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valarie smith
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Customer service

What I loved about working with lyft, driving riders from one place to their original destination. unfortunately, it didnt work out, after 2000 riders in a six month to year span, they decided by one of their riders, complained i was removed from the app, wnt to the ub office to speak to one of their suppose to be professional people, I was treated like a person who was on some kindof substance, not your own business they ca throw that quote in the nearest ocean

over 1 year ago
Phoebe Montrie
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✨A Bartender Who Loves Helping Others!✨

Oh gosh @valarie smith, I'm sorry to hear that happened to you! I have a law firm near me that just opened up specifically to help Uber/Lyft drivers with any claims they may have. It seems like there are a lot of potential issues in jobs like that and you're not alone in experiencing them! It seems like a really extreme action to essentially fire you for one complaint after you've had thousands of successful rides!

Do you feel comfortable telling us more about the complaint and what happened with the rider? Would you be willing to tell us more specifically about what they said to you in the office? This Community is here to support you while you look for new employment and guide you through any necessary action to resolve this issue! ❤️