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so frustrated

I have been out of work since Nov. 2016. I have been fortune enough to be able to work for a nursing agency since then. Heres my issue. I cant seem to get past losing my job. I still wake up everyday saying oh I should be at work doing this or that. I try really hard to put it behind me. I worked the same job for 30 years. I cry because I miss it. I know I must move forward,I do try. I absolute hate what I am doing now,I do it because I need the money. I get excited about some of the jobs I apply for, but then bam,not even a call for an interview.I ask myself if I am not getting a call for the job then who is? I am very experienced and confident that I am a good nurse. I wake up every day trying to have purpose,I find myself not knowing which direction to go. I guess I am still waiting for a call for a full time job that dosnt come. At this point I am so frustrated


Penelope Calderon

Losing a job can get you really discouraged and broken, but at least you have a job. Since you love nursing, maybe you can start teaching.

Rachel Ward

Teaching requires 6-8 years of college. You can't just walk into a classroom and start teaching.

Alicia Griffeth

Check into your local community colleges and see what their requirements are for teaching. Many only require a Masters as do some universities so it's worth a shot. Even if you cannot teach nursing classes maybe there are some other prereq classes like A & P or medical terminology that you can teach.

Charlene Nagel

If you have a BSN you can teach clinical. I taught for a private Lpn school and taught classroom and clinical. Now I will be teaching a CNA class. In a college you do need a masters.

Joseph Moser

Did any of the people responding here look at this woman's resume? She's been an LPN, which I presume means she has NO college degree, let alone a Master's.

ray pride

if you have a masters you ( CAN ) just walk in and start teaching


Don't give up. Teaching jobs are available. You may not need more training. Anyway try self employment. You don't have to work for anybody. You just may enjoy it. List:, Uber, Lyft Uber Eats. Start you own heathcare service Urgent Care you run the office. You hire the doctors or nurses in your office. Start small .

Dawn Elizabeth

As if teaching is a default job. I have been a teacher for over 20 years how insulting

C.R. Lechner

Getting up everyday for 30 years becomes a habitual pattern. Lie any habit it takes time to rearrange and train your brain that the status quo has changed. Like an addict going thru withdrawal. Invest yourself in a hobby, volunteer work while you are waiting for your next opportunity. Volunteer work often networks and can open a new door for you. Your type of employment does not define you. It's merely what you did to earn $$$. Allow yourself to find the real you and not what you did for a living

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Yes, I have to try my nest to work to live and .not the opposite.. Had to get other things to do.

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Responding to CR ... Best advice I've heard in a long time

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I understand your frustration, I was laid off from my job in December. I am using some recruiters I have used in the past, and they can help a lot . Have you considered a recruiter? They can help with your resume too, if needed. Hang in there !

Javier Mori

Hi Jeff. I am fortunate that i have a job but not really at the level that I am used to with my experience. I have a lady friend who has helped me with resume and applications but she is not really experience d and I would really like to work with a recruiter. I currently am paying a monthly fee for the help I receive from my friend and I feel I could be getting better results with a professional. Can you recommend any recruiter or agency that I could reach out to? Thank you for your time.

Judy Stout

How do contact a nurse recruiter

Anne Fernandez Divino

Sorry that your upset. And I really don't blame you. In todays world it's about the almighty dollar. I have found that they rather hire a graduated nurse (And pay her less) then to hire an experience Nurse like yourself (Which means you should be paid more), It's very sad to what nursing has come to...but facts are facts. I am having the same problem too (Been a nurse for 25 years). Don't give up!!! I get frustrated too...but keep on trying!!!!

Margie Dillard

ɨ ʄɛɛʟ աɦɛʀɛ ʏօʊ'ʀɛ ċօʍɨռɢ ʄʀօʍ. ɨ ʟօst ʍʏ ʝօɮ ɨռ ռօʋɛʍɮɛʀ as աɛʟʟ ɮʊt ɨ ɖօռ't ɦaʋɛ aռʏ ɨռċօʍɛ ċօʍɨռɢ ɨռ.... ɛʋɛʀʏɖaʏ ɨ'ʍ ʄʀʊstʀatɛɖ...... ɮɛ tɦaռҡʄʊʟ օʄ tɦɛ ʝօɮ ʏօʊ ɦaʋɛ ɛʋɛռ ɨʄ ɨt ɨsռ't աɦat ʏօʊ աaռt aռɖ ʝʊst քʀaʏ sօʍɛtɦɨռɢ ɮɛttɛʀ ċօʍɛs along

Jim Laughner

Your keyboard appears to have a problem. Many of your characters appear as some sort of Wingding characters. I didn't know it was possible to change font types or styles on these forums. I tried copying your reply and pasting it into a Word so I could change font styles but the odd characters stayed odd. I am able to make out what you're trying to say by reading what is recognizable and piecing things together by context. I can't tell if you have any misspelled words, but there are many characters that don't appear on a standard English keyboard and can't be easily converted to alphabetic characters. There are many symbols available, but they are not standard, you couldn't have, (wouldn't have) taken the time to make your post so cryptic, Ðþ⌂Æ¢î«, I couldn't even find special characters that resemble yours. If it's not a keyboard problem, How did you do it?

Margie Dillard

Jim , I changed the font on my keyboard on my phone that's all that was

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It makes sense to me I understand that you lost your job in November as well and you said they should be thankful that they have a job even if its not the kind they want and pray something better will come along. Am I right?


Alex K

You say you changed the font on your phone's keyboard. What kind of keyboard You using?

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Just stay in the game and don't give up!!

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Robin, what type of Nursing Job are you looking for and in what state?

Larisa Klimova

Nurse and can't find a job? Very strange.
I have 1000 emails and 100s calls from all kinds of Recruting agencies. I got offered full time, part time, pier diem, relocation bonuses, just a sign up bonuses, 16 weeks sign up bonuses. I have full time job and many pier diem jobs as I wish.
Where you locating ? Consider to change location and willing to travel. Open your horizons. Just google traveling nurse .

Tina CurrieUsflag

I agree with Larisa: there's still a big demand for RNs out there. I was offered two positions within a few weeks, and am still getting offers. I guess it depends on your specialty, work setting preference i.e. hospital, nursing homes, etc,. and willingness to start from the ground up. And most of all dedication and perseverance for the love of your profession. Hang in there.. Best of luck to you. xoxo

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Iits not that I can't find a job I get offers all the time I don't want to take any job. Happiness is something you can't buy I don't want to take a job to have a job I want to be happy being a nurse not just go to work ..............

Lola Gallegos

I can't stand this line Nurses can't find a job , it's a big lie. Nurses have many hurdles to jump in order to land all those marketing ploys out there. Yes, they are hiring as long as you have one thousand credentials they are requiring and than they don't want to keep their word on the incentives much less pay a good salary. The only REAL demand for RN's is ICU and Emergency Room but you MUST have all the credentials and experience. These are only two areas for thousands of nurses to choose from. The same positions are posted year after year with the same companies , they like to pretend they are hiring. The Health Care World is very different from in the past and it's all about making sure the CEO's don't lose their hundreds of millions dollar salary and it comes at the expense of Nurses being overused and overworked and unrealistic expectations when delivering quality care. So yes, there are tons of Nursing jobs , repeated year after year and they don't want to pay for the experience you have either. Very Sad situation for Americans not just nurses.

Erika Feaster

First Robin I'm so sorry you lose employment that you have a passion for. When a person is in a job they like doing it help getting up in the morning. I feel though that God our creator wants you somewhere else. Not that he will not allow you to be nursing again but he's lining up the job for you. He might even want you to advise some random person about health situation who would never be where you used to work. I myself don't always understand God's will but I Live by faith. Pray, keep your head, and your new nursing job is right around the corner. You ever know what greatness he has coming your way!!!

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Thank you Erika for sending that encouragement to Robin...your spreading a message of faith and kindness has also encouraged me and I'm sure many others on here as well. We do walk by faith...digging deep to trust and believe in God's perfect timing.

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Robin i can relate. I was out of work for 5 months. Mad, frustrated and angry. Lost my job after 9.5 yrs. I prayed asked God for help and am starting a new career next week. I am telling you use the time to get close to God and he will bring the right opportunity. I am glad i did

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A fellow Jobcaser

...when you find yourself de Bible...

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Robin I feel you but don't let it get you down. I was working at one job for 21 years and I though that I would retire from there and then it happen I got laid off. Didn't what I was going to do. After 1 month of not working I decided to go back to school for 10 months in a completely different field. So I completed it and found a job right away but that only lasted for 6 months. So I decided to started my own business and now Ive been on my own for 11 years now. So that was the best thing that happened to me. I have my life back and I'm my own boss. So cheer up and find something your good at and GO for it.

Deb Shaul

Doing what? What type of business? I too went back to school for a career change and making the switch is easier said than done.


I was laid off twice in one year. I was evicted from my apartment on a Friday. Saturday my car was reposessed and then on Sunday I found out my then fiance had slept with my sister and I called the wedding off. I cried everynight . I had no job, no place to live and no man!!! Many times I felt like giving up but I didn't. The reason I didn't is because I have a child. What healed me and got me out of bed was the power of prayer. I got down on my knees and I prayed to God. God healed my soul. Within a month I got a job as administrative assistant. After that my church helped me find an apartment. Right now 2017 I am teaching middle school and I found a man who loves God and adores me!! The power of prayer will change your life if only you believe! !!

Pernadra Barnett Franklin

Amen sistah won't he do it

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Amem God is good and he is
Still in controll

Margie Dillard

Amen.... What a wonderful God he is!!!!

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A fellow Jobcaser

...simply Fantastic !!...Praise be to Our Creator & LORD Jesus and to the God Family.....whew!!...we were Very concerned fer ya, we All have peace....thanks fer updating us...

Rob Santana

I am currently dealing with the same experience . It's funny how life can throw curve balls at you when you least expect it. But I'm like you, I don't have the luxury of quitting. I refuse to give up. Stay strong.

Jacqueline Donohue

Lucinda, You are an incredible role model! Please be proud of yourself.!

Debbie Harcup

Amen, God will answer your prayers

keysha watkins

I need a job I have a 3 day notice to get out of my apartment don't no what to do

keysha watkins

ineed a job I am about to be evicted I have a3 day notice to leave

Anita Smith

AMEN if only we just believe what GOD CAN DO.PRAISE GODGOD.

Sue Bieszka

I've been out of work since March 2016 almost a year now. I was a work comp adjuster for 20+ years. I have applied for those jobs and many other and have had interviews and get no response or I don't hear back at all after submitting my resume. I am an expert in my field and intelligent enough to do many other jobs. I have a degree also. I don't know what the problem is unless it's age discrimination or some other unknown factor but I am beyond frustrated.

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I am glad I am not the only one feeling that there is a lot of age discrimination going on in hiring. Companies will say they do not, they will say they do not discriminate on the basis of this or that - but underneath they do. It is beyond frustrating and sometimes destroys lives.

Victor Garcia

Wow! I say the same thing everytime that age is a big factor. I think that employers look at that and think we are not capable of doing the job or don't want to Play for experience that is my opinion. I have been let go since June of 2016. I to have gotten some interviews with a company that there turn over is about every 2-3 weeks cause the people they hire quit. I've gone back 3 times and offered to work and that am not going to quit. Still won't hire ,so that just shows that age is the difference and I'm self motivated. Don't give up someone will want our experience

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Just wondering did you call those places that you applied and ask if they have fill the position that you applied for? Something it might let them know that you are still interested God bless I'm unemployed also


I was just thinking, I believe there's a lot of Job Discrimination out in the job market. Employers take one look at us, being over 50 years old, and automatically judge us. I have been out of work since, October 2016. Was working in the Customer Service field in a small call center. Got fired for something really stupid. Been on countless, interviews, but I keep getting these mock interviews with no call backs. Tired of the Sales jobs. They are all a joke. I only respond because I'm thinking its a Customer Service job, but it never is, it's only a entry level sales job. They want young and dumb. Not folks with knowledge and experience. Everyone has good responses to this question. I'm never going to give up and I do keep God first in my life. But, I'm not going to respond to anymore Customer Service/Sales/Marketing jobs. Everyone have a great weekend, and good luck to you Sue on your job venture.

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I know the feeling all too well. I have been out of work since April 2016. After 12 yrs in aircraft manufacturing, I have dealt with several recruiters and rarely ever get a reply after they forward my resume. I even have 3 professional licenses. Age discrimination is alive and thriving.

