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Interview Tomorrow

I’m grateful to have another interview, am having second thoughts about the place I am having the interview at. Also, if I take a full-time position I lose my other benefits. I’m a mature worker, but on permanent disability. Am allowed to make $1080 gross extra every month, but a full-time position would cause me to lose my insurance, etc.

I have another appt setup to see if I can get assistance finding a job for people with disabilities, but…

This post is dated a couple of day's ago but I'm still curious. Did you go to the interview? I hope you went and got hired on the…

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got fired after two weeks

Went to work for 2 weeks after they got my background check back they fired me they said they had the wrong ss # so I got both background checks from them and both of them are the same one number is off but its all the same I think that they just made up a reason to fire me what should I do

Well background screenings (criminal) are not based on the social security number at all. It's the correct spelling of the full…

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Part time work

I'm looking for part time work in the Houma ,La I have worked in retail sales most of my life I'm on social security so I can't gross more than $1300 a month

Try glass

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SS Card at interview

Where you ever asked for a social security card at an interview? Am i being hired.


You should have been told you were hired before handing over your social security card. The only time they should be collecting…

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Thats what Ithought

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Requesting social security number

I am just aghast at how many potential employers are demanding my social security number to be simply entertained for a potential job. I will not provide my social security number unless there is a job offered. I already have had two attempts in the last two months at identity theft. A potential employer is not going to offer me any assistance if my social is stolen and I now have to deal with that after being unemployed since November of last…

They're not requesting your social security number for their entertainment in moron they're requesting your Social Security number…

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I'm not sure if you were attempting to call me a moron as your reply was not grammatically correct. In addition, I hope that…

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United Nation's Application By World of Laws in Peace

Supplement Security Income
Supplement is the order of ones life by laws at the federal Aid - Must By School In Laws
Security is understanding laws of society & business & estate of the nation's
Income is the control units of laws therefore of ones personal caring of life: ones need Homes est.

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Thank you for sharing, Darryl.

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Part Time Regular, Nights Preferred

I am retirement age. I am looking for employment, that will allow me to earn enough units to qualify for a Medicare card. The Social Security board informed me that I have 13 units, however, I need 40 units to qualify for a Medicare card. Thank you.

Hi Phyllis,
Evening availability is a strong benefit for some of these companies,

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Bob My title is SIR- I guess

Do not trust Social Security they tried to sucker me into accepting lesser payments when I retire, and refused to say whether or not it is legal for employers to demand my age and social numbers saying only it varies from state to state.

About leaveing my job.

There is a good chance in May of this year I will quite my job and start to draw my S/S. I will turn 66. I will be livening off my S/S mainly. I can make it. But it will be tough. My work place with out going into to much detail. Is a very toxic, stressful and etc place to work for. So my question is this. If I decided to say look/get a nother job. Say three, six and etc months down the road. What does even one think I should put on the job…

Just put retired and now looking for a part time job to fill unscheduled time

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Liked what you put. Thanks.

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I got discontinued from my job last year after working for them for 10 years. I am 63 and have been looking for work ever since March 2016. First my unemployment ran out then my savings - now I am on Social Security but it is not enough to live on. I have no insurance and was told I am a Diabetic 3 day after I lost my job. I have been looking for an Accounts Payable job or any office job which is what I did before. I just recently moved to…

Hi Diana: I'm sorry to hear about your struggles in finding a job - is your Social Security similar to disability benefits? If…

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My name is Diona. I have followed up with re-apps to earlier applications. It is very easy with Indeed and Career Builder…

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