I like to be thorough about directives. I like to know what to expect, to be mentally prepared for the day, well no chance in hell. For the record, not all managers are bad, some are actually doing what they can while the rest know what they can do to get away with doing bare minimum. The store lead failed to notify me when I had changed my schedule from 2nd shift to 3rd shift. Long story short, teenagers don't like to work, the shift lead shrugged his shoulders whenever one or two of the teens went home or simply disappeared without notifying the rest of the team. It didn't matter how hard I worked, how much I tried to bargain with the kids. I had enough of pulling the weight of people who couldn't be bothered to put in real effort. So, the GM, and I quote "We don't do that here." Communicate is what he meant. Nothing. Not a peep from HR, which is strange, in a business you want to keep people in the loop, at least that's what I would do from having previous experience, not here though. That's too much work. I start working 3rd shift, the night shift leads convince me they are desperate for help, only I get a mouth full because I'm not doing it "right" and to make matters worse, catch one of the leads sleeping in the office. That doesn't make sense to me. Runs her mouth all night, doesn't lift a finger to help, then has the audacity to go take a nap because she's tired and has a sore tooth. You do what the rest of us do, take a pain pill and guzzle down an energy drink. I'm doing my best to keep this PG. It's a joke, the entire time I worked there I had tried to think of ways to get people to work as a team, put a fire under their butts. Nothing worked. Nothing matters as long as they can keep working, they will get you fired.

I'm DONE BEING HARASSED BY MANAGEMENT. They will work you 13 to 14 hours a night if they succeed at guilt tripping you, then expect you to do it all over again the next night. Most of the time, people are on their phones, I was not one of those people and still got my ass chewed out. I'm done talking about it. #harassment #walmart

about 2 years ago
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