Charlene Boyer

Am so sorry you are experiencing this. I cannot find employment either. Have tried and tried, to no avail. I am almost60 years old. Graduated highest honours while raising two children. Graduated in 2010. Was working at a home complex, and nepotism won out over my position. Mother hired daughter. Now am back too feeling frightened, insecure, and defeated.


Charlene dont you dare give up!! Keep fighting and praying!! I WAS FRUSTRATED AND I WANTED TO GIVE UP!! DONT EVER GIVE UP!!

frank noto


I am 63 went from one full time job to 3 part time jobs and enrolled in graduate school. I'm very excited. I have 4 great opportunities. Sometimes we don't see all the opportunities that exist. You will get employment if you spend the majority of your time networking.

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Charlene I am 60 and I Graduated in 2015 with high honors with a degree in Social Work, I have been out of work for at least 5 years because I had a skin condition which prohibited me from work. I applied for disability and was denied twice, and now thankfully I am able to go back to work but I can't find work anywhere. I had to move in with my mother a couple of years ago when the student loans could no longer support my apartment rent. I paid off my car while being unemployed and 3 months later, I totaled the car. It is a serious struggle out here! To everyone...hang in there. It was good to find this blog, at least the visual let's you see you're not alone.

Twilight Princess

Your past job will not sacrifice itself for you, you should not sacrifice yourself for it. Move forward. It is a thing. Not you.

Stop waiting for a call, and go out, and find a place you want to work, and bug them until you get it. Be the squeaky wheel that gets the oil.

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I feel like I know how you feel. I have been out of work since oct 2016 and I also had worked at my job a long time, 23 years. I did however get a few interviews this week and a good job offer today. Up until then I hadn't gotten anywhere. A recruiter I spoke with told me Nov and Dec are terrible times to try to find a job as it is usually the end of the fiscal year. Now that it is January hopefully you will have more luck. I wasn't getting anything, no interviews or even responses to my app's. January hits and I have even had people connecting with me first. Good luck. Im sure the right job will come your way soon.

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Yes. November and December are not the times to change jobs. Everyone is waiting for their Christmas bonus. January is definately a better time to get a job. You WILL get there...

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Same with me I have job, but then things slow down. Then I stay one month no work. I feel the same; what to do? Just be patient I guess

Ivelisse Otero

Be strong dear. We are many in the same situation. Persist and be brave, Time is coming. Pray.

William Agnew

That' absolutely right!

Maria Solita Essex

I remember,one of my brother in law who lost of job because of he refused to assist to a doctor of abortion, and he lost his job for a reason, but he never stopped to praise God and thanks given of praying, then a month's ago he got a new job and he lost again because he leave only two days for his wife who gave birth and cesarean,but when he came back his work the company lost his work,, ,the hospital said he was new he must not to leave.. he didn't lost hope to God... his prayer,that there is an employee will understand his situation,because two company lost his work, and he must to tell the truth when applying a job... praise God! the hospital that he serve now, they said they r all wrong, here we are welcome like that situation, we will accept you as a full time , he only try to applied as a partime because his friend a nurse too has a vacation leave and he try to apply as a partime only but the hospital accept him as a full time, praise God.. that's why we will not stopped to talk to God what inside of us, we will not lost hope.. let the holy spirit will working on us, just ask to God what you will do ,talk to God.. your God, there is a purpose everthing... I saw there are many hiring job of nursing ... I am sure you can find, look at the world map, what did you see and notice, what space you stand on. the world map is so very wide and very big. and . you stand like a one pc. of a sand... and they said if you'll see the world map,you can notice and see how it is wider and big hope that God's given to us, how many people in this world and there are coming born and not yet born that you will serve of your profession.. how many hospitals and sickness waiting your serve..just believe your self that you will find the one that your future carer prepared for u..don't give up to find ...until you find one day.

Maria Solita Essex

sorry my employee,that is employers.

Linda Kanate

I losted my job 6 years ago and went almost 3 months without any income. I thought I would become homeless at one time but I trusted God and I got abetter job with better pay. I was 52 years old then.

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I lost my job 4 months ago I have been in my prayer closet every day now. I'm 62 don't know if it is my age that's holding me back. I know god will see me through keep praying.

Pernadra Barnett Franklin

Good morning, rule number one STOP being hard on yourself, rule number two STOP defeating yourself. Don't get frustrated because jobs not calling you back, everything happens for a reason STOP complaining because there's always someone out here who's going through worse then what you got going on. Be grateful that you still have a job, be grateful that you still see money coming in.

When one door closes another will open, have faith in yourself, have hope, believe, don't just talk about it pray about it and keep it moving, because the devil always busy and he's busy with you, don't let him defeat your character.

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Yo real talk let the past go it's a New Year it's a New you that's not the only job in the world & it's not the end of the world talk is cheap if you know you gotta move on let your actions prove it like Stop waking up stressing over something you can't control change your state of mind 1st keep looking for jobs better yet step it up check for management or a higher position post & apply every where if you believe you can achieve!!!

Charlene Nagel

I know how frustrating this must be. I am a nurse also and was out of a full time job since June. Maybe your resume needs to be tweaked. Email me at and maybe I can help you. We nurses need to stick together

Christopher Jones

Pray and stay focused.

frank noto

Hi Robin,
Accept the fact, yes accept that you will always miss a great job. Just don't spend more than a fleeting moment reminiscing about it. I've lost three positions and each of them had great moments, but I have always gone on to get a better position.

Also, there is a grieving time from losing your last position to your next and we all have different times for moving through it so that we spend the majority of our time filled with finding our next best job.

In summary, your time on this planet is precious. So spend it in a manner that is beneficial and healthy for you. Regarding your next job it's all about networking and find a company that meets a good amount of the qualities that you had in your last job. I know based on my experience that if you spend your time speaking with everyone you know and getting leads from them and speaking with their network you will find a next great job.

Best wishes

Carolyn Smith

Keep your head up, it was probably a blessing that you can't see right now. You may feel sad for a bit, just be thankful. Some of us don't have your experience and can't go to agencies to find decent work. I feel that you are very passionate, caring and confident about your calling as a nurse. You will find another permanent position that you love just as much as your last position. You are a fighter and anything worth having is worth the fight. You CAN and WILL keep on until it's yours. We need people like you in healthcare. I appreciate your dedication and would feel honored to see you in your dream position. Keep Pushing

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Thank you ❤

Charlene Nagel

Email me
I was out of a job since June and received tons of calls for employment. I might be able to help out a fellow nurse. I had many job offers and was able to select what I wanted to do. Contact me and I should be able to help you

Susana Rosende

It is normal and natural to grieve the loss of a job and all the people and routines and lifestyle of a lifetime. The loss of a long-term job is like the loss of a loved one. You are sad and grieving.

Your experience is also a life lesson on loss, grieving, and suffering that will enable you to understand grief more fully and to extend that compassion full of empathy for your patients and their families. You not only logically understand their feelings of loss, you have lived it, you can share in their loss and offer the gentle kindness, compassion, companionship, and emotional and spiritual support they need. Being of service to others is not only spiritually healing for them, but for you. It is your purpose to help others heal as only someone who has suffered a loss knows how.

It is a truth that everything on earth is temporary, transitory. Everything changes. Everything passes. Everything comes to a end. We are here to appreciate it all -- the gifts and the losses. They are all life lessons we must learn to help us grow and better love God, ourselves, and others.

As you help others in your new job, you will begin your own healing in the grief process. Seek emotional and spiritual support to help the healing process -- prayer groups, yoga and/or exercise, clergy, meditation, and support groups for job loss in your city or online, hobbies, and groups.

Stay active as you propel forward toward healing and remain hopeful and full of positive thoughts as you continue to apply for jobs, perhaps with the help of a professional resume writer and/or career coach. Keep your options open, as well as your mind open for the gifts and possibilities in your current job.

Everything in life happens for a reason. All life lessons are gifts for yourself and those with whom you come in contact. Who are you Blessing with your presence in your current job? Who is learning from you? Who is teaching you?

Every single day is a gift and an opportunity to learn and to love.

God bless you and give you strength to face each new day with strength and purpose.


Kathy Weber

I also am in the same boat as you. I left a job I loved to move back home to help take care of ailing family. Leaving my job I loved at age 60 was the worst thing I could have ever done. There is definitely age discrimination out there especially in nursing. I have applied and applied for a similar job in my hometown, Just to be told I am too slow or not the right fit for the job. I have been a nurse for 34 years and have never been treated so shabbily. I too have taken a job that I hate just to make money. It is a cruel world that values youth over experience. I wake up everyday wishing I was going to my old job (4 and a half hours away from where I now live) I am so frustrated and discouraged. I have a spotless record but no interest in me as I am passed over for the younger prettier nurses. I never thought this would happen when I loved here but age discrimination is very very hard to prove. So I trudge to a nursing job I never thought I would work dog tired and so depressed and feeling undervalued.

Charlene Nagel

Hi Kay,
I also am 60 yrs old and lost my full-time job as a nurse last June 2016. I just kept plugging away and know tricks for your resume to get noticed. I have spent money on how to look and apply for a job because everything is done on line; there is a trick for your resume to get noticed. Email me at and maybe I can help you. Look up my license at the board of nursing ma. Charlene Nagel

Charlene Murray

Many times and for many people, a job is like a relationship. Being that you were at your job for 30 years, the heartbreak is real. Be patient with yourself and your feelings because they are valid. As time passes, you will start adjusting to your new reality. God bless

Profile placeholder

Robin - your frustration is ill-placed and unnecessary. A company/organization is only as strong as the people who keep it going. You have taken more from them then they have taken from you...30 years of experience, knowledge, dedication. You made them your family and now you feel as if your family no longer wants you around. So be it! Focus, which you are doing, in finding a new work-family. I have been in the same career for over 30 years but not with the same company. There were layoffs, terminations, closings. Yes, it's painful, but I always kept in my heart and soul...your loss and I believe it. The knowledge you gained you cannot put in a folder and return - you take the folder with you and present it to a new company. It will take some time - this is a fact of life now. Dismiss the slight done to you and move forward. I personally, do not look back as others do because I know employers are not always as them seem. Turn your frustration and depression into remembering that you did have 30 years of joy doing something you loved.


Amen, you said a mouth full. No one can take our joy, love or job experience from us. Move on to the next job. But I always make new friends and hate leaving them behind too. I try to keep in touch, through social media, my former co-workers and friends. But a job is just a job, I feel, nor do I have any loyalty to any job, as they show us everyday in a blink of an eye, that they have No Loyalty to us! Thanks for those encouraging words Mattie.

John Ridenhower

I worked for years in an employment agency. With you as a job applicant I would have picked up the telephone and called every nursing home/hospital/clinic in town until I found you a job and had you 4 or 5 interviews within a week. (I am retired)

And likely none of those jobs would be advertisement the newspaper or on the internet.

For a number of reasons, jobs are usually open for a month or two before they go public and lots of them are filled by word of mouth before they ever go public.

For individuals like yourself,, I recommend people people prepare a mailing list of 40 or 50 of their best employment prospects and send a brief letter of inquiry addressed to a HIRING MANAGER by job title.

In your case I would address it to the HEAD NURSE OR ADMINISTRATOR. (NEVER NEVER NEVER personnel or human relations) Always deal with a decision maker not a flunkey.

Don't send a resume - just a one page teaser about a paragraph or two long and, of course, contact information.

Joshua Huffman

Trust me im kinda going though some of the same stuff just hold your head up keep tryin it will get better for you soon it always does

Profile placeholder

HR depts are brainwashed into MBA MBA MBA. This country was built on integrity, morals and work ethic all of which is gone in the workforce, replaced by Facebook social grooming, the 20-35 year olds have not been raised with any responsibilities and bring that into the workforce.

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yeah I've worked at the same company for 27 years got laid off but I didint like working there.I worked at a,wire mill coating tech never a thank you or good job but a lot of disrespect .found this other job big cut in pay but like it .keep thinking about going back to old job because I left on good terms. so I read your story and can relate.

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Just stay calm you will find a JOB SOONER OR LATER I am going though the same thing and this is my first time.

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i am in the same boat.... putting i application after application.... and nothing.... I too am very frustrated and worried..... but holding out hope something will come along to help pay the bills....

Kenneth Teribury

I am going through the same situation. Every morning I wake up in a panic attack because I do not have work to go to.
I also feel worthless. I have worked since I was 16 (now 63) and never has a job to go to. I have been on several interviews but nothing.
I am seriously thinking of therapy to handle this. Do you have a medical plan that would cover it?
It is almost like a death in the family and I cannot seem to go through grieving process.
Just know that there are many in the same situation (not that it helps much)
God Bless You

Rebecca Frame

Hold out!!! I have the perfect part time job right now but it took several months to get the offer I wanted. I had the exact opposite issue. Too many people wanted me for full-time positions but in fields that had nothing to do with what I want to pursue. Now I work part-time doing something I really wanted to do! Let's see, I started in November so it took about 2 months of waiting for an offer. Wait until the end of January and then put some more feelers out and try to find the position you are looking for!

