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7 months ago

The US Census is Still Hiring Everywhere! Here is Everything You Need to Know

Great news! US Census jobs are still available across the country. If you love talking to people and need a temporary job to get you through the next few months or to build up your work experience, consider applying to work for US census. Every ten years, the government hires thousands of workers to conduct a survey of the US population. While these jobs only last a few months, they do offer attractive pay ranging from $14-$30 per hour depending on your role, city, and state.

To apply visit the US Census site

As a census taker or enumerator, you will be spending most of your time going door to door verifying addresses, collecting data, and delivering census materials. If knocking on doors doesn't suit you, the following census roles are also available: Census Field Supervisor, Recruiting Assistant, Clerk, Office Operations Supervisor

Who is qualified? English speaking, US citizens who are least 18 years old, registered for military Selective Service, and have a valid Social Security number. Applicants should also have a valid email address and be able to pass an extensive criminal background check. This means college students, retirees, part-time workers, and anyone who is unemployed or underemployed are all encouraged to apply.

Application Process: The application process will take around 30 minutes. In addition to a form to fill out, you will also need to answer a few assessment questions. You may also be asked to take an English proficiency test. The Census Bureau will eventually follow up with you and either request more information or schedule a phone interview. If you are successful, you will receive a verbal offer and a formal offer letter by mail.

Other Requirements: Applicants must commit to completing training and be available to work flexible hours, which can include days, evenings, and weekends. Census takers should also have reliable transportation and access to a computer with internet.

Want to hear more about census jobs from former census takers? Here are a few stories:

From Shelia on Jobcase "They train you to do everything so as long as you can apply and get hired they will train you. People if you are concerned about ageism than you definitely need to apply. It is temporary, however, it could be a stepping stone to other departments in the federal government."

From Census Ask Me Anything on Reddit

"You can't apply for part time (all jobs that I've seen require 40+ hr/wk availability), but you can bet you'll be working part time -- If you run out of things to do, you get sent home early."

"They hire on test scores and veteran status, pretty much. I don't know exactly how they determine what list you end up on, but to choose who fills a position, we're given a list of candidates in order of preference and we call until we get it filled or we get too far down the list"

"Every week I would receive a set of address lists that I had to update, and I would spend up to twelve hours a day working on them until I ran out of addresses. We had to clock in and out on our hand-held devices so I would allocate time for myself to take lunches and breaks while I was working."

From Employee Reviews from Indeed "Long days walking house to house. I learned that not everyone is willing to disclose who lives in their house. Management was ok and the co-workers were pretty nice people to work with. The hardest part of the job was having to return to a house where the occupant either cursed you out and slammed the door in your face for coming to their door for the information needed. The most enjoyable part was getting the information without a hassle and getting paid."

Find out more about US census roles from the official US census site

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Thanks for pulling together all of this research John Huang ! This sounds like a great opportunity for anyone who is looking for an entry level temporary job with attractive pay!

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From what I’ve read on there qualifications, they only want men (this was through an email job hiring)

Truth BeTold

That's not true. Do your research.