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Nowadays I truly don't know too much of job scam.
Sometimes I think am wasting my time here on jobcase seems people are just here to share/post irrelevant articles not helping the job seekers.

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Hi Isibor Ewoigbe - Have you tried using the job search tool here on Jobcase? It’s simple and you can search anytime for jobs…

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Searching In Phoenix!

Hello everyone!
I am currently searching for an immediate clerical opening in the Phoenix area. My previous position was full time at $19/hr. I am searching for something comparable to that in preferably Mesa, Gilbert, Tempe, Chandler or Scottsdale. Please help a girl out if you know of anything! God Bless.
#help #phoenix #arizona #tempe #OfficeAssistant #AdministrativeAssistant #fulltime #permanent #mesa #scottsdale #chandler #jobsearch #sos #

Hi McKenna Everett - what kind of jobs are you looking for? Knowing that can help us send you better recommendations. What kind of…

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Matt Bornhorst Thank you! I've been using the tools available to me with no luck yet. Hoping that will change soon as I really…

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Hello Rashawna,
Welcome to the Jobcase community! I would be happy to help you. You can apply for positions with Coca-Cola by…

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The way fair pop ups are becoming annoying they wont let u post comments and pop up every time u try to do something.

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Setting job alerts

How can I set-up my profile to receive job alerts for new openings in customer service?

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I’m confused

I’m confusedI’ve been working on my current job for three years I have a new opportunity to go to a new job but I don’t know how to tell my boss I will need three days for orientation at her new job She’s not going to like that and my boss is not going to want me to leave

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and what do you do here

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My first approach to your question is to explain what I meant by, ''GENERAL/MAJOR ACHIEVEMENTS'' as was used in my resume. In the first case it was used as a phrase and as a sub-heading that covers the most important results that I got by rendering my pedagogical services/labor/efforts in my job places. So, asking, what I loved about working at GENERAL/MAJOR ACHIEVEMENTS, to me, does not sound logical, neither is it in consonance, in idea, with…

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Thank you too sir.

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I need some advice.

Back in March 29th 2019, I quit my job at the Golden Dragon Copper Tubing Mill in Pine Hill, Alabama. I was a Welder/Maintenance Mechanic. I quit because stress from things that happened at home and being screwed with the pay wage at work there after a year. I've been putting in applications at so many places and no responses, I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Any advice?

Maybe change your word in. The description of your job career..change it up make it sound different

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Job wise...

Hello everyone, how long does it take on average to find a job from this company?

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Dimitri Rimpel Jobcase is a job search app, allowing you to search postings on the major job boards, all in one place. Length of…

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Lois Martin Thank you for your input, I will do that.

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Support Resource Spotlight #2: Pathways LA

Stressing about childcare for your family? Want a reliable option that provides millions in financial childcare assistance?

Pathways LA is an amazing resource on Find Your Future that enables families around Los Angeles to apply for subsidized childcare. Pathways LA promotes strengths-based education and best practices for child development by assisting families, supporting child care providers, caring for children, and advocating for the…


Thanks so much for sharing this! I'm sure it'll help many people in our community.

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