John Sapp

It's all in the mindset my friend. Take this time to reflect on the joys you had doing this work, take a few moments to be grateful for the joy you gave others and the joys you will again be giving. Perhaps, just perhaps, your guides are letting you know to be still and discover a new path in the same field. I too have been out of work (except an occasional side job here and there) since November and I use this time to go inside myself when I can and find new meaning and maybe a new direction. I often ask myself where it is I am moving towards, not with a frustration (and I do feel it also) but an Awareness of where I am. I haven't met you nor do I know anything about your vision of this life but what I do constantly throughout my day is remind myself I Am right where I Am meant to be. I do hope this helps with the frustration you, I, and all the others who come to this site looking desperately for a job . Stay the Faith Miss Reynolds, and keep strong..

Donna McDonald

Hey some work is better than none. Think it's a new year. 2017 is time to be positive just keep praying, and the right door will open. God bless you.

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I lost my job in Feb 2016 and it took till December 2016 to find another one. Yes, your scared, yes your frustrated, and yes your discouraged, but keep trying you will find a better position. Look, millions of jobs are going away in retail, but those are mostly shitty jobs. Major corporations in fear of being taxed on their outsourced made goods are coming back to the states, the market is soaring and not from stimulus spending and low to no interest rates fir the wealthy which was a false prosperity. Things will get better, unless we return to the way it is. Keep trying it will happen, it did for me. Good Luck.

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A fellow Jobcaser

Let me ask you a question that is related some how to your issue. Are you going or growing through pain?
Because if your going through pain that means you have a burning desire to change your lifestyle, but if your growing through pain this means you are picking up good leadership attributes. Not to forget that leadership is not something you do , it's some things that grows organically out of the natural rhythm of learning. My situation is even worse I have applied to hundreds of jobs but no response. I have a wife and a daughter. Sometimes we feel that it's impossible to achieve our goals but if you put an apostrophe between the letter I and the M in the word impossible you will realize that it will say I am possible

Zena Tolbert

Robin, since you work as a nurse part time for the money, maybe you can volunteer at a neighborhood hospital on a Saturday afternoon. That could give you a peace of mind, and get your foot in the door as well. I'm just saying!

Jean Masingill

What happened? Why were you let go from your job? You have been working as a nurse for 30 years, it seems strange to me that you can't find another job.

Frank MackerethUsflag

Robin, you spent all those years helping everyone else which is what you are good at, now its time to help yourself, your job will come along because good things happen to good people.Being a nurse for 30 years was your calling and that task HAS NOT gone unnoticed trust me ,you just have to step back and tell yourself this is just a temporary position im in now and smell the roses in that you are fortunate enough to have work thank GOD and its just a stepping stone for your next position.Learn how to help yourself for once in your life instead of everyone else and clear your head of all the negativity and your true calling will be a calling once again I promise have faith.

Robert Boyd

That must be devastating. So sorry to hear. I lost my job and have been unemployed since June, but am no longer worried about it. I actually work with a bunch of nurses and ex-nurses now.

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A fellow Jobcaser

You and I have similar situation. I am an RN. I left my job in November because of bullying, back stabbing and gossiping. Now not even the Temp agencies are calling. I don't know what I am going to do. I wish you luck anyways.

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Don't know where u r but there is a great demand out here for RN NURSES.. CALL THE HOSPITALS HR department or chk their website apply then call their hr drpt. That's how I got better and quicker responses.. Good luck..try it

Anita Harper

Hang in there Robin and remember, when one door closes, he opens a window". Stay vigilant

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Do not get discouraged for God is still in control. Trust God, trust the process, and keep doing the footwork. When we least expect it, the right job will show up.

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I feel ur frustration I recently went through the same thing. I just input my info them I call the company directly or the HR department them I get through to someone I now just got hired with the hours and days I want with a good care pkg..I am happy thanks to office team....

Michael Schneider

I have been stressed out to trying to find a job not having any luck nobody wants to give me a chance and i am homeless cause of this

Rae Fowlie

I lost my job at the end of July. It took me 5 months to get a job that pays 60% of what I was making and no benefits. I'm 58 years old with yons of experience and thats the problem. No one wants pay for my experience. I have worked 40 years in the same field and have at least 4 more to go at the very least. Suck to get old.

Kay Stone

Robin, losing a job you have been doing for 30 years can be equated to losing a loved one to death. Right now you are going through the 5 stages of grief – denial, anger, bargaining, depression (where you seem to be) and finally acceptance. You need to move forward to acceptance. You did not mention what type of nursing you did or what type of facility you worked in or even why you were let go. To move forward you need to be brutally honest with yourself and evaluate the reasons you were let go. I am not implying you did anything wrong, especially since you have found some employment in the nursing field, it seems that your nursing license is still intact.
However, I would suggest you be brutally honest with yourself and evaluate your skills against the newest technology and your ability to change within the organization as new processes and procedures are implemented. Change can be difficult when one has been doing something a different way for a long period. To move forward do you need to take some continuing educational classes to advance your skills?
You mentioned that you are working with a nursing agency, but you hate your current assignment. Have you talked to the recruiter to see if they have a different position more aligned the type of work you are looking for? Have you contacted friends/associates/mentors to see if they can help you find a position more to your liking?
As far the responses (or lack of) you have received from applications or resumes you have sent for job postings, most of the people on this site will attest that it takes sending about 150 applications to get one response for an interview. On this side, have you had anyone help you revamp your resume to ensure the proper ‘buzz words’ have been included? Most companies are using software algorithms to scan the hundreds of resumes they get for those buzz words, and eliminate the ones that do not contain them, so the hiring manager or HR never even sees them.
Change can be scary, but the more you embrace it and accept change as a friend, the more you can do and grow. By doing this, the one thing you can count on is tomorrow will not be the same as today as long as you are willing to accept that change is as inevitable as death and paying taxes.

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Robin, sorry you feel this way. Nursing is a very marketable skill. Give it time. Two months is not terribly long though to you it feels like it. Keep looking and hang in there. Change after so many years is very hard. So is rejection. Are you putting resumes out there to places you would like to work? I believe something will come your way sooner than later.

Jackie Hernandez

Ms. Reynolds,
I really feel for you. Im sorry you are feeling this way.
This sound like an opportunity in disguise. I was once as a young, new nurse given a piece of advice that stuck with me by a great boss.

Nursing is what we do, not who we are.

If we define who we are merely by our profession or anything else for that matter, relationships, status, wealth when it fails us, as it will, there is all sorts of collateral damage like frustration.

You were made with a purpose, on purpose, and nursing isnt the only reason why.

Be the best version of you that you can be right now in this situation. Use your basic nursing skills during this opportunity you have been given.

Assess, Plan, Implement and Evaluate.

Assess yourself.
What do you enjoy doing?
What are you good at doing?
Has anyone ever mentioned any gifts or. talents to you?

Plan to be the best you you can be with what you have been given.
Plan to do things you really enjoy that maybe you havent done in a while.
Plan to try new things both in and TOTALLY out of the realm of nursing.

Work the plan, dont cheat yourself.

Keep calm enjoy the new discoveries you've made about yourself and look forward to start the process again!

I understand not everyone may share my point of view and its fine to respectfully disagree. I am confident in who I am and my purpose in life. This wasnt always the case. I truly feel for you, I have stood in a similar pair of shoes.
However, Even when the details of my purpose change, I know, in life, change is a constant. I am found,defined and given purpose in the arms of Christ.

I pray this season of your life, although different and challenging would be fruitful.

Nurse Jackie

douglas gatlin

try finding a job in South Central Kansas their is not a job to be found at all or in North Oklahoma in other words keep your nursing job at least for now

Samuel Guerra

Try vot err mwrting

Laurelmellon Mellon

Be very energetic during your interview. Don't say anything negative about your last job or anyone there. Talk yourself and your qualifications. Say you know you would be s valuable addition for anyone who hired you in your field. After the interview immediately send a thank you note for the opportunity and their time. Say you live to be busy and welcome the new opportunity. And if there is a chance you can get your old job bac, try to. Looking for s job is a job and work as often as you can to try getting ☝️

David DeFelippo

I'm not in nursing but the same boat. Been out of work and in my early 30's and I've applied to over 200 jobs last year and only 3 interviews. I've adjusted my resume hundreds of times to make it more appealing and it seems to have no effect. I read articles about how to appeal to Hiring Managers by giving them a good story instead of just useless skills and adapt to that with no results. I've applied for jobs I'm qualified for, IT and Survey with no responses and no resume views( how indeed or ziprecruiter will let you know that they looked at your resume). I've even applied to places like auto part stores, lowes, staples, etc. etc. with no responses and zero results. I've done everything they tell you to and have seen zip-zilch-nada from it.
It's a pain in the ass really. They all use computer algorithms to search resumes instead of their brains and I feel they skip over a lot of people based solely on missing keywords (which now they tell you not to use on your resume's because it's not fun to read for Hiring managers).

Like someone said use job recruiters. Well I'm an adult I don't need to rely on others to get me a job, but apparently it seems almost as if no one will hire you unless you use a recruiter.

Elizabeth Hart

I agree with you, online job hunting is the pits. I even paid to have my resume professionally rewritten. A lot of good that has done me. I get phone calls and emails thanks to those algorithms for jobs I have no skills for. : ( I haven't gotten calls recently. They use the wrong search words too. Also, I am worried about job scams. Sometimes, I wonder if some of the emails I have gotten are legit? So I don't act on them. I was a non-medical caregiver for the elderly. But went back to school and studied graphic design. I actually never studied to be a non-medical caregiver. I had gone to an interview to be a babysitter. I didn't get the job. But then I got a call from a friend of the lady who interviewed me. She asked me if I would look after her mom? It went from there (I looked after another lady after her, but she became to ill. I felt like I could not keep doing this as it was getting to me). Before I had done childcare for the local park district, but had gotten laid off.

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David, I would recommend using a recruiter as an option to get your foot in the door to companies in which they have relationships with. You can still look on your own but as a backup apply to several recruiter agencies. Some are Staffmark, Robert Half, OfficeTeam and Adecco are some of the top recruiters. Good Luck.

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Wow robin, I'm there with u having a 40 yr career that's dead stop...too much to text about it. Try talking to a unbias/non family works..I've done it..spill your beans, have a good cry, stand up on your toes, and go back at it..yup, a counselor not at all connected to anything but just that..your escape..after your chat, go get a car wash, coffee, and drive your favorite are your own destiny..have faith in yourself!!! We all do!!

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By the way, this internet job search is a joke..I'm going out the ole fashion way, knocking on jobs aren't advertised! They don't need to.

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Robin, gosh, where do u live? Atlanta metro is begging for qualified lady's like u!!!..

Rachel Ward

I am so sorry. You're not alone. I am trying to save up for vet school, and I was laid off from my job (which I didn't like anyway) in November. Thankfully, my fiance still has his job, but, he only makes just enough to cover the bases. We're going to apply for food stamps to help cover groceries in the meantime. That job better come quickly...

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I know just how you feel I worked for the same company for 27 years! I feel lost with not having that place to go to every day but I had to choose my mental well-being over the job! I really miss the people but do not miss the poor management! I too am having a hard time moving on! All you can do is give it some time and hope for the best good luck!

Profile placeholder

I know I have heard of nurses that travel around as temps and get paid a lot of money doing that- I don't know if that is an option. There are also temp agencies here that are specifically for nursing- I don't know if they have those there, but I would assume since ny is bigger than ok....if you can get on privately with someone doing the nursing/home care- normally those pay a lot more than going through the agencies too... I know I think I still have issues also- good luck.

Di Anne Miller Garza

Be thankful...for what you do have. You have a profession, you gave a job, you have an incredible opportunity to make such a positive difference in the lives of people who need your services...what could be more meaningful? You are so very fortunate. Maybe if you just took a moment to think of all you have to be thankful for, you would see the positives in your life. Perhaps the job you have now is not the job of your least you have a job. Read the many who have shared their stories of no jobs and no prospects and thank your lucky stars. And, if you strive for another job, all you have to do is organize your thoughts, put a plan together and apply only for the position(s) you envision yourself towards that goal and believe in what you have chosen...if you believe, it's like the book, The Secret, it will come true. But you need to do everything towards your goal and believe positively. You can probably check the book out of your local's , The Secret. Read it and believe in yourself....and then others will believe in you. Good luck...


