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Dyteyona Reed


Hello my name Dyteyona Reed, I no im only 16 I will be 17 on February 3rd. I never had a job so I don't have any experience but everyone got to start somewhere, why is it so hard for anybody to give me a chance im a really good Lister I no I can be a good learner, someone please help point me in the right directions because I really want to work & better myself.


Esther Pascal

Hi Dyteyona: Thanks for posting on Jobcase!
True, having no experience is frustrating when you are looking for a job, but here are a couple of jobs that are hiring near your area. Since,you don't have experience, you can use volunteer experience, baby sitting, or even extracurricular activities that would be helpful in getting a jobs. Just make sure you explain in detail with a few bullets points your role and responsibilities.

Dyteyona Reed

Thanks Esther Pascal

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There are a opportunities out there, even though you are under 18 years old. Whatever it is, you will be the one who works the late shift, or weekends, and so on. That is the role of entry level. Nearly everyone has been there. Look for a job that is reasonably close to your home or school, because your next job will be asking the entry level job supervisor if you were late, missed a lot of shifts, and so on. Make sure that it is a real job. Do not jump at roles that are commission only, sketchy work from home gigs found online, and so on. Many teens work retail, fast food, dishwashers or busboy/girl in a restaurant or even baby sitting. Do not expect your first entry level jobs to be glamorous. I myself was a door to door paperboy, a dishwasher, and a night clerk in a convenience store as a few of my first jobs. Check with your school councilor for community opportunities they may know about that need filling, and you may be able to get school credit at the same time.

Dyteyona Reed

Thanks James