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I really want to work in medical records I haven't worked in medical records in over 15 years and it's hard to find anyone who will hire me because of that I'm a fast learner and for anything that has changed I can learn to do it I just need a chance

Lenin Pina

Hi Rosalyn Barker , Welcome to Jobcase! I think it's great that you have identified a career path you want to pursue. You mentioned that you have previous Medical Record keeping experience but I don't see that listed on your profile.

Are you using an optimized resume with your online job applications? Make sure you highlight your past experience in this area first so employers get to see your related experience up front.

This is a highly competitive area within the healthcare industry for jobs right now. Employers tend to lean towards applicants with related Associates Degree's and Medical Coding licensing certifications first thats why it's important to make sure your previous experience stands out.

The good news is that there is a big demand for experiences healthcare workers right now. Healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries in terms of future occupations which is a great thing for job security.

Look around your area for Free or federally funded training options you can take advantage of to sharpen your skills. I can look around and offer you some quick training programs if you're interested.

In the meantime, keep at it and stay encouraged. Use this platform to connect with other members currently working in that field and ask for job leads and industry application tips.

We're all here to help! :-)

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Anthony Harrington

Hi Rosalyn,

If it has been over 15 years since you worked in the medical records field, the world of medical records has changed DRASTICALLY in that time.

About 8 years ago there was an initiative called "Meaningful Use" which was an Obama administration program to encourage hospitals and medical practices to make the move to electronic medical records.

The monetary concessions Meaningful Use allowed caused a lot of practices to move toward electronic heath records, or fully electronic practice management software.

If you have never laid hands on EMR/EHR/Practice Management software, you may find that your skills in the paper world are now obsolete.

Practices and hospitals now utilize software suites like Epic/Cerner/eCharts, and more. When looking for candidates, the medical field is looking for individuals with EMR/EHR experience. These are complex/robust systems that can take weeks to months to master, and some are so complex that they have full certification programs that users must take.

You may want to look into Epic/Cerner certification and arm yourself with that when applying for jobs in the medical records field. It will definitely open doors for you, but it can be pretty expensive.

Good luck to you in your search!