Have been looking for private opportunities if you are willing to provide description look at my document case. Thanks Joshua Wiggs

Profile placeholder

You def.have had one of the most important jobs..but yes I guess it's just patience..I was out of work since November. I had to take a job it wasn't a first choice, but we'll see how it goespecially. Just have some patience it will come!!

Alice Babinski

You just might have to make a new normal and a new routine...don't look back just look forward to new beginnings

Maurice Mordecai

I been in your shoes. I had a job which I loved for 6 years, than management changed. I was let go after 10 years. My resume looked bland. Your resume has to stand out to get a chance. Research and look at other people's Resumes that's in your field and you have to mimic their wording. May even have to fabricate a skill or two. I would say 80% of Resumes have some type of Fabrication. But don't put anything too extreme that you can't teach yourself online.

Richard Bernhardt

Hi Robin, First off Happy New Year. Think about that first, it is a new year with new opportunity. Next, you are a nurse and your skills are in demand. You may not be used to thinking about working for another employer, but there many for you to consider. After 30 years, its very very hard to consider that you will work for someone else, I know, but having been around the medical field all of my life, I am sure you will find something good. Also, in today's job market, though it may not be what you want to hear, its not atypical for there to be a lag between positions. Hang in there. You are skilled, experienced and I'm sure your opportunity is coming.

Marjorie Post

Since you worked for 30 years, you must be over 50. It's probably the age thing again. I just interviewed for a job and just got notified that they chose another candidate. My guess is the other candidate is not over 50. Keep on truckin' as they say. I have to keep trying because I am supporting 3 other people on only social security which doesn't work.

Edward DrainUsflag

Robin, you need to be able to talk about why you lost your job. Then start long term relationships with recruiters.

Jarret Lord

I have been unemployed since september. I have applied to over 200 jobs and hesrd from maybe 5 and all are for 1-2 levels below my pay grade. After months of frustration infinally got some help from thenunemploymwnt office. Here are some tips I literally just learned from an HR professional.
1. Make sure your font is calibri, ariel, or tahoma only. Anything else doesnt get picked up by the system and gets you zero response.
2. Use Linkedin and connect with the hiring managers and HR recruiters to make sure they know who you are and that you are looking. These two tjings alone have landed me 5 phone interviews in a week. I hope things work out for you.

Nakhonethong Rasavongseuk

Its a double edged sword for sure. I was classically trained as a Librarian myself; but luckily enough I have been able to maintain my position, and the end customers support my support. So my self-actualization point has been satisfied, but this position does have an end date, so I think I' facing the same you will be. Keep your faith, we'll ake it.

Nakhonethong Rasavongseuk

I'm so sorry; but with 30 years of experience you'll be okay. Its a double edged sword, all we can do is hang in there, while we re-invent ourselves.. recently I et an LPN that works directly with a prosthetic office. What she does is use the vocabulary that Oba,acare requires to get braces and Prosthesis covered by Insurance agencies. I' not sure if you can do the exact same thing, but I' not sure look for other avenues besides straight nursing, hang in there, you never know.

Dorris Reed-Duncan

I was out of work for six months before I found a part time job. After two months I was luck enough to get a full time position with benefits. Before I did lots of interviews which did not go any where. There was one company that did a back ground check on me never heard back from them even after I called to say I had a copy of the back ground check. Do not give up keep pushing ahead , something will come your way that you will enjoy, I love what I am doing now. I realized that I do not want to sit in a office doing computer work.

Profile placeholder

Robin, you absolutely have a purpose. That is to take care of the people that you meet every day. As a per diem nurse, you are still impacting people lives in a positive way. You are just doing it for different employers. Thank you for being a nightingale.

Profile placeholder

Well it's a new year Robin !. I would leave 2016 behind you because alot of people including me had a yucky year. I know it's hard when you lose a good job after years of working there only to be out of work trying to find a job. Just keep your head up & stay positive you'll find the right one. Good Luck :)

Profile placeholder

Hi Robin: I have been there myself and you might want to consider using your experience to establish your own Nursing Services Business. It might take a while to build it from the ground up and with your credentials I believe you can do it. All this experience can be converted into a business venture. Think about a name for your business, establish a Sole Proprietorship and you might have to do some cold calling to initiate the demand for your services. Instead of a resume you might want to switch to a promotional material that you can email to the targeted companies/hospitals/clinics that you want to service. Please email me, I used to be Small Business Consultant in Chicago and sometimes when we lose a job even though it is devastating you can use this opportunity to build your own business. Please let me know if you are interested, maybe I can coach you through email. Carmen

Robert Pearson

Hang in there am in same boat. Phrase old friend of mine said chin up little soldier!

Berenice Lerma

I would say the same, I'm in the same boat at this time & it's very hard because I have a house payment, electricity, water, food, etc..etc...etc... Also, I have 4 kids to feed, clothe them, take them & pick them from school meaning gas money.. I've been applying at every place I can & nothing... I tried to get food stamps & they said i didn't qualify. I don't know what to do anymore to get a job...

Profile placeholder

Look at the websites of all the closest hospitals, find the career section. Most hospitals are screaming for qualified people.

Job boards are a great starting place, but you need to go to the actual companies website and make sure the job advertised actually exists, most times, it doesn't.

Get on LinkedIn, network.

Make a list of jobs you have held and what you liked and disliked about them.
Then find a position doing what you love.
While you are unemployed, your job. Is to job hunt, literally, from 9 - 5, you need to job hunt.
If you are submitting resumes and not getting interviews, something's wrong with your resume.
Getting interviews, and no offers? Video yourself on a fake interview with a friend, watch it and be ruthless, what are you doing wrong,?

Sometimes you have to start again in a different field, just do it. Be thankful you have a second chance. Make the most of it.

Good luck!

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Robin: I know how you feel. I lost my IT job back in 2008. I worked for this very good IT company as a Senior Business Analysts and then I got laid off. My job went to India. I have been upset every since. I am currently working on completing my masters degree in Educational Psychology. Should be finished by the end of the year. This job hunting sucks. I am currenlty working in a job, that I hate (I don't like to use the word Hate because it's so strong) I don't like working in a classroom, the children are bad and no one cares. Working in the school district in a classroom is the last thing, I ever wanted to do.

Profile placeholder

I am in similar situation. I retired from a nursing job I loved because I had worked there for 30 years and I could. I am 56 years old. I tried travel nursing but it didn't work for me. I have been out of work for 4 months now and have applied at numerous places. I have had only one traditional interview which was my first interview but I was not prepared so I am sure that is why I did not get that job. I have had 2 phone interviews, both in another state which I was willing to relocate to. Still hoping to get the third interview with one but hasn't happened yet. I can not seem to get pass the interviews. I never thought getting a job would be so difficult. Very frustrating.

Annette Mayo

Stay encouraged, there are always many medical positions open because of the high demand ... You have 30 years under your belt. You should be proud of yourself . This is just a dry season at the moment. Something will come through .. Have faith and try to remain optimistic ....

Tafia Lashington

You keep looking, also review your resume. Is it don't well? I too do miss my old job, the pay, the perks, etc but life goes on. Hopefully you'd find something you like soon. Good luck

Donnie D

get over it- I worked for my brother for 23 years and he dismissed me without severance-if you keep looking at life through the rearview mirror you will be frustrated and depressed your whole life- the only things certain in life are death, taxes and change Don D.

Profile placeholder

Hello Robin,
Keep trying and remain positive. You will get another nursing job.

Profile placeholder

Robin where are you looking for work? We are currently looking for RN, LPN and NP's at our facility in Oklahoma.

Profile placeholder

If you're in a good health and shape, go apply to be a traveling nurse, they are in demand right now. Maybe even start teaching nursing students, I have a family member who's a nurse and what she did in the situation was started her own 3 month program that teaches students to become cna/stna

Profile placeholder

Everything going to work out keep the faith God got our back

Marvin Bailey

Keep your head up.When one door close God will eventually open a better one.

Frankie Vallez

i feel your hurt as well as your pain because am in the same situation but life has to go on what does not kill us only makes us stronger keep that torch lite have a good day keep your head up

Patrick Case

I understand. I've been out since August. No offers, have to lie my way into transportation, living in a motel room, disability case pending but hearing not until March, unemployment ran out and there's no assistance programs available. Remember, it can worse so try work with what you have if you have anything at all. I'll be living on the streets. Tonight.

Lisa m Taul

Don't be frustrated! After you apply for a job or jobs...dont wait for their call ! You call them daily tell them why they need You! It does work ...believe in yourself! Because if you one else will! Go out there and get your job! Good luck

Profile placeholder

Have you ever thought of being a traveling nurse or working overseas? I'm not a nurse but working overseas is a great experience and the money isn't bad either.

Profile placeholder

To Robin; I feel your pain . Last year or should I say in 2015 I got injured on the job taking care of the elderly due to short staffing and budject issues with the company I worked for. I requested extra help for two months due to the full capacity of my area- I never got that extra help it also went in an area that really didn't need it! Of couses then that puts more work on me / due to those conditions I ended up injurying myself with a rotator cuff tear and had to have surjury; this happened on January 2nd . I have been fighting this company all year long for a settlement but they are saying it didn't happen at work. I ended up getting so depressed around the house I had to get a pee-wee job making only $7.65/hr.! I'm used to making $11.00/hr.; how degrading is that ?!?! I have been in the medical field for eight years taking care of the elderly. I have tried to apply on line for the same position as a caregiver to MANY places and cannot seem to get anywhere/ NO CALL BACKS or nothing- talk about being DEPRESSED!!!!!

Griselle House

Hang in there. For some reason, it is taking longer to hear from potential employers. I also lost my job on 12/31/15 after 22 years and 7 months at the same company. I still don't have a job. I just obtained my Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and thought that it would open doors and I haven't even received an interview. I also miss my other job that I am not sure what to apply for. Just yesterday I told my husband that I felt like a loser. He told me not to think that way since it was 5,000 of us who were let go due to lack of work. I have decided to network and take additional training while I find a job. I also decided to volunteer at two animal rescues since I love working with animals. I feel better this week about myself than last week. Good luck!

Profile placeholder

I was in the same situation, so I decided to relocate to Las Vegas. I am very satisfied now.


I understand I was employed at same place for 18 years I have never drawn unemployment until now and to top that i turn 60 this month my suggestion to u is to become even closer to god if u believe pray about it and don't worry about it trust that he has not bought u this far to drop or leave you hanging.( I am taking my own advise also) cause if I don't I become depressed and worry and the devil likes to catch us at our lowest point. Good luck in all your endeavors something better will come

Profile placeholder

Trust in yourself and try to find a job in temporary employment if you can. Should you go online try They can you to find a job plus they have voluntarily services for anyone who has lessened experience and for people who can't find any type of work. Does this help you some?

Profile placeholder

Don't worry about it you will be alright

Paula Leslie

I can so relate to being out of work! And loving the job that I did!
I really hope you get that job that you're looking for!

My problem however, is an injury that was not done on the job, and because it is consistently causing my dominant left arm to be unable to grasp and reach forward and look up or down with my neck, I can't work the job I love. Heck I'm kind a limited to a lot of jobs, hence the reason I am looking for work that I am not normally doing like data entry. Why did you lose your job? Was it a disagreement? Very sorry about that. There are a lot of nursing jobs in the Medford area! Caregiving etc.
I can't even get unemployment, disability, there was no temporary disability available with my job, and they don't lay off where I worked. And of course I did not have accident insurance. I've been without any income whatsoever.
I believe you hang in there, you'll get that job. And it'll be the best job ever! They say everything happens for a reason. Good luck to you!

Profile placeholder

Robin I too miss my old job I had to leave due to no fault of my own and I work harder now doing not what. I want , but what I can get. Your a nurse which is good try private duty make a diffrence in a single persons life you will find it will make you feel better because you can still use your nursing skills to help.

John Visciglia

Me 2 I no wat ur going through I've been out of work since August cause of a car accident I was in, and Geico hasn't got back 2 me they've had my car 4 like a month now it's so irratating......

