Cindy James Grijalva
about 3 years ago

The Ever Changing Job Market

I've been in the workforce, training and recruitment field for many years and am definitely not impressed with theyway the recruitment / job market is going. You now apply on-line, attach your resume and hit "send." Off it goes through the airwaves and you are at a standstill, hoping to hear back from someone. If you follow up via telephone or email, you typically get the "if we are interested in you, we'll contact you" reply. I had been self employed for over 3 years and decided to take on a temporary to hire position through a placement agency in the Phoenix, Arizona area. During orientation was told that after 535 hours I'd be hired on by the company. Four months into the position and well past the allotted hours, I was laid off due to no work. The funny thing about this is that during my employment on this position I was the number one recruiter; however, when laid off never heard from my temporary agency again. Wow, things certainly have changed ..... customer service and satisfaction has left the building. I was offered a different temporary position at the same company with a hourly wage cut of $8.00. Decided not to take it and am looking out for my best interests. Employment agencies and typical companies are now doing 2-4 interviews prior to hiring. What in the heck created this havoc? I know there are plenty of minimum wage positions out there; but the careers which involve degrees and certifications have certainly seemed to have dried up in the Phoenix area.

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James Harvey

Yeah, applying online can definitely be difficult. I think they have to hold multiple interviews for so many jobs now, though, because they have to narrow the list down somehow. There are more qualified candidates now than there used to be, and they of course want to make sure they hire the right one.