Look it is their loss if they do not call back. Keep looking the right job is out there.

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There are a LOT of reasons - TOO many to list here - but some of the most popular is because these job postings... see more

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I've also read that the interviewers decide if they like you in the first few minutes and that doesn't include the... see more

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Yeah. In its on way; you do. That make sense right. Fuck the computer ones that makes the decision. But they to... see more

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Looking for a part time job as legal assistant, receptionist or general office work

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It only means that part isn't for you. Like. One comment stated don't give up. It will come ur only showing... see more

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I've been out of work for 5 months now. I have applied to 287 job applications on-line. I have 2 college degrees... see more

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Stay strong

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Because they don't care how desperate you are you are replaceable your work history follows you like a chain and... see more

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I think companies do this to give give the impression that they are hiring but, the reality is there was only one... see more

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