Beat the competition

Many people think it's about them. It's not. That is one important way to improve your interview results. Employers/Interviewers are looking for someone who show in their thinking, through the way their speak and via their actions how they can solve their problems. When you achieve this - the chances of getting the job goes up.

Start with key things to understand about the opportunity. - What they need/seek:

MISSION Why the role exits - the problem to solve or opportunity to create value. The main activities of the role

VISION Picture of success - what the solution looks like :


  • Talent : Innate, naturally occurring preference
  • Knowledge : Acquired through learning
  • Skills: Acquired through practice

MOTIVATION Those who do well in the job they love

Fit Alignment between individual's behavioral relationships, attitude, values, and work environment and
company culture

So remember during your interviews, be sure to answer 3 key questions :

  • Can you do the job?
  • Will you love the job?
  • Can we tolerate working with you?




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