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Day 15: Congrats, You’re Halfway There!

We’re so proud of you for making it to Day 15!

Over the past couple weeks, you’ve been laying the foundation for a great 2017. But now’s not the time to relax - there’s still work to be done.

That’s why today’s challenge is all about asking people on our community to keep you on track toward keeping your goals.

Need help with your goals? Got awesome advice for other Jobcasers? Share your Daily Challenge experiences here or start your own…

It seems none of us make it out of here alive. I believe theres more than this I hope you do must having the gift that you…

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Strange you should say that. Yes, I have a story for you. Well I want you to know where I am coming from so I need to give you…

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2017 challenges and goals

Well by the end of the year I plan to have my tuition paid off in full. It could have been paid off years ago. Instead I took in my sister kids raised them and kept them out of foster care. Which some have criticized me for doing . I could have been selfish and paid my tuition a long time ago and then there's no telling where my niece and nephews would be. And for that reason the family is more important then having the best credit. Which will be…

Good for you, Alicia! I would agree that family is more important. You are a kind person for taking your niece and nephews in.

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Clinical Assistant Surgical

My dream job would be to remain a clinical assistant, but to work within a practice that specializes largely in geriatrics. My goal is to work directly with the patient and the loved ones caring for them, i in all stages of Alzheimer's and their loved ones. My dad passed away in 2013 from this horrible disease that stole a piece of everyone's sole along the way. I watched my mom struggle, lose her sanity, and wilt physically and emotionally…

my dream job is IT support .but since I finish the course I did get job for that means I don't have experience. I was working…

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A-social...B+ student

Set goals at 8 years old. Still pursuing. Boss man says relax. Work-a-holics not so anonymous. Just me. What do I do now? NO moon and New York City.
Start with the pressures I guess.

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Creative Director in accessories

My next goal is to be at an exciting forward thinking creative company leading them into the next era. Finding new ways to design and market products globally.

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Hi Karen,
Welcome to Jobcase! I would suggest adding your current location to your profile so I and other Jobcasers are able to…

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Very interesting interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger

If you have about 1h15m to waste :), listed to Arnold Schwarzenegger's interview. It will be time worth spent, then.
#careers #motivation #goals

This is a very interesting conversation. Thanks for sharing.

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