I have been in retail for over 15 years and my current company for nearly two years. I work in our ladies departments (10) as a sales associate. Recently the Team Lead was promoted to Ladies Departments Manager. I expressed my interest in being appointed the new Team Lead and both the store manager and ladies departments managers talked to me like I was going to be promoted. I was told I’d have 40 hours each week, a scheduled day off and to... see more

Rhonda, I was checking for myself when I read your well conceived post. Of course, look for a new position where... see more

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I have been an assistant manager at cititrends for 2 years they wouldn't promote me or give a raise ,l decided to resign now they pay went by 1 dollar

Hi viergela johnson , I'm sorry that happened to you! Did you decide to stay with the company, or find an... see more

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Elyssa Duncan l left ,went to find work thru a temp agency for rite now

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Looking for company to grow with

Hi patrick charleston , send your application profile to James McHugh Construction Co. They have multiple General... see more

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I have been wanting to make this post for quite sometime now. My colleagues as well as some friends face this issue and it seems it's a growing trend. I'm certain this is a subject of concern especially for those who either have been passed over for promotions or even just a job opportunity in general. It seems there are cries for equality and jobs state they are being fair when clearly they are not. We have people suffering jobless and... see more

What is nepotism

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So the Executive Director of my Department supposedly had been watching me for a while and she liked my work ethic and determination and saw leadership capabilities in me so she hand picked me for a promotion so she says. In February I received a promotion and moved over to another department that she is still the head of but also in February my company had a Town Hall meeting with the CEO, COO and the Executive Director and I very vocally... see more

Ask to meet with your leadership are human resource sometimes the supervisors can be intimidated buy little things... see more

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So Ive been working for taco bell for almost a year and my gm says she wants to give me a promotion but she cant until I get dentures. See I am a victim of demestic violence and she knows the situation due to the inccodent accurring two months after I started working there. Yes I had teeth when I was hired but its not my fault nor did I ask my ex to beat me up so bad causing me to have a broken nose, ruptured sinus and having to have all of my... see more

It's not discrimination for not having no teeth dentures can be replaced but I would get away from taco bell

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I have already left the company I work but accepted a new position within the organization I thought it was a good idea for me.
When I was with my other colleague who supposed to help me training this new position and also my supervisor. My supervisor told me that he will get with the HR and make this official and there will be a new salary negotiation and other things. He also said that they are looking for another candidate for my previous... see more

Thanks for considering me and my future,,,

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Last year at my job something unfortunate and unexpected happened. One of my co workers died. I had been doing part of his job since he was no longer able. A few months after he died, I was told I would be given his postion. I was shown one part of it and given a raise. here it is one year later and I dont feel I am being paid as much as my predessessor nor have i been shown anything else. This position is part time as well. I have been looking... see more

Look in the direction of something that interests you and makes you feel happy.
Secondly, do not let the fact that... see more

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Good Morning Jobcase Community
Just wanted to stop in and update everyone on how I'm doing. Been at my new position 4 weeks and 2 days. So far so good. I am settling in and have become familiarized and comfortable with the company and some of my co-workers. I am at a world-wide corporation headquarters, so there are employees spread across the US, Canada, South America, Asia, Africa and even into Australia. I'll probably never know everyone lol... see more

Congratulations to you !!! Glad it worked out for you. Enjoy be blessed.

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I have been at my Company weeks before they open. I was hired as a Supervisor, but after the Managers,And the G.m. resign I stay on doing my best to hold down the company, Well a new G.m came on ,and Hired another manager in my department, then promoted me to Assistant, but promise I will be next in line if things didn't work out for the new manager.Well she was fired and I was next up.. I decided not to take the position because I didn't know... see more

I am so sorry God's Chosen1 ! My advice is to sit and speak to your manager. Chances are they probably have no idea... see more

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Ashley Wilson Thanks for your advice, I'm just gonna trust the Lord,and let him lead my PATH..

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