Profile placeholder

Try Coversations with God by Neale Donald will come, Best regards, Paul

Shanta Langford

Hi Robin,
I totally know how it feels to lose a long term job. I was working for a company for 15 years and was let go on Dec. 31, 2014. Happy New Year! But seriously, those people were my job family. I can't imagine if it was 30 years! Be kind to yourself and acknowledge that you have suffered a huge loss. Give yourself the space to grieve. But how blessed you were to have been in an atmosphere that you loved. I thanked God every day that I had my job but when I was laid-off I knew deep down it was my time to go, but I would never have had the strength to leave on my own. Sometimes the universe will push us out of our comfort zone. It knows for us to move forward, we need to leave certain things behind.
Please keep living with excitement and expectancy even if there doesn't seem to be any positive feedback. Are you familiar with the song from Martina McBride- Anyway? The chorus is, God is great, but sometimes life ain't good. When I pray it doesn't always turn out like I think it should, But I do it anyway, I do it anyway.
Go to For the full lyrics - I hoped this helped. I wish you much success!

Profile placeholder

I understand what you are going through. I lost my job after 14 years a year ago on December 28, 2015. I am a floral designer, I have worked temporary jobs for the past year, a few days here and few days there. I hate it. I have decided that I am going to have to reinvent myself into another profession, sad to say but there are no jobs left in this business. I have worked to the top and I only find jobs for minimum wage. I am so sad and tired. Tired of being unappreciated and under valued. Good luck to you! Just a few months for you. You will find something since you are in a field that needs people. Keep your chin up and stand tall, you are value. A understanding friend

Edson Wagatsuma

I am sorry for your loss. It is a big loss so you should treat it as one. As a counselor, I knew all the right things to say but it wasn't until I had to retire early and move from Hawaii after 58 years there to Idaho. Go through the stages of grief, preferably in a grid loss group at a church. Society tells you to move on but it takes at least one year to grieve properly. Recovering from the Losses of Life by Norman Wright helped me a lot. Take care

Brandi King

Just give it to the Lord and let it go, He has a much better plan for you.

Lili Loja

Hi..pray to God, He.can give you everything you need..especially health and love

Tony Lott

Just pray to god and he will helped you get a job. I lost my job last month and myself took it very hard it's like there's no hope in the world.

Ignacio Granados

Oh man, I'm very sorry about it, but it's something I know for my self. By my own experience, the problem maybe that you're not looking at what you have in front of you. A job is a job, it's not like a human being but a responsibility, if you';re not able to enjoy what you're doing the problem is in you and not in the task. Try to change your approach and see what happen. It;s not only to move forward but to wake up to the live you have in front of you. Once you change that and calm your self, it maybe easy to change but you need to calm your self first, start enjoying what you do right now, and let the rest come by it self.

Profile placeholder

How about part time at a great place that you maybe have dreamed about at some time. Then possibility of full time would come up in the very same place. Are you willing to relocate. Perhaps you would be happier with the connections with staff. I've been out of work since September. Unit Clerk type work. Perhaps a headhunter would be beneficial? I will keep you in prayer and hope you will find fulfilling work. I am happy you are working.

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Wow. I understand frustrated. I'm been out of work since august 2013. 20 as a title clerk for a automotive family owned business . My boss was in my wedding. Things happened like my husband looking at a truck across street from where works didn't been he was going to buy it there. She got very upset took it out on me. Needless to say I lost my job.

3 years years still can't find a job

Desiree Lloyd

Rocking in the same boat with you. Wow...

Carla Fedigan

What area did you work in for 30 years? What are you looking ato now?

Profile placeholder

certainly understand your frustration. I've been out of work two months also

Daniel esquivel

Get into home care provider

Profile placeholder

Just keep your head up. You got this. Times are tough for us all. And never know what's going to happen. Try to consontrate on the positive perspective. Look at it as your higher power giving you opportunity to thrive for something more. Difference is not always easy but not always a bad thing

Profile placeholder

Nothing is a sure thing in life. You've lived in a comfort zone working for this agency and now they let you go. So it's time to move on to bigger and better opportunities. Your vast experience in your field makes you a valuable asset to any medical organization. There shortages of nurses in the medical industry all over the country. You may have to apply for nursing jobs outside your area and consider moving. Have your resume professionally done. Stay positive. Do the research on all Hospitals and medical facilities around your area. The VA needs nurses. You have a special skill that is needed in the medical industry. Don't worry. Be calm. Be positive. Be determine. Keep moving.

Robin Baun

I'm assuming whatever happened to cause you to lose your job didn't result in a cite on your license. I know losing a job you loved hurts but you MUST move on or you'll have issues being successful on your new job. Keep working agency jobs, someone will see your good work & want to hire you. I agree, it's hard not to get a call for a job, especially for a nurse, there's such a shortage of good ones. You'll find another job, and you'll find the love again, keep working at it, and when you interview don't display so much of the sadness of losing your last job, look forward to the new one & be positive!

Lola Gallegos

Your not alone, me and my friends who are nurses talk about this all the time. We have to be a support to one another in order to deal with the frustration, abuse and disrespect we all encounter on the job or while looking for a job which does NOT want to pay us our worth. Nurses in America should have had a strong union a long time ago. We are too nice and too caring so we have let the system take advantage of us. We studied, have debt, gave our soul to our profession, sacrificed family time, cared for people we don't know, have experience, carry licenses , have good background reports, honest and decent citizens, keep up with CEU's and it's still NOT enough. So, it's time to start taking control of what you need for the future and how your going to get it , this is what I've had to do and the picture will look different for each of us. Yesterday is gone and Today is all we have to plan our future with our own agenda. May the force be with us !

patricia pope

Robin nothing last forever you were bless to have another position do your best and let that past go or go back to that job. if you don't you will mess that job up that you have and than you will end up with no job get it!!!!peace be with you.

Deborah Hill

Hi Robin, this is such a situation, I know from talking to friends in the DMV area, there is such a need for nurses, I know they work them so hard and they are soooooo needed, yes through talking to my friends they want those with the educational backing, but the experience is the thing, but with all the hours put in and the experience learned makes you an awesome asset. I am at the point of leaving this area and seeking out elsewhere. Your expertise is needed somewhere, so give it a shot. #allthebesttoyou.

Profile placeholder

I know how you feel about losing a job you love, it hurts, but thank God you have a job , some people cant find work. YOU just need to walk in faith and maybe the job you really want will come.

Profile placeholder

Robin, someone what's recommended that if you go into the nursing profession you will never want for a job, I am just curious as to why you are unable to find a job with 30years of experience, have you consider moving into the healthcare environment but maybe trying something other than a nursing position? Maybe consider all your interests and what areas you are willing to work in and apply to those jobs also keeping an open-mind that you may have to consider other areas of business for a full time (ex: customer service in healthcare environment) at least until you find what you are looking for. Good Luck

Rebecca Miller

Have you explored traveling nurse for senior citizens? Or house bound patients? I started a concierge service that doesn't cater to at home nursing services, but I've certainly received so so many calls for your type of services, I pondered going into nursing. Please explore this. My concierge service was very easy to establish with little overhead up front. Just saying, this might be a perfect solution for you. So many inbound patients are very lonely

Profile placeholder

Prayers your way for good luck!

Albert Enriquez

Yes i hear you sorry to hear about your unfortunate situation...i to had just started a new job after graduating from trade college, and i was so motivated in wanting to do my best...and it was recognized i was even given a company cell phone...then a week later me and 13 other guys got laid off...ive been trying to find another job in my field but it turned out to be alot harder than i i got blessed with an opportunity to go to visit a conpany for an position interview...i feel excited...hopefully everything goes well...i wish you luck, and hope you find what your looking for...keep your chin up...sincerely Albert Enriquez....

Kimberly Christine

I'm going through something similar-I'm selling my Master of Fine Arts Degree.

As a Gen Xer with a Master's degree, I'm having a real problem getting a job as I really don't want to teach at this point in my life. Although, I have been applying for teaching jobs as I feel it's all I can do, which is a stab for having such a versatile MFA degree in the entertainment side of visual arts. I have always loved creating something new and being part of something big.

I posted my MFA on Craigslist For Sale, as 4 years in the job market I'm getting nothing that values my experience. I'm trying to make a point here to employers. I'm working lesser jobs for pocket change and it's disheartening and frustrating to keep applying and get rejected. L.A. really isn't the best place for me, as the majority of the film industry has left to other states and there isn't a lot of Theatre. I can work on an indi-film for free lunch and gas stipend. Sure, that's great experience, but how do I continue to pay my outrageous rent, student loan and rising credit card debt?

I've embarrassingly worked an entry level job for $9.72 at a prestigious studio. Having Millennials supervising us with their new corporate methods of employee retention. Some people have been there three years with an MFA, and can't get promoted. Why would I waste my time? It really is a catch 22. I know that sounds shallow, but coming from a GXer its real and painful.

The degree could mean so much to someone else, but it's worthless to me unless I want to teach/work in theatre only. The only real value of it is Arnold Schwarzenegger's signature as the Governator of CA. As much as I love researching, creating and sharing-I just don't want to teach. I know schools I applied for may read this, but take this as a tip to current students at your university. Really have advisors talk to the students about a minor in a completely different field. I wish I would have.

I continued the MFA program for the extended hands-on experience as a Visual Artist in entertainment. And here... I live in a city that's full of entertainment, but to even work on an indi-film for only gas and lunch stipend is not helping me pay bills. Nor is an entry level job at $9.72 per hour at a Major Studio, something to get excited about with the price of rent in L.A. and debt from a $57k student loan. I've been there and done them, so it's not Just talk. No wonder the Film industry is leaving. I'm ready to follow... I love new adventures and places.

I'm not in a union-a bit agnostic about them. Unless someone can borrow me $2.5k to join and guarantee me a job?! I can't even get a job in any other related field requiring a B.A. Communications were my next best bet as well as the Tourism industry (which I have been struggling in for now giving tours a few days a week in Hollywood), but NADA. So many return emails saying... Sorry, we chose someone else more qualified, but thank you for wasting your time to apply. Nepotism? Who knows. Most likely. I've seen it alot in my experience.

I'm so diversely talented, traveling often to India and learning about culture everywhere I go and can bring so much to any industry with my bubbly personality, yet our digital world of 10-page online applications along with attaching a resume full of superfluous words horribly written, with copy-pasted lies, garners the most attention. Don't call us or drop by, we don't want to know or judge who you are in person and we're just too busy. Maybe the text resume will start up soon. Nothing but emojis...

Who are these people on paper anyway?! Where have they been? What have they seen and done and experienced? What can they TRULY share and offer besides complacency? Five years of doing the same job everyday over and over-how is that growth? That's torture! I'm a Creative Artist! I make things, write a few colorful stories, have AWESOME ideas and understand people. Where is there room for me when my friends and parents are not producers, actors, or directors? Suck it up and quit whining, I know... but at least give me something reliable and related to fall back on to pay my bills while I struggle to make it. $10-15 an hour tho', really??? Damn....

Four years I have been off/on the job wagon. Getting discouraged from the lack of positions with my qualifications and being turned down from applying to lesser ones. So, I started my own businesses as a Screw You World! It's been fun, exciting, educational and great learning experience but still bittersweet as I'm an artist, not a business or marketing guru. I continue looking, struggling, pulling my hair out, and hoping beyond all hope for a break or timing on the open door. I'm already drowning in my credit cards. Throw me a Life Ring, please!!!

And there, I look up on my wall and smile by my achievement that has become my demise. If you, too, would love to own this piece of cursed antiquity, I'm starting bids at $457K-the cost of my student loan debt and the 6-figure income I should have been receiving from it each year I've been jobless. I should be adding the credit card debt for living expenses with interest as well.

Hoping this Finale' is my Beginning...

This Xer is signing Outer.


Profile placeholder

Develope some talent in marketing as well. Are you on Instagram? Where can I find 'Screw You World', because I'd like to see it.

Glad to see someone not afraid to reinvent themself.

chris frisch

i have had over 100 jobs, theres plenty out there, you cant be afraid of change. i live in columbus ohio and we have approx 30 dif staffing agencies, getting a job is easy if you want to work.

Jacob Marcantonio

I can relate to your story. I was a dedicated truck driver for a decade supporting my family. Normally I handled the out of state runs but the boss asked me to help with the metro stores during the peak holiday season. On 12/27/14 I had just left my final stop for the day when a car cuts me off causing me to jackknife and roll over and go down a embankment. I haven't been able to work since that day and I am still in need of a couple more surgeries before I can really recover

Profile placeholder

Dont give up, keep applying. Indeed is a really good website. My suggestion is put in a least 10 applications a week. Someone will call. Keep your head up, and remember to stay focus.

Erica Wesley

Profile placeholder

Have you thought about working in a nursing home? Those elderly people really need someone who really knows about good health care. CNA s don't really care.especially about people in hospice.I know this for sure cuz my dad was in hospice, only had a few days of life left, and I caught a CNA force feeding him while she held him down.need less to say I got her fired for that....A REAL nurse is what these people need...

