I like my current job in property management but I only get paid $16 an hour and we do way more than usual property management companies since we’re a small company. I just recovered from pneumonia after being off for a month but my job was really understanding of it and I would like to keep it around since I have underlined health conditions. I love (who really loves their job) my job and the people I work with. I know they need help but I have been working for them exactly a year. What is the best way to ask for a raise? #workfromhome #raise #firstjob

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about 2 months ago
Katie Hallahan
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Start with looking at what the Property Managers in your area make annually and with however many years of experience you have so that you at least have an idea on what you should be compensated.

You never want to go in asking for a raise blindly on what others in the same geographic and profession are making. This knowledge will help you negotiate way better had you not know the average compensation and it gives the confidence one needs to negotiate a better salary. Look on to search the pay. Good luck!!

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Torie Miley

What about asking to be a resident on one of the properties with compensation of expenses? Its the craft of a good negotiator......

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Deanna Ortiz

Great question! It can be so stressful to ask for more money. My recommendation would be to schedule a meeting with your boss, and bring all the information about your work in the past, why you feel you are qualified for a raise, and how it would better help you in your job. Coming prepared with details is pertinent!

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