The greatest thing I enjoyed about working for #Applebees was

The food i created. It was there planned model of how to prepare it, but i brought it to life. I cook with my soul & bake with my heart. Great place to work also. friendly

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Thanks for sharing a positive review! Eric Rybicki

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Ihate interviews

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e improved my job @ #Applebees are

Set time for cross traneing

Thanks for sharing Reginald Moore !

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great news!

i just had a feeling i should check stafflinq which is a site that applebees and other restaurants use for employees to pick scheldules etc and come to find out i will be working monday, tuesday, wednesday, friday and sunday... they were all picked for me and the hours are good... i was hoping for a 4 or 5 day workweek to make it worthwhile and a good paycheck... i will have two whole days off for a family and one will be a weekend to do…

Great good for you

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had one of my best nights since working at applebees

well i am still working at applebees in barboursville, wv and last night i had an evening shift and i couldnt ask for better working conditions... the servers were great to me and so was the bartender/server.... i was there from 4:45pm til 10pm( hostess can normally head home early once work is caught up) i clocked in early so actually worked from 4:38pm. overrall a bit shorter shift than my day shifts or alot shorter than my double shifts but…

That is amazing Blair Knight - what made it so much better than your day shift? The coworkers? The tips? The customers? I'd love…

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Applebee's is Hiring!

Northeast Ohio Applebee's locations need to fill up to 200 immediate front and back of the house restaurant positions. A regional hiring event will take place next Wednesday, May 8.

Interested applicants are encouraged to apply online then walk-in the listed locations on May 8, anytime between 10a - 8p for an interview opportunity. Thanks & Good Luck

I love Applebee’s .Its not expensive.

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been busy as can be

i know i havent wrote in awhile but things are still going well at applebees... here in a few days it will be a month that i have been there... counting from my orientation day that is. it can be tiring but i feel accomplished at the end of the day. on good friday they had me down for a double shift which is the longest i have ever worked and i was there from 10:30 am-9:40 pm. luckily i had the next two days off to recover haha. i worked…

How cool Blair Knight !! Glad you're enjoying life at Applebees -- ha! :)

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a new chapter yet again :)

i have orientation/training tomorrow for a hostess position at a local Applebees... first time working in a restaurant but have had a good bit of experience in retail and like customer service is customer service... its sitting people and also cleaning restrooms and parking lot... excited to be helping my family again :)

I am so thrilled for you Blair Knight congratulations!! As someone who has worked in many restaurants over the years I will tell…

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What I loved working at #AppleBees

positive vibes for the most parts, good training and don't be looking over your every move.
I learned more how to except constructive criticism, and its more like a team setting.

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Very bad place to work!!!!

So I was putting in job applications and following up with calling and I finally got the call and interview that I was hired Yeah and then nay .I was hired at Applebees as a cook I was so excited to be working and the pay was right I was told I would 40-60 hrs I thought wow answer to prayers .The company was a joke I was trained here and there buy 6 different people for about no more than 5 hrs having 3 days off then work 1 day then go in work 2…

I would have called the health department and turned them in. That's awful!! Sorry you went through that Jennica.

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The best part about working at #Applebees was

My favorite part about working at Applebees is the people and being able to communicate without being judged with my decisions I make with my coworkers and my bosses!

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