It was like going to a health club and getting paid for it. I was able to trim down 15 lbs and bulk up all while working there.

Do you have info regarding fedex freight?

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Loves doing package handle more me focusing on it I worked at Townsend Road for 2 months then transfer to Bridgestone PA I doing work hard the most right not anymore i wanted back to working with FedEx I am work for UPS Airport for seasonal only

What are the odds of hiring me at 60 years of age Jasmine????

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I start working for FedEx Ground on Monday night as a package handler. Wish me luck as I go to work for the first time since 11/30/16!

H Ow i apply

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I loved working at FedEx Ground because it was great exercise and even better for stress relief.


I went above and beyond at FedEx ground, until they took away all the full time jobs for part-time.

I picked up 20 stops for a coworker because he had 175 stops i did bulk and i could get done by 200 then do by my 20 pick ups so what happen my contractor who in austin tx Camilla harris worthless and would never go back added a 500 pm pick up across town and let me go because i picked up early well the really reason they let me go is there are cheap i had know problems with office depot they told people that pick up was at 400 fedex ground... see more

I told my manager that my arm was hurting and instead of asking what was wrong with it or what happened he sent me on to work ok that was fine but then he proceeded to yell at me for going slow. He finally sent me to a different area with the disaprovale of the other manager. After that I was repeatedly sent home for going slow and was told that if I didn't start moving faster I would be fired. So I quit

The people

Be sure you are fit. It is a good workout. You have to load a truck from bottom to top.

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