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so frustrated

I have been out of work since Nov. 2016. I have been fortune enough to be able to work for a nursing agency since then. Heres my issue. I cant seem to get past losing my job. I still wake up everyday saying oh I should be at work doing this or that. I try really hard to put it behind me. I worked the same job for 30 years. I cry because I miss it. I know I must move forward,I do try. I absolute hate what I am doing now,I do it because I need the money. I get excited about some of the jobs I apply for, but then bam,not even a call for an interview.I ask myself if I am not getting a call for the job then who is? I am very experienced and confident that I am a good nurse. I wake up every day trying to have purpose,I find myself not knowing which direction to go. I guess I am still waiting for a call for a full time job that dosnt come. At this point I am so frustrated


Selene Garcia

Just change your mind... don't think in frustrated things ... be positive .. ur gonna find a good job because that is what you want just be patient and focus on what you really want to happen..!

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Robin, I'm sorry to hear you are frustrated, my advise is to turn to God, ask him to open the door for you. If you live your life serving him he will open doors no man can shut and shut doors no man can open.

Jimmy Hampton

Same thing here with me Oct 2015 38 years I thought I needed. A change I was right I got a change no job since looked everywhere

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I understand completely I was laid off, I have worked all my life. So now what? I'm applying for jobs I am over qualified for . But even then they don't call. Local agencies try and I have had great interviews - no offers. ??? Hopefully job market will change.

Marisa Lanman

Don't be frustrated keep in good faith trust me I have landed jobs that I have hated in the same boat as you. Recently got a job I loved truly but bc of my son ending up in the hospital with his chorns and still in the hospital I was laid off so now I am job less. And I am about to lose my car and home the facts of reality is no one cares about you or your qualfactions or your family what matters is there needs. But I look passed all there wrongs bc two wrongs don't make a right and move forward. Keep faith jobs land in our place for reason and our struggles for reason learn as a trade as they come use that trade to seek better prosper to a near future further your yourself only yourself make it what you want just like I do move forward not backwards let go of what was then make of what is now grasp of the new learning and utilize it well

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) then the probation time comes close and I am let go. I don,t stop just keep moving on. I tell myself I cannot fly like a Eagle when I fly with Turkeys
Take Care

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Dont give up robin. There is alot of job for nurseing keep applying. Have faith God will open the door for you.

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mam it's a frustrating time. I have been laid off since last Feb. Got injured consulting in June of 16, just got released. Sitting at the house with all the money going out and not coming in doesn't do much for one's feeling of self worth nor bank account. Stay focused, keep getting whatever education you can and certifications and keep a strong network going. People do business with people. The more you know and they understand what position you are in will increase your chances. I have placed two applications this week and on both had response in two hours or less. One I turned down because of the money. I am waiting to hear back on the other. Things will turn around now that we are getting a more positive direction in our country's leadership.

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Don't give up hope. I too was laid off in November after 28 years in a financial institution. It is hard....but just know that this is just one window that has closed and a better opportunity awaits you. Have faith, have your moment but keep pressing on. This is how I am dealing with it. Best of Luck!

Lloyd Freeman

Hello Robin Reynolds,
Robin, all of us have a Heavenly Father that knows not only what we say or do, but the thoughts that enter our
minds. He does love all His children and will answer the prayers of those that fast and pray as we are told how
in James 1:5-6. I know of a man that lost his job after 18 years with his company and did not get a job with any
company having his knowledge and talents. After two years he found other work. Stay positive, be happy and
do not give up. I have found that one will get employment faster by showing up at the place offering the job or any
place where you may wish to work. After you pray listen in you heart for and answer. Smile and be grateful for your blessings..

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Continue to remain positive!!! I haven't had a job since September of 2016! I'm currently looking for a job! Believe me it is very frustrating! I have gotten a lot of interviews and its because I have a great resume! I would look on sites to see if you could find a way to make your resume pop and research resume trends! That way you could at least have the opportunity of an interview to prove you are more than qualified and to show your full potential! Good luck hun!!

Susan Repka

Although not in nursing, I lost a job in 2012 that I had been with for 14 years. I had gone from secretary/receptionist to the Executive Director. I cried for months, gained weight and just felt like I had failed. It is not you. That door closed in order to prepare you for another opportunity. You are destined to do great things and this is just a bump in the road.

Lem Williams


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I don't call i got to shake hands with the head , words mean nothing to people now days let alone over the phone. I started on snagajob and there are a lot of these sites and slot of the jobs really don't exist.but some of the jobs do,if it seems to good to be true you can bet it's a lie. You do have to track down who's doing the hiring in shows you are serious about a job and it's evidently the one thing that puts ahead of Joe on hold while the man looking you in the face.keep trying as hard as you work and get noticed..

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A fellow Jobcaser

Hi Robin,
I have also been out of work since Nov 16 after being laid off from an awesome job with no reason as to why they let me go. All I was told was that they felt I wasn't a good fit for the office, after getting promoted and given a raise. A week after the raise I was let go. I am also still angry as to why they did that because I really felt that was going to be my forever job. Whatever the real reason was I have to remind myself not to dwell on it because talking about it I still sound bitter and you don't want to sound bitter in an interview. I have decided to just take it as God wants me to go in a different direction for some reason, even though I didn't want to. LOL I haven't been able to find any work at all so you are lucky you at least have something coming in. Keep your head up and and that perfect new job will come!!

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A fellow Jobcaser

I literally just got called for a second interview after writing this post! See, anything is possible if you believe!! :) Good Luck!!

Terena Burkey

Sounds like you are depressed and still grieving the job that you loved. I have been through that and I am still going through that. I have been to counseling for my depression and this seems to be helping. I have had to grieve the loss of my job. It was my passion. Now I am having to find a new passion. Maybe you need to think about embracing something you have never done, but have been interested in. You have worked in Nursing for 30+ years. Try something different. You may find that you might like something like patient advocate or legal nurse consultant where you help attorney's with cases. That is something I am considering. Good luck.

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Good motivational article I found this morning for me - thought I'd share with anyone who was still on this thread.