I was unemployed for about 5 months in 2015 and very unsure about what I wanted to do next. I was spending 50-60 hours a week researching and applying to jobs. It took a while but I found a great job and it put my career on a new trajectory.

But burnout is real even when you're unemployed and I was worn down. Here are my tips for treating yourself with kindness while you're unemployed now that I'm on the other side of it.

  1. Set daily time limits for your job search/applications.
  2. Allow yourself to still have fun and stick with your hobbies.
  3. Lean on other people, more people have been unemployed than you might think.
  4. Unemployment, voluntary or involuntary, doesn't change your worth as a person and new employee somewhere else. Speak positive things to yourself daily.
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