Horrible experience they treat the employees like it's a human modern day slave plantation!!!

Thats ok. It only means they want seriously good workers..they want the job done right! Nothing wrong w that!

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So i am talking with a recruiter about a position i had applied for. After explaining some of the previous positions i have held she was thinking i would be a good fit for a position she was recruiting for. During the explanation she explained that the employee would be answering phone calls and e-mails for troubleshooting. I had to stop the conversation and explain that this type of position causes me to experience cubicle comma. After my... see more

To be straight up that's the way to be

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You have to have a lot of self-confidence and be very outgoing, naturally. If you have to fake it to make it, Mud Bay is NOT for you. If talking to strangers makes you nervous, beyond new job nerves, then Mud Bay is NOT for you. If you are looking for a job where all you do is take money, go somewhere else. This job is VERY interactive and requires constant learning and evolving, and requires a lot of passion for what you do. It's a great... see more

How does 30 yrs in Food Industry sound? Love the work atmosphere.

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It's my 5th day in and all I can say is Gosh. It's fast paced at times and you're always busy. But with the training from previous jobs, I got it down packed. The district manager came and complimented me on how good I work. She said she is looking at me as a potential candidate for assistant manager. She loves how I keep myself busy and my appearance. She made me feel like all I have done was not in vain. Who knows, I could be assistant manager... see more

have them taking notes!! Rock it!!

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What I loved about Rising Stars was that, you were treated like family. The boss made sure you were comfortable and able to do what you had to do in your working space.

Awesome! What is the career growth in this company?

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What I loved while working at FedEx is the fast paced working environment. Also to be entrusted with many varied tasks as well work with many different coworkers during my time there. I loved their direct management style as well , it made me more involved with my job.

Thanks for sharing your experience Dylan. FedEx is #Hiring in Rochester, NY! Go to FedEx Careers page for more... see more

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My boss is easy going and understanding. He is empathetic and kind.

The schedule has been perfect for my family life and the 2 hour lunch break allows for me to get my kids from school if they are sick or pick up groceries on my lunch break.

Aether Elements has a home like feel in an office building. Completely a stress free zone for staff and clients!

Run to work.

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So I followed through with the interview, as it was scheduled but...

I'm not quite sure I want the job...

Long story short, they need managers and leaders, I am none of those things

I'm sure that if I follow through with the training, I could learn the ropes, and do my job well... But I'd probably dislike working there, I couldn't handle the pressures that come with a management position...

What do I do?
Do I call them and explain that I'm no... see more

This job could be a stepping stone for something better. Pray about it and GOD will have the answer for you

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I have about HAD it with this job. I have been dealing with the same horrible people for what seems like forever. They constantly try to take credit for my ideas, have none of their own, and just suck the energy out of ANY meeting or room they are in. You know the types! It’s like being back in 6th grade when I had a lab partner who did NOTHING and yet earned all the credit. They also like to try to suck up for some brownie points with the boss... see more

Ignore them, but start looking for another job. The boss most likely won't reprimand or fire multiple people. Get... see more

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I started a new job the other day, and even though I knew the field of work I was in, I felt this culture and job wasn’t right for me. I kindly told my new boss that I quit. I know so many people need jobs and I should have felt lucky, but I also can’t be miserable. Do yourself a HUGE favor and research the company on Glass Door or just Google them to see what others are saying. Don’t find yourself in the same situation as I was in!


Are you CRAZY?!!! You were fortunate enough to lock something down!!!!! Never quit before you plan what you're... see more

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