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Walt Gangwere
Bullet point
Bilingual Social Studies Teacher at Christine Duncan Heritage Academy

My advice to people interested in working at #Mission Achievement and Success Charter School: MAS pays more than most other schools in the area. Therefore, it demands more than other schools. School starts earlier in the school year than other schools. If you are a teacher thinking about teaching at MAS, you should anticipate giving more time to the job than you would in an APS school. If you are an experienced teacher, you may not feel the need for the mandatory training the school provides to its staff. However, if you are early in your career, you may find that training to be invaluable. MAS is a unique school, so you will want to pay attention to what the interviewer says about it. If you are able to speak with someone who has taught there before, ask the questions that are important to you in relationship to how you think about teaching.

6 months ago
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