Triva James

I feel that maybe if you could volunteer at a place like the hospitals or at a clinic, etc. Maybe take a pay cut in what your pursuing. I know looking for a job is not easy. I have faith you will find something

Rasheena Ackley

I know exactly how you feel. I find myself doing the same things you do too... I'm really sorry. I hope you can find a full time job that you love. Praying for you and wishing you best of luck as well...

Elizabeth T. Goike

Robin i know how u feel i have been out of work since 2008 i have been on numerous interviews and i get no call backs either i have about 10 plus years experience doing clerical work and no one seems to call me back from all the interviews i have been on some how i think its my age and most companies dont want to hire someone over 50 so they decide to hire someone younger or someone who has less experience or no experience at all so i know exactly how u feel robin.

Donna Bradford

Hi Robin, continue to apply for nursing jobs. Do what you have to in the mean time but diligently search daily if time allows am I'm sure you will land that great nursing position that you want. Nursing is in high demand.

Nicholas Bertram

I know how you feel, Robin. I've been working as a driver since May of 2014 despite having electronics experience from the military, Microsoft certifications, and a college degree. I am unable to find a job in field service or the job(s) are over an hour away and the pay is so low that I"m better off staying where I am.

Minister Gerald Dade

Just hold on because we never know when what we need is right around the corner. I know this because I went thru a long wait but then it came and now things great!!!

Stephanie Prentice

Bet thing to do is keep your head up just because you're out of work doesn't mean there's not work out there you just gotta keep your head up and keep on trying no matter what don't let your pride get the best of you there's always something for someone it might not be what you want but the best thing to do is don't look at a job for a paycheck look at a job as you're making your customers happy regardless of what job it is the customers are what makes your paycheck so if you entered into a place and turn as if that was your goal that was what you were looking for no matter what it was and you will get the job I've been around the block so to say I have worked for at 5 different Taco Bell's I have worked for Kohl's I have worked for a gas station I am now working for Arby's things come and go that's part of life keep your head high keep your positive attitude walk into a place and set your set your goal I walked into Arby's the same day within 5 minutes I filled out the application got an interview and got the job in the same exact day within the first half-hour so it's possible just keep it up keep on looking no matter what you'll find what you need and what you want

Steven Bellistri

I am in the same boat... I am a Medical Technologist and am experiencing the same frustration. Keep the faith, use what your are doing as a springboard to your next passion.

Riccardo Barchan

The point?

R. And R.

Working the same job for 30 years? Why didn't you retire out instead of the termination?

Profile placeholder

Things are about to change for the better. Keep your head up with faith. I too, as a surveyor have struggled these past 8 years doing what I love to do. Sacrifice is part of life. Better things will happen. Be PRO-ACTIVE and things will be more positive. I feel it in my core...for all of us who have persevered and struggled these past 8 long years. GOOD LUCK TO YOU ! Believe! !

Pamela Cox

I'm the same way,I'm so sorry but I'm going through the same call me sometime.. 8164332296

Vincent Ward

I just wonder what the problem is with the nursing agency. It's a job you're good at and you're being paid. The other place? Uh. they fired you?

Profile placeholder

I'm sorry you are having a tough time finding employment. It took real courage to voice your frustrations publicly. Ignore those who mock or discourage you. Draw strength from those who encourage you. Stay strong and keep searching. I wish you peace and success!!

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A fellow Jobcaser

Sorry to hear that I feel for you I've been. On over 4dizen interviews and have not been hired I don't understand why I'm qualified for management or supervisor, I feel I even been blackmailed by my last job...I know the frustration. I get an initial I terviews teynolds say their setting something up with the district manager then the call hover co.especially I get an email that says sorry we've went another direction...I'm over frustration...I live with my daughter and her 3 children I am depressed, I m lost my house my car my job, my part job pays $12 an hour in barely get 20 hours a week I barely make it paycheck to paycheck after paying my daughter the few bills I'm trying to keep up on and faster in my brothers car he's so kindly loaning me, I can't seem to get motivated I get discouraged when I apply for 7-10 jobs every week and no one else calls me. Im Just sick to my stomach right now my other options are writing a book, and looking good for a partner or an Invester to start my own business again, that's even tough I get bites then they play games with you say their gonna I vest then disappear after a few emails. Can't people just be honest and upfront about what's going on

Tracy Thomas

I feel you i've put in application one after another i was fortume to get one interview it thought it wait good but still haven't irecieve a call back from that job either i have the experience to do the jobs i've applied for i can't understand what's going on.

Debbie Benfield

You can't drive forward by looking in your rear view mirror. Give it up. Turn it loose. Suck it up. Move on! Get up Soldier! Who told you that that job was your best?! The world aint seen nothing yet!

We sing a song Sometimes you have to encourage YOURSELF!...or you can just wallow in self pity. :)

Chrissy Estrella

I feel worse than you. At least you have agency work I keep asking God why did He allow this woman to take away a position I over and then give me nothing else... I have been saving all my letters of rejection praying one day I will have a testimony

Profile placeholder

We don't know God's purpose for us. We may be subjected to hardships, expecting to be rescued from it. When He's trying to tell us 'My Grace is sufficient for you.' How will we respond when called to endure hardships and trust Him during that time? It's not easy to do.

Rick Moran

I lost my job back in September - after 33 years working there. I feel your pain!
In Sleepless in Seattle after his wife dying - Tom Hanks says put one foot in front of the other and just keep breathing moment by moment.
I am a christian who believes that God blessed me with a great job for 33 years and He will again bless me with an even better job. We must be patient and know the God is in control. I did not want this to become a religious response - but faith and trust in God will get me through this and I know that He will see you through this also!
God bless you and your future, Rick

Profile placeholder

What God has in mind for us may not be what we want Him to do. We can request that thorn be removed from our side, but He may response 'My Grace is sufficient for you.'

Rick Moran

I lost my job back in September - after 33 years working there. I feel your pain!
In Sleepless in Seattle after his wife dying - Tom Hanks says put one foot in front of the other and just keep breathing moment by moment.
I am a christian who believes that God blessed me with a great job for 33 years and He will again bless me with an even better job. We must be patient and know the God is in control. I did not want this to become a religious response - but faith and trust in God will get me through this and I know that He will see you through this also!
God bless you and your future, Rick

Profile placeholder

Hardest part is coming to terms with the loss of a job you've been at so long, especially when it's become so ingrained in your identity. You are in the process of grieving, because it is akin to a form of death. It's hard, but learn to process this loss as you move forward. You're doing the right thing by taking a job to tide you over. It shows you are a worker and willing to tackle any task with the same integrity. Keep learning and don't give up.

I am here for support Unknown

I see your problem and I hope you take heed. Congrats on the nurse and helping save lives. 1. You have dated yourself as old. Right on your resume here you are letting everyone know you are in your late 50s when they can hire someone in their 20s with min exp. If I were you I would clean up my act. I too had a long term career not great as yours but I had to clean up my act to get noticed. 1. Cut off all the experience on your resume that you can. All that's earlier than 1997, remove it. If they ask in the interview just tell them you did odd jobs and nursing jobs. Do not place anything on your resume that says 80s.

I am here for support Unknown

You shouldn't have anything on your resume later than 1997.

Aljilia Prelow

Have you ever thought about working from home? Email me
I work for Open door Multiservice through Arise Virtual System.

Profile placeholder

If you lowered your standard,and found a lower paying job for now. It's still money coming in,and it gives you the time you need to find a real job. It's always easier to find a job when you have a job. Just my opinion

Profile placeholder

I don't blame you for how you feel because I'm going thru the same thing.

Profile placeholder

The fact you are able to work while you are looking is better than most. I have been looking for work since June 2016 after layoff and position moved out of California. I absolutely loved the company I worked for and was unable to move. Many recruiters have reached out as well as have I, with no success. Still I hold hope that I will find something in this new year. True it is frustrating, however, all industries, healthcare, entertainment, aerospace, etc are much different in their approach from 30 years ago. I was at my company for 17 1/2 years, 2 of which were contract. Still I hold hope that possibly get back into my company. Never thought I could not find temp or contract work, due to the difference of even 17 years ago, all on online for 98% of all job opportunities. It has only been since November, all though it seems forever, it i s not. Totally keeping a positive attitude as much as you can, yes it is very hard, you can do it!

Profile placeholder
A fellow Jobcaser

There are many nursing positions all around the country...hard to imagine why you are not finding a position unless there is something in you past position that is holding you back...were you dismissed from your previous position?

Brian Lavigne

I'm sure a lot of people can relate to your frustration. Moving on from a long-term change isn't easy for anyone. There are things that we can tell and remind ourselves to help us get through it. You can't move forward by looking back. Remind yourself that you have a lot of experience to offer and check every single day for job offers because you never know what opportunity will come your way, and you don't want to miss out on it. Keep applying, keep trying.. if you can't find full time work, consider part time temporarily while looking for full time. There's always something you can do that will make a positive step to keep moving forward because it's the only thing you can do to move on and look forward to a new opportunity. When life hands you lemons, make lemonade! Good luck and God bless!

Audrey Kelly

I am very sad here about your loss of your job. Do you have a college degree? As a nurse, you may want to look into working with a nursing agency. LPN or RN they always have work for you. All you need is a car. With 30 years experience, you have a lot to bring to the top. Do not be discourage. I have read the most of the posts and no one gave you an alternative.

Karen Melissa Ramos

I feel the exact same way you do to the LETTER! I have been without work since Nov. 16 and I have applied to jobs non stop I wouldn't be surprised if I have applied more than once to some. I cannot let my job go. I too wake up thinking I should be getting ready for work. I would be doing this right now at work. I loved my job, my team, everything. I think that is why hurts still and I cannot let it go. I wake up everyday doing the same at home routine and it's frustrating. I want to be working. Maybe I should volunteer at a clinic or retirement home till a job is made available but it hurts and is super frustrating waiting especially when you know deep down you should still be doing what you loved in your old job.
I feel your pain.

Profile placeholder

I know what your going thru I feel the same do they even look at your apps or do they throw them in the trash. I think every day to they look at your age and pass you by. Keep your chin up ! and i hope the best for you

Profile placeholder

Ms. Reynolds,

 it certainly is unfortunate to be let go from a nursing job.  the nursing profession is one of the most important jobs in America.  I personally know of people in your position.  Have you ever thought of becoming a surgical nurse? or even possibly learning more to be a doctor?  I have found that in not having a job for 5 years, I have to change my personality and job searching style to that of a more determined searcher.  My only problem is that I have no personal transportation, and no money to take local public transportation, so I end up walking 5 or 6 miles a day, 5 days a week just to get turned down or promised to be called, yet nothing happens.  If there was ever a job that one need not get depressed about not getting answers or results right away, it's nursing /medical field.  While I personally don't believe in being a cheer leader in any situation, I do think your profession is an honorable one, and perhaps you should think about all of those you come in contact with and make happy with your presence.  think about that while searching.
Heidi Owen

Need a second job near my job broksher brother's in Bellville tx any openings email me my is or call or text me mine is 979 551 2418

Netta Nixon

I feel you im in the same position

Jeannette Yeaman

Maybe it's where you are applying. They are crying for nurses. Where hg Ave you tried.

gordon hollingsworth

Robin dnt give up or get discouraged,u have to b patient n leave it n God's hands.

Profile placeholder

A lot of employer's just want cheap labor. I've had others get hired with no experience over me just because they'll accept lower pay

Raymond meza

I feel your employed, that your still's another trade your gaining experience good at what your doing and other doors will open..I'm pretty sure someone is taking notice of your efforts..just keep your spirits up and use what you've learned in your previous'll be alright

Profile placeholder

Hang in there I know it doesn't seem like it but a change will come if you will it.

Kevin Check

Losing a job is hard, but I have found that is tears you up inside and not worth it. I've learned to let it go.

Cindy Ward

I completely understand your frustration! I have been out of work since April 2016. I have used recruiters, interviewed for maybe 3 positions and they went with another candidate. Can company discriminate based on age? Not legally, but can they? I just don't understand not finding a job. I am well spoken, attractive, reliable and have tons of experience. Frustrating!!

Jeff Gear

hi cindy

Pamela Holman Kirkland

I am going through the exact same thing. I recently relocated to Illinois to be near my granddaughters. I had the same job for almost 20 years and now I cant even beg a decent job. I accepted a position at a facility but was unable to stay as the other nurses made it impossible. I have not ever in my life met such mean, nasty nurses in my life. Now I am so depressed and disgusted with the process of finding another job.In the last week I have been offered 2 part time jobs, one of which I would need to travel at least an hour. Unfortunately I will have to take a part time job just to hold me over in hopes a full time position is offered. I really do understand how you feel. Keep your chin up and keep the faith.

