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ghosted after a position was offered.

Opinons or suggestions: I was recently awarded an offer for a position with Parks and wildlife department in IT, after about a month of waiting for a decision, they finally made me an offer for the job based on stating I was their #1 choice. Then I was instructed to get my background check done at a 3rd party fingerprinting company. after getting a clear background check I was then waiting on my start date which should have been immediately, but…

They got information .Hope they don't us it for a scam.Hope it be better the next time.

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I just started a new job and im loving it

I just started at a call center a few weeks ago and Ive got to admit Im really liking it so far. Ive worked all sorts of different places from fast food to a metal plant to dishwashing to retail and Ive never had a job that Ive liked as much as this one. So for those of you looking and having trouble finding a good job my advice is try a call center. The one I work for is results and when I go in to work every day I see nothing but smiling faces…

Congratulations, it would be nice if more employers treated employees that way.

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Stacey Landau i agree whole heartedly and wish the same for you and everyone out there looking. Keep up the search and may you…

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Employed, finally!

I became unemployed back in January. I sent out my resume to well over 100 places and was called back to three. I really wanted to work in the veterinary profession, but I’m not licensed as a tech.

I was actually ready to give up when I saw that one of my favorite fast food restaurants were hiring. I applied to the five closest locations and recently got hired.

I’m 36 and had a consistent work history of ~13 years. But, finally, after nearly…

And I hope to get a part time job at one of my favorite eating spots PANERA BREAD the discounts on the food alone is worth it.

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Yahoo!!!, found a job!!!

I found a job by telling the employer, after the first interview, that I was going fishing. That seemed to impress them so they made a good offer. It does require relocating and relo was on the table.


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Long Journey worth the wait

Today I got hired at a great Hosptital with excellent pay and benefits. It has been a long journey of interviews knowing I slammed the interviews, but still got no replies. It was difficult knowing that you have 20+ people applying for 4 positions. I'm so very greatful and thankful God has elevated me to receive a blessing only he can give.

Congratulations. Waiting for my turn I know he has something special

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How accurate is this site

How accurate is this site

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Hi Tricia!

We are so glad to have you here on Jobcase!

To learn more about what we do here check out THIS short clip as well…

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Has anybody at all found a job on Jobcase?
Other than spamming my inbox with worthless jobs I haven't seen anything

Let's hear those success stories

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Hi Rick!

We are so glad to have you here on Jobcase!

To learn more about what we do here check out THIS short clip as well as…

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What company are you with

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Hi Darian!

We are so glad to have you here on Jobcase!

To learn more about what we do here check out THIS short clip.


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I Got My Wings!!!

I had an interview in June, then trained 3 weeks in August, now I finally made it through flight attendant ground school training. It was hard, 21 began and only 10 of us graduated. I'll be doing my IOE in a few days and I'm excited and nervous at the same time. Thank you Jesus, I took a leap of faith and it's rewarding!!!


Congratulations! Lucky you. That was so my dream job but I am too old.

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What should I say?

So I was offered a position within a company I'd love to work for and then was asked what kind of salary am I expecting. What should I tell the lady when I call her back? I don't want to undercut myself but I don't want to turn the company off either.

If you know what they're paying then you should probably try and line up your offer with that as best as possible.

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