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My steps toward finally getting back into the work force after surviving a stroke and brain surgery last year.

I suffered a spinal stroke last year while driving home from work. A spinal stroke is basically when matter, in my case, a blood clot travels from spin to brain causing the actual stroke. Doctors said a sudden rise in my blood pressure could have and was likely the reason the blood clot from the back of my neck decided to move. That made sense to me as my then, current employment situation was extremely stressful. I was working with 16-25 year…

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I am so glad to hear that your health is progressing Tisha Skipworth but so sad that it happened in the first place. I am sure…

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8th Annual Jobs Rebuild Boston Community Conference & Career Fair Employer List:

Current List of Employers as of 6/3/20

  1. Boston University
  2. Building Pathways
  3. People Ready
  4. Wegmans
  5. United States Postal Service
  6. Justice Research Institute
  7. CVS
  8. Bank of America
  9. Eastern Bank
  10. Boston Medical Center Healthnet
  11. Federal Home Loan Bank
  12. WBZ TV 4
  13. Eversource
  14. Keolis
  15. Massachusetts Convention Center Authority
  16. Amazon
  17. Apple
  18. Encore Boston Harbor Casino
  19. Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
  20. Eliot Community Human Services
  21. Boston Water & Sewer
  22. Judge…

I was just curious, the job fair is once annually is it possible to get any follow-up information? And are there any other similar…

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Hi Ayotunde Omotoye ! There are no other job fairs being hosted by Jobcase this year, we do host this one annually however you can…

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The job isn't for me

I just started a job last week. The hours are ok and so is the pay but as a stock person I have to go up and down high ladders. I find it very hard. I am 64 years old and it is getting harder for me. I hate to quit because I need a job but my body just is not that agile. I don't know what to do.

If the job isn't for you then begin to look for another Robin Meyer ! There is NO shame in knowing that a job isn't right for you…

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Mom was diagnosed with AD

Recently my mom was diagnosed with A.D i missed a few days of work informed my assistant manager at the time manager wasnt available. Came back to work a few days later and i was terminated for no call no show? Well if i let them know i had a family emergency a few days prior doesnt that give a clue in there heads well maybe hes still dealing with his family issues. Honestly i didnt need to let them know about my mothers conditions because that…

Hi andrew schmitt I am so sorry that your mother has been having a difficult time. I hope she feels better soon! I am sorry to…

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Been working at my job for a year and a few months recently became pregnant 22 weeks i became sick brought in work note now they are saying they can't accommodate my work note i went to work today and got sent home because they are waitin to hear from hr what can i do i have four months til my due date and my doctor says i can work jus have to have breaks or can't lift and have to have frequent sit downs within a 8 hr shift im not understanding…


There is only one success to be able to spend your life in your own way,There are many success stories of people starting out on a…

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Advice needed

I had a serious accident 5 weeks ago yesterday. I am ok, nothing broken, but still sore over a month later. I am still working, driving, and go through the same area every week.

I rolled a 20 foot refrigerated box truck twice on black ice covered roads in Newark Ohio.
If I wasn't wearing my seatbelt, I wouldn't be writing this.

I am asking for advice because I am still having nightmares, and there are times I will have visions while driving…

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That is PTSD. The thing to do I've been told is seek professional help. Now what us old timers would do is, take a day or two…

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Well, I have been told by told because of a bad shoulder, I can no longer do what I have done all my life which is housekeeping and dishwashing. I have been told to apply for disability. I am scared of doing that because every time I do something good for myself I get shot down.....I am very nervous and scared.

Thank you, Ashley. I Wil do just that!

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Did I make the right decision

Recently, got a temp job making 11.00. The hours for first shift wete from 6:30 am to 3:pm. Mon thru Sat full time. I usually do clerical, but since Im on the bus, nothing for clerical work was in my area. The job I got was for factory work, which I have not done over 20 yrs. The first two days were ok. I did a lot of box lifting and moving box crates to stack the boxes. By the third day. I could not get out of my bed, neither could I walk. It…

1 Cor. 10;13. The Lord loves and so do I.

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Having mild Autism scares a lot of employers

It's hard to find a job when you have Autism. No company seems willing to train me and give me a shot. It's so frustrating!

Hi Ethan Heaney this breaks my heart! I recently met a man who works for ADT security and has Autism. He said he was scared to…

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thought I had a good gig with Kaiser Permanente was getting great reviews from all my co workers 3 JD power awards for outstanding Customer Service within my first 60 days. I had a few set backs with my health. Had Doctors notes this last episode I put in a LOA and ADA paperwork like I was told. I always keep documents on my health. Everything seemed fine then at after my Doctors appointment last Wednesday my manager text me asking for an update…

Jen Dennis-Walker - great job in having a paper trail and documentation. Contact your department of labor - if you have what you…

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Matt Bornhorst
Thank you, I got a text this morning and 3 of my co workers are now writing letters and calling our compliance…

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