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Summer Internship Program - Jersey City, NJ

Attention Teens! Jersey City Summer Internship Program Online Application is NOW OPEN! High school students in their junior year who attend Jersey City public schools, as well as Jersey City residents in their junior year of high school attending vocational county schools, are encouraged to apply.

Click HERE for more program details. Visit Jersey City Summer Internship Program Online Application to apply today!



Thanks for the info.

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I am getting my Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice at AIU, and I live in Kentucky and I was wondering if anyone knowns of any Law enforcement agencies that do Internships, in Kentucky or Tennessee area?

Matthew: GO F*** YOURSELF! You completely MISSED THE BOAT, and as far as my Ex-Friend, perhaps u and him can converse and B**** at…

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Welding internships

does anyone know any places that have internships in WA or Oregon? Im still in high school but Im a good student and have been looking for months! hope everyone has a FANTASTIC DAY!!!


I'm looking for an Internship/job to start my career, does anyone knows is there any open Internships in Marketing.etc?

Hello Sebastian,
Sales is a great start when looking for entry-level marketing. I know not everyone has an interest in Sales, but…

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Internships for Medical Coding and Billing

I have just completed the Medical Coding and Billing program at my local college and I'm currently looking for Internships to gain some experience. I would like to get some guidance/experience under my belt before taking the certification exam. I have noticed that a majority of the open positions require at least 2 years of experience. I have yet to find any listings for internships in my area nor have I been able to connect with anyone (by…

Taking the exams for Medical Coding and Billing cost too much!

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Any ideas?

I'm just about completed with my A.S. in accounting. I'd like to reach out to any of you that may have leads on what my options will be once I recieve my degree. Does anyone know of any companies with internship programs or entry level positions opening soon? I look forward to hearing what you have to say. Thanks for your time!

Have you tried talking to your school? They will usually have ideas about internships for their students.

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Pharmacy intern

Company placeholder
631 Washington St, Boston, MA 021111716

Hello there,
I would like to do my pharmacy intern from cvs pharmacy. How do i apply for it?

Hi Annet,
You can actually see the available jobs they have by going to the company page here on Jobcase! Just click their name in…

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Scared & Excited

Hi, I recently got an internship as a college accounting major with a small firm (eight people). I'm very excited but also very scared I'm going to mess up and disappoint the people I'm working with and embarrass the person who recommended me. I'm supposed to be replacing that person starting next week, and I feel overwhelmed by the amount of work and autonomy I'm going to have. I'm getting training, but I still feel like I'm going to mess up. I…



Congrats on your internship. As you will be working for a smaller firm they are likely to welcome questions from you…

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Hi Jim,

I found your response very encouraging. I go to school with a lot of talented and experienced individuals, and I often…

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Senior Support Superviser

I am a mature women looking for social service position, lots of heart and compassion. looking for Internship for master's program

Hi Jenn,
Thanks for posting on Jobcase! I did a quick search and found some senior support jobs in your area. Take a look and feel…

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Pressure Breaks Pipes

I'm grateful for the work that I do have, however, I am always searching for something better. It's getting hard to be working overtime all the time just to make ends meet. I am eager to get into the field of chemical dependency or to be a peer specialist in the recovery field. I'm finding it to be very challenging with the non stop run ins of people taking full advantage of knowing that you only have a certain amount of time to complete 2500…

well if you plan on going into the chemical dependency field or peer specialist, you will be doing all kinds of work for free…

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I have an interview tomorrow, so I'm going to see what they have to offer and how they operate. They stated to me that part time…

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