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  • Technology
  • Healthcare
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  • Transportation & Logistics and other major industries are now offering apprenticeship opportunities in order to attract more new workers.

Anyone currently exploring career paths without drowning in college loan debt or career changes with better income and advancement... see more

I am ready for work.

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I lost a position that I really loved in May of 2018. Since then I have been trying to find another position in the same field. I currently have a job but it is in retail and I hate it. I have two degrees and I am applying for the positions that I am highly qualified for. I have been on countless interviews and told that I am one of the top candidates, however I'm getting told they went with someone more qualified, or after applying I receive an... see more

Hey I understand your frustration but I have been in retail pretty much all my life and it has treated me well... see more

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Ive been looking for a job for 5 months now and been to interviews and yet nothing. I find myself crying and wanting to give up. Im about to loose everything and dont know what else to do. Any advice?

Look up job ads similar to your previous jobs. Make sure your resume reads like the job descriptions you are... see more

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The people good work environment good benefits

Have been with the downtown library for the past 14 years.

So I have a situation at work and I'm not sure on how to handle it. I arrived to work 30 minutes early as usual. As I walked in I saw my coworker who I was here to take over for so he can go home. I told him I'll be in the back office and I'll be out at 11 pm which is the time I start work today. So I went to the back office and proceeded to wait and watch videos on my phone. Within 10 minutes another worker from a different program came to me... see more

Do what you need to do to protect yourself and your job. He is not being respectful toward you, and you dont want... see more

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Just have a question I thought some of you might be able to help with. Long story short, I recently was informed that a new hire who is only 16, evidently makes more than I do. Since I'm older and have more experience I thought I would make at least more than her. And that was to start. So I guess my question is, should I wait before I bring it up or not even bring it up at all? Don't want to sound like I'm complaining because I'm not. Would just... see more



The best results are achieved when all the parties involved are able to put themselves in the others’... see more

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Steven Ransom I simply placed a suggestion and I’m not forcing anyone to anything but if you feel I’m doing... see more

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Was truthful on application about felony conviction. Was called for interview. I brought it up during phone call to make certain it would still be good to go. Assured it would be, i went to interview. Talked about it some during interview. And still lead to believe good to go. Got hired. Told to come back next day to fill out necessary paper work. Was given a schedual. What day and time to start first day. Sounds good right? Get a call 45 minutes... see more

I'm sorry to hear that others r going thru similar situations!! I thought this was just crap I was dealing with. I... see more

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Love to get a job working in Wal-Mart

Are they supposed to ask you why you got fired or let go from your previous job? I hope to the gods they aren’t I’m so nervous

TO THOSE WHO JUST COMMENTED: I did get another job and thank the gods they did not ask


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