Aaron Brownewell
about 5 years ago

Problems with online applications

I have recently started filling out online job applications and I am finding that there are so many that just don't work somewhere in the application process. Most say invalid email address ( no matter how many email addresses you have "I have 3 different types " whatever you enter does not work ) Many applications after you fill out all the necessary information won't let you submit because it shows a sad face with error 404 on the screen . And lastly when you finally get all your information put on the application they want you to log in as registered user unfortunately no matter what name you put in it says this username already exists ! Could be anything it already exists therefore you cannot submit ! Anyone else having these problems with online applications?

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Fred Goff

Hi Aaron - First - you'll have this problem behind you by end of day. But lets cover some things first....

Do you mean in general, or specific to the jobs on Jobcase? We haven't heard this before but if its unique to us I want to get our engineers on it ASAP. Applying online is usually done in 1 of 2 ways (once you get to the right spot). Big companies - and even some smaller ones - use what is called an "applicant tracking system'. You might see this in the URL's or "powered by" on a company page - these are systems like Taleo, Brassring, Greenhouse, etc. These systems require you to register with them, again, and fill out a long series of questions that they then will keep in a database for the company. They are a bit time consuming to fill out but this is how large companies handle large amounts of inquiry. The other way to apply online is basically sending in your resume. Jobcase and other companies (like Glassdoor, Indeed, etc) have this capability in a '1-click' process or a Jobcase-apply, Indeed apply process. You can use your jobcase profile for this - it looks good and as you see in MYINFO you can move around the blocks of content to make sure that you highlight whatever shows you in best light (i.e. volunteer and praises can go up top if your experience is sparse, education can be hidden if theres nothing there to discuss, etc.). Ok - so knowing the 2 ways you can apply, now what type of listings are out there..... The issue with a lot of online job listings is that they tend to be one of the following:

  • evergreen jobs. They are always listed because companies expect turnover. These are like Cashier at McDonalds, or warehouse help at Walmart. The jobs might actually not be available at the time you apply for a given location but its hard to know unless you call or stop in and ask the manager directly. But you are on file and as soon as one opens up (which usually is pretty frequent) then you are in line.
  • Regular postings - Same as above but they will be posted just for a specific position so you know they are open. BUT, sometimes companies don't pull their listings after they fill a job, or sometimes the job-boards listing them don't refresh where they are getting the listing. So you can get old jobs listed that the employer is no longer interested in. You just don't know this usually.
  • Job listings that are listed by one job board on another job boards sites: At the end of the day there really is a real job at the end of a click (except for some fraudulent job boards - but those are rare). But, lots of job boards share their job listings on one another site. For example, Jobcase thinks Indeed, and Careerbuilder have good listings so on our jobs section you can check these and the searches we provide might be a combination of the above AND they might just click you over to Careerbuilder, who will then host the job (or indeed, or glassdoor depending on the buttons you clicked in our jobs section). So you actually click to that site - then to the job.

Phew -- ok. Hope that all made sense. Here's the punchline. I don't know where your process is going wrong but its somewhere in that system. It doesn't make sense to me that you are getting the errors you state unless a job is mistakenly listed but actually filled, or you were doing this on a poorly run job site, or there is a tech glitch with one of those ATS systems. The good news - is the jobs listed here should be really good and easy to apply to - either here, on the company ATS system we link you to - or through our partners at CB, Indeed & Glassdoor. If thats not the case - please click my picture and send me a message telling me where on jobcase things are going wrong and I'll have my engineers immediately fix it. Either way - we'll have you working well on your jobapps by end of day my friend. Hope this helps and good luck on getting the job - once we help you get those apps in today! Fred

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