Denise Catlyn

Sorry you feel frustrated but don't give up this is life lessons. You must moved on because you are not going to succeed. Sometime I regret that I left my job that I spent 18 yrs on making no money with Masters degree and still not making no money. Try working private nursing or be school nurse. Best Wishes put God first in your life.

Profile placeholder

All you can do is keep looking
Don't work at something you hate
Keep push for the right job
And pray every day.
God please you

Profile placeholder

Robin I have been out of work since July 2014 and I am 58 years old! I have lost everything I had and I have given up! I am trying to find a way to get a backpack and a tent so I can go live on the streets!!!

Patricia Lawler

I completely understand as I've been out of work since March of last year and not of my choice. I've been staying with my parents and since they moved, I too had to move with them. And now being in a completely different state I couldn't even keep my job via telecommunication, nor can I seem to find one now. I am desperately trying, applying to place 3-4 times and I can't believe that my experiences is not good enough for anyone. #discouraged.

Susan Burr

I recommend that you have your resume professionally done. It's incredible what a difference it makes to the employers. Then, once you land an interview, and you will, do your research online for the questions and answers of a job interview. Gone are the days of just being yourself. They are looking for specific answers to the questions they ask. A temp agency aka recruiter can really be of benefit also. Hang in there. You are mourning a loss, but time will take care of it. I promise.

Wanda Beck

Stop kicking your self in the head. Go to there are tons of nursing jobs with great pay. Also, some employers like a person to show interest in a position they have applied for so calling a place after you have submitted an application is a total must do!!

Robert Sanchez

You should go through a temp agency I was going through something similar and they found me a job right away in my field and they want to buy out my contract with the temp agency and hire me on full time

Profile placeholder

Hi, Robin,
I know your frustration with the job market today as I have been looking myself with the same results as many people posting on this site. After paying a professional to rewrite my resume, and still not getting any results, I learned of a new computer system called ATS, Applicant Tracking Systems. Employers are using this system to eliminate hundreds of applications that don't meet the criteria of the job posting. It is highly likely that your application is erased by this system, which probably explains why we do not hear anything back from resumes we send out.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has an employment center in every city, Their services are free. They will help you revise your resume and coach you on interviewing skills. They will also help you find job leads. You can use their services repeatedly until you find employment. The website is

No, you do not have to be a member of the church nor will you be pressured into joining. The church reaches out to their respective communities and offers to help as Jesus wants them to do. I hope this avenue will offer assistance in finding new employment for you. God Bless you.

andy lewis

Robin I Am flustrated also I have been out of work .Dec.2016 l have not had an interview. yo u. SAID your a nurse what state ? Mississippi has lots of
nursing jobs online

Profile placeholder

i had a work but it was only seasonal :( so i'm just still waiting for a call for a full job also ... i'm the same like you im so frustrated!! i really need a job

Profile placeholder

You just have to stay positive about everything. I know it's hard. I have been out of work since late October. I apply for jobs and even go for a interview. I come out of the interview thinking everything had gone well, but no phone call. The main thing is stay positive. I seek the confort in my Lord Jesus Christ. Without him, I can not make it in this time and day. Praying for you!!

Donald Downing

Hello Robin,

As hard as it may be, try to put your frustration to the side, that can only make a bad situation worse, if you allow it to consume you. What I suggest to you or to put it another way, if it were me that was in your shoes, I would check in the company to find if there were other positions I can apply for. You are on the inside, so that is already one step ahead of someone trying to get where you are. I would also show my skills and work ethics to who the decision maker is for employees trying to advance within the company. Put your best foot forward consistently and you will be noticed. for your dedication and commitment to the company. Stay away from those who gossip and always differentiate yourself by taking on assignments that no one else want to. Again, your work ethics will speak volumes for you. Don't look back at the job you no longer have. Their is no future in your past. Looking back can actually cause you to miss out on an opportunity that could make you much happier than the position you currently have. Stay focused, remain positive and keep moving forward. Take care of yourself, everything has a way of falling into place when you apply yourself and do your job to the best of your ability.

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How is it being a nurse for 30 yes you are not working? Set up your own board and day care for special needs people better than up and down the halls

Jerry Clendaniel

Sorry to hear that Robin, in due time you will find a good job, put it in God's hands and he will do the rest. God knows your needs and he will provide for you. I'm sure I have been there .All my blessings to you. Will be praying for you Robin . Always Jerry C.

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A fellow Jobcaser

You should pray about it God has purpose for you in this life I know exactly what your going through.

Gala Werner

Good Day Robin Reynolds,

Sounds like you enjoyed your past job. I believe you are a fantastic nurse! Please keep trying for the next nursing job that will make you happy

Paige Rowe

I'm sorry but have some gratitude for even being employed. So many people your age can't even get a job at Walmart!!

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Here is the thing, and keep this in mind when you are thinking about applying again its all about networking. Let me give you an example. If I worked at a job at a production line I would here about openings though the grape vine. I would ask for it too. Let me give you a fact 80 % of jobs are taken by people already working there.

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God has a plan for you! You need to put the past behind you and get excited about what he has in store for you next.
Good Luck and May God Bless You!


What happened to your job of 30 years? Seems odd to just lose such a extremely invested job like that.

john stewart

Hey Robin don't let prolonged unfulfilment of not having a full time job discourage you from not taking advantage of working two part time jobs in the meantime in between time just be patient because good things is yet to come.

Shannon Cody

Don't give up. Try all the hospitals and nursing homes in your area . Also see if there is a Maxim's agency around. Maybe go in person after you apply on-line.

Lindsey Brannick

I agree with Penelope
I lost mine 2weeks before the holidays, that same weekend had to put my dog down and my fiancé left me. What I was thankful for is being able to spend time with my family and knowing that I had the time to check out new careers and go from there. Now I have several options for my set career that I have to compare pros and cons and choose the bet career for me in the long run that will allow me to be there for me and my son

Priscilla Augustine

I know how you feel i got let go in December and cant seem to get another job! Aplied for several but no calls. Just calls for them stupid ads

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Hi, do you go to the gym, and blow off some steam. It will release endorphin s, and give you a healthy routine. You might even meet someone there with job opportunities

Brenda Arnold

So sry for your troubles.. I was a stay at home mom for 20 yrs, so I really have no experience, except for cooking n cleaning. I've been applying for at least 20 jobs right here in town, and I can't get a call back, email, or interview either. And, the sad part is, I receive emails (100) per day, for businesses hiring.. Such as WalMart, Toys R Us, etc.. Businesses I know I can handle. Idk what to do. Frustrated...

Michael Morris

Moved to new environment then start looking again you should be able to find something

Amir Akbari

Ok save enuf money.. Resign so you can apply for job you had before... They look at you as employed you are not importAnt than unemployed.. Make yourself unemployed!

Izabel Plato

I was out of work for 8 months after losing a job I had for 27 years. And thanks to them I haven't been able to find anything but crap ie washing dishes etc I applied for over 150 jobs with very few phone calls and a few interviews but still I get junk also another strike.. I am a transitional girl so its worse

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I understand your frustration .. I got fired from my job .. worked for 2 years .. an I called in .. but Nexted day I recieved a called on Saturday .. my manager said not come to work On Monday ... an since this was a family private doctor no benefit no paid vacation .. no sick day paid .. no insurance .. no extra money for working holiday .. An this was due to bad weather .. it sucks .. but something better is coming .. sooner or later .. keep your head up.. an enjoy your vacation ..

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The nurse job experience is not just about being a nurse, is about being patient. At least you have a job even if you do not like it. you are a stronger person, tell me differently. you can not! you are a nurse expert a great person cause not everyone is fitted for that type of work, dedication, pride and lots of honor. You are taking care of the needy and that is very rewarding. You will find a place where you will fit perfectly, just wait and do your part, stay strong and forward all the time.

ansilla james

don't beat yourself up too much just take one day at a time. I can tell you from experience that if you keep beating yourself up you are not going to win lol. Where are you applying and what are you apply for. I understand you are a nurse-RN, LPN... are you applying at hospitals, nursing homes, private duty etc?

Ken Wallace

Frustrated is good but you have to move on and let it go I know it's easy said and done but you are hurting ur self daily is there any town or state you can apply for a nursing job

TheHigh Sparrow

Have you considered private duty. My Aunt is a RN and she worked for a client that she felt was so rewarding. Also, have you considered teaching. God bless I pray you get the job you desire.

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We are in Sebring Florida and they need nurses for all kinds of positions here, you don't say where you are from, but perhaps that is part of the problem, trust me, it's not you.

Natasha Vasilenko

loosing a job is hard but the only thing that you can do is stay positive and pray that god helps you its not easy but you can do it and i know that god will love you hear you if you do pray. If you give your life to Jesus he will help your direction its not easy but he will help you and it can be hard but just tell him thank you that at least you have a job.

Jim Dolan

The past is history, the future is a mystery, but today is a gift -- that is why it is calledthe present". ;)

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Hello, I have not read a post here in this thread from Robin Reynolds after many responses, but I can tell you that several of you have posted very helpful tips and information that have inspired me to stay focused which reminds me that I am not alone in my struggle to find employment; that if I continue to implement what I already know, while also striving to grow and develop my career, I will find success. To everyone in the same struggle, I say remember that your strongest thought will guide how your life will go for you...and I hope that you believe that all things are possible through Christ who strengthens each and everyone of us.

Amy Raida

keep your head up! Its the time of year is all im hopeing it is. Im raising 5 kids with no help. Hang there.

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Robin, before I went into telecom, I put myself through phlebotomy, top grade 99.9 finale grade, waiting for CNA to finally become a male nurse. Though that wasn't my calling. I did however worked for a company called Aerotech..which later changed us techs to Tek point is, Aerotech may help you regain a position as they staff nurses and administrative positions. You may want to check it out..good luck and keep your chin up and your dreams high...JS

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I'm disabled now and miss my work greatly. The technical and socoal connections of working eight counties here in Florida. Made good money making people's day and playing tourist..never give up dear. I'm living on less month to month on what I used to take home in two weeks..chin up, pray, have of luck to you, it will come if you let it..js

Greg Garner

Be happy you have a job when some of us dont

Barbara Singer

I have a special place in my heart for nurses. I'm a cancer survivor (I had to deal with it 3 times over 12 years) and could never have gotten through it without nurses taking such good care of me. I'm so sorry you lost a job you love. The job I'm losing was the only thing I could get (through a friend) because I had big gaps in my work history because I was sick so often. The only upside is I'm not losing a job I love, but I have lost jobs I love before (due to downsizing). At least you know that you're still doing good work! I hope you are able to find a job you love again.

Orlando Rivera

There's are lots of people here that truly have no heart. They just don't give a hoot about this man's feelings. I can really Identify myself with this man. I worked as a manager for a major retailer foe 16 years, and I have been too in the market looking for an opportunity to work in the field since July 2016. And the same experience of going to interviews and not even receive the courtesy of a call , stating where I actually missed on the interview process has been my same experience. Internet sites, company websites, all have been simply a futility excersise.
It is not only frustrating but depressing as well.

John Perry

Stay encourage know matter what that job that you want is coming to you just of matter of time

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Their must be a reason why. Their are always hiring nurses.

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I know exactly how you feel.I had a good decent job,but didn't pay much.Devoted 10 years to ithat company & left hoping for something better.Now after quitting the job I went to-after finding out I was sold a bill of goods,I am looking for anything full time.Even ventured to go back to my job of 10 years & they've already filled my position with someone 58 & overweight.I did truck day every Friday,myself.I filled in for the manager for months at a time several times over the 10 years,including this past summer,only to have him come back & not tell anyone he was coming back.I had a full crew scheduled & he just showed up,making me look like a fool.I had enough,I already had enough,so I applied,only for 1 job on indeed & the Warehouse Manager job came up,only after did I find out that they hired me as Entry Level & the pay would & position wasn't accurate.Now I'm stuck in limbo,waiting to see if I get a call from the job I was at before or anything else that's out there.I can't believe I got into this mess.I wake up every day like you said,wishing I was back.I liked the job,I just didn't like not getting paid fair when I worked for the boss & did all his work.He always goes out,I was tired of it.He should've hung it up or stepped down to my position already.He has a Union pention,this salary & social much more does he need? I'm 36,I want to make enough to be able to give my wife children before shes 40,she 33 now & it doesn't get easier with age,for women to have children.

