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I am at my wits end.

What do you do when the only jobs in your area are retail and they won't touch you with a 10 foot pole because you are not an extrovert? Its getting frustrating. Only jobs are the retail jobs and thats it. I don't have an option to move to a different area with other job options. They ether don't hire me because I don't fit their personality test or they look at my education level and say you are to educated or we view you as a threat to our jobs…

An introvert can have a very good person and even be charming. Plus be very intelligent about what they are selling. If you can…

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t made me stay @ #Life.ShareBloodCenter was

They were Awesome best team work I've ever had. Also treated like family, great training. Really loved my job. Wish I never quit, I quit to go back to school.

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Walk slow, Run fast! Remembering Ash...

There was a girl I had the pleasure to watch play soccer since she was around 13 years old. She was on my daughter’s team, but everyone who pays attention to Soccer in New England knew of her. She was the one we planned to cheer in the Olympics someday. She was also the one who always lifted her teammates up when they were down and brought energy to the field without exception. She was the one who enjoyed life as much as anyone I think I’ve…


It was once said that, The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the

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Frustrating in life. People say they love your art and or skills, but won't hire you.

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Iam really looking for a job can u help me

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Pissed at family

So fed up with my family. My sister quits her job. Does mom say no more car? No. Then I am told even if I have a job. I am not allowed to use any of the cars period. Almost like they are making so I can't have a job at all. I live in the sticks with no public transport too. #life #fedup #transportation #cars #pissed

Life experience

I'm only 17 struggling to find a job where I'm at I live in Albany NY and its hard to get a job because we always gotta do jobs application online. It give us spam some of them are real web site check out ... Just saying #life #peace

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I wish I could have changed #Life,Inc.

I wish the management care more about their Staff.

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