More advice, pleeeease.....

Sorry to complain again but holy holy I have to get it off my chest and get some ideas from my fellow Jobcasers. Ok so when I first started I only finished 60% of my training before they threw me to the wolves. I was showed by another employee how to do things and things I have to get finished before my shift is over. That means I'm supposed to refill everything for the next shift, clean everything for the next shift and just plain ole common courtesy to restock what you've used for the day. I had to take a huge chunk of my time out of my day so I could finish what they couldn't. Idk whether to say anything to the boss or not. I don't want to complain but for Christ sake, I'm tired of picking up everyone's slack. I already overheard the boss talking about how more than one person doesn't do their job. Watcha think guys? Should I bring it up to her? Or just let it go?
Thank you guys for taking the time to read it and give me your opinion. I really really appreciate it!

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