Delia Lusk

I totally understand what you are going through, it really hurts. For me, I have been applying for 2 yrs. and with my 20+ years of being an executive assistant/office manager and all I hear is your over qualified, the pay isn't enough, yada, yada, yada. Why can't they give me a chance? I am very good at what I do and am not really worried about making the money I was making.. I just want a job to retire with.. This place has such a mentality,
Utah was never like this!!

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What state are you in ?

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I understand where you are coming from ... Two weeks ago I put in my two weeks notice at my job because they are hiring new people paying them more money and giving them weekends off and I have worked every weekend for two years , I so found a replacement job first that offered me everything my current job was not. The problem is I loved what I was doing and it's very emotional for me to leave behind something that I love to do . But here is the kicker , two days ago that job that I loved to do so much and that company I put before my children and gave them countless hours of my time to earn pennies .. well they let me and TO TOP THAT OFF . I WON A TRIP ANYWHERE I WANTED TO GO WITHIN THE CAMPION I WAS WORKING ON PAID FOR AND A 750.00 VISA GIFT CARD TO USE HOWEVER I WISHED For having the TOP SALES IN THE LAST QUARTER OF 2015 .... I was never giving my trip nor the gift card and I have been asking for it for months ..... So I am so angry and so hurt that THESE CORPORATIONS CAN GET AWAY WITH TREATING PEOPLE LIKE THIS AND THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT , at least where I'm from because it's a right to work state Texas they don't have to have reason they are NOT REQUIRED by law to tell you anything . So Robin i understand how you feel BUT Girl you pull up your big girl panties and you look yourself in the mirror and you tell yourself YOU ARE WORTHY , YOU ARE SOMEONE AND YOU DESERVE to be treated like a human being . There is someone out there that needs your help and your heart. Let the anger go and the frustration be damn and start knocking some doors down and someone will hire you. CALL THAT JOB THAT YOU WANT CALL THEM EVERYDAY , EVERYDAY UNTIL THEY HIRE YOU , let them know who Robin is .

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You are over qualified,they have to pay you too much.Been pca on a surgical floor in hospital for 10years,driven out when my mom got brain cancer,so I have to go to school,get certified,not fair I'm a professional,been doing dumb jobs for 2years,changing jobs like underwear

Kevin Anderson

Try Getting in touch with the HRs over the phone leaving messages you are interested in the position and hopefully they will here the anxiety in your voice.

Tim Durpos

Well I been doing the same job for 30 years I pour concrete but I'm getting older and I'm starting training for somthing new changes is a scary thing but it's also a good thing I've decided to set a goal and that is doing somthing every day to further my job search no matter how small maybe just a hour of searching sending out a app just start small and big thing will happen good luck be encouraged I'm doing it and so can you love tim

Joseph Ferber

We are ALL going thru this Robin. It's unfortunately TYPICAL in today's work-search arena!

Henrietta Gasque

Hi Robin I am a soul believer that everything happens for a reason maybe its time for you to work part time and take the rest of the time and focus on yourself cause if you anything like me you worked to much and you put your time in your job and not on yourself you know God will sit you down and make you focus on him and yourself so take faith in our Lord and pamper yourself for a little while and trust and believe when its time for you to get back out there full time it will happen I know. God Bless

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I lost my job in 2010 full-time after 20 years at a doctor office. I was out of work for 2 years. until this job called me were I am at right now. Working at a school part-time with the pay I get I cannot afford to pay bills. I am a medical assistant. I been applying to job 's and some of them are part-time and lesser pay. I am waiting for a miracle for a full-time job. I know how you feel. I get frustrated . with my job qualifications some employers tell me I am over experience. I do not get it. I am in the same boat as you. Lets hope that our miracle comes true and that we get a full-time job. I can not live off this school paychecks. Here at the when we are closed for holidays there is no pay.

Pat Green

Don't give up. I've been out of work since Sept 2015. I make it a habit to get up everyday and I sit at my computer Mon - Fri looking. I've had countless interviews and nothing. I've blamed it on my age and my failure to complete college 30 years ago (or going back). I have a lot of corporate experience project management, dealing with high level clients in the boardroom and was taken under the wings of VP's and managers who invested in me. None matters anymore. I've reduced to applying for jobs I am overqualified for. But one thing I know for sure, you have to let go of the past wonderful job and go forward with making your current situation the best you can. Become invaluable again. Smile.

LaNeesha Butler

Same, I got fired from Cracker Barrel over something so stupid that could've been avoided. The managers were very unorganized & lazy at times. I was a hostess for 1-2 years. Now, here I am searching for a new job. Life can be stressful, but don't let it take over you. You're in control!

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Do yourself a favor. Don't cry anymore. It is there loss. I worked all my life as a nurse and a pharmacy tech. and the don't appreciate good help these days. It has been hard for me too. I put in about 3000 resume and sat in front of the employment department for 4 years and didn't get a job I don't owe anybody anything my attitude has changed. My children have suffered and I have suffered and I've worked in this country all my life. This is not your fault and don't cry and waste your emotions. Work on yourself and do something for you. Take some classes, join a gym, etc.
Take care of yourself.

Your fellow nurse, Kathleen Drahos

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You are frustrated I am frustrated also about a couple things let's get together and work out our frustrations

Rachel Nixon

are... are you hitting on robin?

s'wrong with you

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I completely understand your thoughts, worries. I have endured the same, just different careers. I was in the same work for 33 years, but not now. I miss the known, thought I would do my work till I retired. But, must be something better in store for me, and I have faith that I will someday find my comfort again. I have received my 1st Degree in Reiki, and Sat, I will receive my 2nd Degree. I was always interested for 25 years, but did not have time. Maybe you need to look what interest you have in other areas. That might be the reason you keep getting redireted. My last current jobs were not what I wanted, but I have to have a income until I get where I really want to be. Keep your Head up, guard your heart, put your boots on, and cheer up buttercup!! #Happiness lies ahead!! #Faith

James Blizzard

No offense but get the hell out of NY.. I did and I have a job that I never thought of having. Good luck though!!

Michael Cookson

If there is any technical schools here they will hire you to be a teacher and you do not need to have a masters or bachelor degree to teach there. They want you to have usually 5 to 10 years experience in the job field. I am doing my externship right now for Dental Assisting and every instructor had the dental assistant training and that was it. My wife almost became a teacher for dental assisting and all my school wanted for prerequisites to teach was 5 years experience of assisting and be able to show the Director of Education at the school her knowledge base that she knows how to explaine and show how to perform different procedures. She turned down the offer though because she got offered a GS job for dental assisting at Fort Drum Ny. So you should look in to that avenue also you can go on to USA JOBS and apply for nursing positions around the area you live if there are any government facilities near you. The military installations are always hiring for nurses and no you do not need to join the military also the VA is usually looking for nurses. Good luck with your search.

Kevin Phelps

I don't know why this message popped up on my phone, but I feel you. We all know what it's like to lose something special or even something we may just want or use to. But the truth of it is, nothing is permanent. Things, people, situations come into our life for different reasons and seasons. Things to sustain us, make us feel a certain way and to learn from. It's just a job. I saw somebody say at least you have one. You most likely got severance pay, maybe 401k. Just be blessed and thankful for what you have. It's so bad everywhere in the world right now, just turn the news on, or listen to NPR on the radio on your way to work and you will see, your life isn't that bad. Live in gratitude. Close your eyes and sit still, listen to your breath, clear your mind. Good luck with your feelings. Peace

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I retired in January of 2016. For the last several months I decided to look for another job in the field of my degree. I filled out over 62 applications and most of them were with agencies that had to freeze their budgets because of over expenditures. Well, I finally got two interviews for this week and next and it looks like I will be hired from the very first agency that called me for the interview this week. I know its hard and I too get frustrated that after 20 years,I am no longer with the agency I used to call family. Hang in there Robin!!

Julian Nelson

Traveling nursing is the way too go! But if you have a family it can be nerve racking. It is possible gaining full time employment during the contract with the job.

Jenny Williams

Keep your head up no matter what. Ok u believe in God it is not to late for him to reveal his plan for your life. And if u don't believe in God still fate has away of showing u what's up the road. Stay encouraged no matter what

Mariam Garcia

Hello friend,what title are you in nurse?here where I work they are hiring for Directcare that's my title here and if you like you can apply.

Lovevonia Rose

Try going into the company's and hospitals you are trying to apply for. They still do walk in.

Brandon Stressel-Lewis

Im going to do a quick write here we go:

Try looking into being a travel nurse. You pick the contract length and state (if you have a license in that state or you can apply 4 licensing) along side your contract handlers. You can gain better experience very quickly if needed. My mom does this and make more money then a lot of other nurses. At first it was difficult but with more and more experience in a very short time, she now in a position to ask for more out of her contracts. The best part if you don't like the environment, you can leave after your short or long contract. If you like the place, you can get on full time. Its a win win. Also, i believe what gets her ahead over a lot of nurses, is her psychology degree. So they way the hiring company loos at it is, she can heal from the inside out. In addition with the psychology degree(minor) she is able to get her patients to work with her, when other nurses have a way more diffract time. Be a nurse that sees the patient not just think of them as a job. They are not products or inventory they are human beings. Regardless how or how not they may act. You are a healer and guide to the after life. Stay persistent, stay hungry, stay humble and you will get what you want. Understand we may have to do a new action to get a new result. Learn a new skill the complements your skills so then you will stand out from the noise. Study your environment and ask yourself what your environment is asking from you. FYI Jobs are harder to find and thats because they look at papers instead of looking at people. Also, the world is a little screwy and I believe everyone is on the same boat. Things are not the same as it was 30 years ago. So we have to learn from are environment, know ourselves and ask ourselves where do we fit in and how can i dominate my competition. Remember you-are-not-alone. If you feel something guarantee some else feels what you feel. We have to look at our cup as half full. When you do you start thinking about what positive actions that will fill the remainder of that cup. If you look at as half empty then your focused on negative thoughts that will empty your cup for sure! Last we must be self-aware and understand this life we live is made up. Study history and ask yourself what is this frustration and my environment comes from? When you answer enough questions you start view the world as half full because everything is made up. Broaden your perception and change yourself from the chess piece to the chess player. Know this game we call life and understand the commonality between everyone and everything.

I see you in this crazy world, I'm here, and your not alone. When things get tough just keep asking. People will come, just make sure your meeting them half way to be your definition of success. Last but not least your are a creator of many things but can you create on something you don't understand fully?

You will get another job soon, but the reality right now people don't take accountability as a whole. With that said its harder and harder to have a superior do their job correctly :/

Not limited to:
14 years of sales and marketing
Business Consultant
Life coach/Speaker

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Hello, I guess what you're saying makes sense BUT not all of us have the resources that one would need to accomplish all that! Maybe she should start with small steps first then move on to the running!

Brenda Shulka

Try to see what is good about the job you have now as long as you keep looking back you can't see the potential for the job ahead

Michael Algieri

Welcome to job search in 2017. No one calls back, u can never get a decision maker on the phone, let along a face to face conversation. It's just like it's always been tho, it who u know, period! Good luck in ur journey.

Jeff Newcomb

It will come Robin, just be patient and wait a little bit longer!

Melissa Krampas-Wheeler

I totally understand how you feel. I recently lost my business, due to my equipment breaking down. I was told it was going to cost me way more money than i had to fix it. That was in September, I told a friend of mine who is our auto mechanic about the problem about closing business and why. He said bring it to him, I was quoted by the company I bought my tractor from $1000 to $2000 for repairs. In a few weeks I will have my tractor back and the repair bill will be less than $50.00. I am currently working at McDonald's p.t. @ 7.25 an hour getting less than 12 hours a week and they just hired new help. I have put in for many jobs this was the first place to hire me after being out of work 3 months with in income coming it. It is by the grace of God that i am not living out in the streets. I hate the job i am doing and I can't even say it pays my bills. Everyone there is upset about not getting hours, and they hire more people on. You're told due to lack of sales the have to cut hours then why do they keep hiring more people. I miss working from sun up to sun down outside in any kind of weather all due to greedy corporation.So I truly feel your pain and your frustration. Good luck and God bless.

Lori Rosen

Also try your hand as a nursing or LPN
recruiting, since you know the industry well. It will also exlose you to nusingLPN jobs before others see them..

Lori Rosen

Also try your hand @ nursing or LPN
recruiter since you know the i industry well. You will also hear about new job openings ings in the field before others do.

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You know I am going thru same b.s too

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I'm so sorry about that because I can't do it for you