Stuck on my word

Hello everyone. After the hurricane María as everyone else that was affected by it I came back to where my heart has always been, the glorious Texas. Well the thing is that I came here because a job was offered to me and I explicitly told my employers to be that I was Medical Cannabis patient and that I might have residual of THC on my bloodstream and that according to Texas laws that can disqualify me for the job position but they keep saying that since I was honest about it. It will not affect the decision, so I went with it and boom I was disqualified although I passed all the physical and mental tests. Well the thing is this a friend of mine that use to be my coworker when I was his manager asked if I wanted to work for his pest control company and I said yes, but I also let him know that it will be only for a year or until he finds someone else because I wanted to open my atelier again. So since we use to work together we do get along very well. Well little that I know his mother is the actual unofficial boss of the company so no matter what he says she is the one that makes the decisions. Then enter the sister, she is a cry baby and if you even say hi she pulls the today I'm in a bubble like literally she says that.

Now, don't get me wrong I do get along with them outside job related things, but they are not organized and everything I do for the techs to get their routes completed the next day they change them and boom chaos ensues.

My Boss try to get respect from them but he starts yelling so they ignore him, and since he is a mama's boy they get away with it.

That behavior is affecting all of us including my friend and boss. Since I have been there, there has been about 2-3 techs that have left because they can't stand them and I'm talking about three months so far.

I have been offered about 5 jobs that pays me way more that they pay me. Supposedly 1600 a month but in reality this people always have excuses to take money from you. Like one day she took me to help her with some stuff she wanted (she is a hoarder) and since I was with her and not at the office she deducted a whole day from my salary and I was wait a minute I didn’t choose to do that I was coerced to go with her and do that. How come I get short one payday just because I was helping her to buy stuff. I told my boss and he just said she does that all the time and I already told her to stop that many times over. (Like that is going to solve the situation).

Now the question is "should I keep my word or should I just leave before our friendship get damage because of his weakness?

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