so recently i was told that before i could come back to work i had to take a drugs test... its a serving job no one has to drug test. any way its because my mother just died and the day before i had to work in the morning i had to go to my moms viewing i didnt sleep all that night had been up crying. well anyway still decided to go in. crying before going in sitting in my car to get up the courage to walk in ... well i did and as soon as i walked... see more

Apply for unemployment. Trust me they will contact you. If I'm not mistaken if they ask for a drug test they should... see more

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I lost my job a month ago. I was fired because I was late again because I have to pick my son up from school otherwise no one else can do it and he has to walk home 10 miles which I'm not going to just let him do. I was so mad and crying on the way home that I got into a car accident and yes i know maybe I shouldn't have been driving in a situation like that but now I have $4000 to pay between the car and the hospital and I'm just losing my mind... see more

Well I am still out of a job since August 15th of this year and I was laid off after working with a job that I... see more

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I feel surrounded..... I feel like I'm being swarmed by satan and his demons.... suffocated..... I lost my job and was in a wreck. I cant seem to get any luck getting a new job. My family keeps pushing me....suffocating me to get another job.... the medical bills are starting to pile in. I have no money to pay the bills or anything else. Life is suffocating me. I cant breathe......

I feel the same way

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I am so stressed out. Anybody ever heard of a job doing a background check after they hire you. I started a job and then 3 weeks later got fired due to my background check. Normally they do it before hand before they hire you. I am so upset...

That's a bad HR department. Should not have happened but does. Amazon does that. They hire a bunch and then do... see more

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If you were fired or laid off, Don is going to tell you how you can explain to a prospective employer that you were laid off from your last job. People get laid off. There's nothing you can do about it.

So, if you were let go, Don gives you a few ideas that you can use to tell employers that it really wasn't your fault. And one of the things that you really want to come through, to be crystal clear, in your answer as to why you were let go or... see more

Another great video, thanks for sharing with us Steven Ransom !

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I was employed by the same employer for 28 years but a new manager came in a year ago and put new phone criteria in place stating that we customer service reps had to take an average of 60 calls per day during the week. I could only get my call average up to 57-60. I worked as hard as I could, even skipping breaks and starting work early to get extra calls. I was fired two months ago for being a few calls short. We were paid well and now I'm... see more

If you're white and over 60 like me...chances of getting another job is slim to none...same thing happened to... see more

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I worked at Pizza Hut back in 1975, and I was told by my manager, that I was being let go, because I was to young to serve beer. I was 19 yrs 8 months old at the time, my manager failed to tell me this at time of job interview. I loved baking pizza for the company it was lots of fun. But being let go because my District Manager came into the manager's office and she told her I had to be let go, still haunts me to this day. I never did forgive... see more

Hi Daniel phipps

Good news! It looks like Pizza Hut in Lafayette is hiring!! Click on the link and apply!

Good... see more

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I had an interview an job offer from Chick-fil-A after the second interview I was hired . filled out the application and I kept getting notifications about fill out the application to make a long story short I got let go due to process on there end told to keep an eye out for up coming opening

Hi Drew Adams
I'm sorry that happened to you. What a bummer! Good news is that there are a lot of job openings in... see more

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I got diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis about 3months ago. I got fired from a job that I was working for 2years for calling out due to being sick. I've gotten denied from unemployment 3x's. Now I'm looking for another job but my doctor don't want me to work neither my husband but I'm a mother and I've always worked to provide for my household. I dont know what to do honestly. Please give me ya opinion.

Apply for disability. You maybe denied at first (everyone generally gets denied) but with your doctor on board you... see more

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So I started a kick-ass job right who's there for two weeks until I was let go because of my felony he said of the contracts that they hold don't allow them to hire felons but I already stated that I was a felon.

I am so sorry to hear that Corey Smith-Sahagian . I've heard a couple people on Jobcase now report being hired for... see more

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