Consistently check your GPS.

I have a friend who does mural art on motorcycles. He is a really great artist but is experiencing stress while looking for a job to support his family. I asked him just recently how many clients he would need to make $8,400 monthly. (I picked that number because it’s right around the 6 figures a year mark) he told me 4, then a light went on in his mind. He had been so focused on getting a job he forgot the goal was money.

We must always consistently check our trajectory to ensure we are headed toward our true goals. Once you find your true North you can go all in for your dream and get results swiftly, but when we are trying to do things that are not in alignment with our true desires, we experience consistent failure. This failure is a nudge to get back on track and don’t give up. Some of us aren’t having luck with our daily endeavors for the simple reason we are being divinely protected against the wrong path. If you feel like you are hitting your head on the same wall, it’s time for a new game plan. One that supports who YOU are and who YOU want to be!

“Be the hero of your story!”

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