Need help medical insurance

I have an issue, that I hope someone can give me some advice.
I've been promoted to Assistant Manager along with a girl that asked me if I could help her get a job. She also was given the assistant managers title too. To make long story short. I take prescription medications and see doc twice a month along with my primary twice a year. I currently have badgercarr for insurance. Now with that type of heathcare I'm am only allowed to make $1040.83 a month. Which sucks for me cuz when I was given the asst. Managers position I technically didn't recieve a raise. Just made it so I can't work as many hours as I did before I got the position. This doesn't really look good to my boss nor my Coworkers. The othernasst. Manager complains she is doing all the work and picking up what gets left over cuz I have to punch out or I lose my insurance. There have been times when I will punch out and work for free so I don't feel bad about leaving the work to someone else. I want to work more and I am capable of working more. I want to drop my healthcare and work full time but I don't know how to afford my medications and how to pay for the doc appointments. My job doesn't offer health care and it doesn't pay enough to buy health insurance out right. I need to find a way to afford my prescription medications ect. So I can give all I have to the company. Do work like everyone else does at my work place. Any ideas.

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