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Here are a few strategies for finding connections at a company. Traditionally, the best contacts are ones that you have a connection with in your life.

These individuals can be past coworkers, friends, family, neighbors, teachers, classmates, and so on. However, there are times where you are not sure if there is someone in your immediate network you can reach out to.

1 - Connect with people via social media, finding individuals on social media sites like Jobcase, LinkedIn, and Facebook giving them a “follow” is a great place to start. You will also be potentially exposed to second-degree connections, which can help you find further contacts for your network.

2 - Contact a career services office, if you are a student or recent graduate, career services or alumni offices typically have databases of alumni who are willing to help with networking opportunities.

3 - Ask your friends and family, putting feelers out to friends and family is another great way to build connections. Let those around you know what company you are interested in applying to, the type of work you’re interested in and ask if they know of anyone who could help. They don’t have to be a close relation; just a name and email address would do.

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over 2 years ago
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