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Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Frito-Lay believes that diversity brings new perspectives to the workplace and encourages innovation. The company efforts to increase diversity include a commitment to hiring people with disabilities.

Whether you’re in Frito-Lay plants, distribution centers, stores, or on the road, the company wants you to showcase your best skills!

Frito-Lay believes evaluations should be based on merits and performance, so you can grow your career with the company in ways that are unique to you.

EnAble: Frito-Lay ’s disability-focused employee resource group (ERG), called EnAble, is one of many Diversity and Inclusion Networks that promote a workplace culture where employees have an equal opportunity to contribute and succeed.

Frito-Lay's use the term “different abilities” to evoke a sense of inclusion and recognize the broad spectrum of value that varying abilities bring to our company.

EnAble provides resources for associates with different abilities, as well as those that care for them.This can include technology-based productivity tools, education, and more.

Through volunteerism and community fundraising events, EnAble raises awareness of the needs of persons with different abilities and the value they bring to PepsiCo and communities.

Learn more about Frito-Lay's disability and diversity hiring process and apply online today at Frito-Lay Careers

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