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So Yeah...

Me and my brother applied to work at this place together on the same day. We both go in for an interview and we go home. Later that night he gets a call to come in tomorrow. I call them seeing whats going on, they tell me that they are setting stuff up for me so I just let it be. Now 1 week later and cant seem to get a hold of the person I spoke to originally about the situation. Feels great

I'm sorry to hear that Desmond Collins . It may be best to avoid going on interviews with loved ones in the future as it can lead…

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Going with the people I know and trust

Family is sometimes not the ones who have your back. A sea of thieves is what is truly behind the attack. As for me, I will serve the Lord. Daniel and I will side with the Cofers and say to hell with Family.

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Hi Liberty IsReal Thunder ! I'm glad you have come to know who you can trust and come to build a chosen family that you can rely…

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washington lottery powerball jan 23 And How it was Altered.

Robbed, by my brother inlaw again

Sorry to hear that Liberty IsReal Thunder . How can I help you with your job search?

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Almost homeless

I've been unemployed for over a year now, took time off to take care of an Aunt, who has now passed away, do some Volunteering. Now looking for a job after 5 months of looking, nothing, I'm going to have a Birthday on Friday and feel that I don't fit in the world we live in. I've been on interview after interview, and have been to 5 different agencies to help me find a job and nothing. This world is so cruel. I'm so frustrated of trying to…

Hi i m asnaku i wan't job

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Looking for an homebased job!

Hi everyone! I'm Dolly from the Philippines and a newbie here. I joined this platform because i knew it will be a great help for me to find a home based job. It's been 7 months since i resigned from my previous work as a secretary in a garments factory. Working there for a year and a half i learned a lot. But because of my youngest son, being maltreated by his NAN i am forced to resigned to look for them. I do studied and research about home…

Hi Dolor Barretta - first of all, I am sorry to hear about your job. That sounds like an issue where you need to contact your…

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Hey Dolor Barretta , Concentrix is hiring FT & PT Customer Service Work from home. Don't wait too long to apply because those jobs…

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Fighting Family

It comes down to a single person in my life that wishes to steal everything from me. I get elected to the presidency and what does my brother inlaw do, He outfits my home with hidden cameras and posts them. Violates every right I have. I call upon the collective to step in. For he refuses to talk with me, So I will take it to the Macro, Of the Collective. Because if I cant have Privacy, No one can it would seem.

Take the cameras out! Then move!

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Hi every one im Krystal and im a cna

I work for bailey creek nursing home I work the 10pm -6am shift I love my job I've wanted to be a cna dor a long time my grand mother took care of me till I was 16 cause my mom and dad worked when I got a little older I saw she could not move around the same and I started to care for her she was so sweet and loving and kind. She had cancer she passed when I was 16 one of the worsted days of my life and she never wanted to be in a nursing home so…

I am so sorry you lost her Krysy Pooh but what an impact she had! She changed your life in the best way possible. I am sure she is…

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I stayed motivated at work by...

My Family,we are accomodated when our home got flooded due of typhoon Ondoy,My husband is still currently works there as Supervisor,So he ask permission if we can stay there for free,in return, The Boss, ask help for me to Supervised alone on a Canteen his planning to have for the Employees.
No second Thought i accept the offer.
i'll do The market,cooking ,cleaning,serving,budgetting and planning...Salary....i have no salary instead in whatever…

Hi Hazel Bergantiños Ferrer I am so sorry that happened to your family. Where are you located?

I noticed this is missing from…

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This has real been hard on me since my best friend my husband died 2yrs ago...I had a full time job at home cooking,canning,raising grandchildren,great nieces and nephews plus we had 150 animals I took care of daily ..Besides all house work...My husband was over the road truck driver at age of 72 ...His family needs came first before his needs..Plus we were granny and papaw to all the neighbor kids...Most of them come from poverty..Well we was…


Your not alone, keep on keepin on and prayers to you

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Trying not to give up!!!

I’m 45yrs, took 2 years off to deal with the passing of my mother. I’m finally at a great place in my life, just need that one company to give me a chance!! Unfortunately after interviews I’m left feeling that I’m too old and damaged. I’ve been looking since November and being denied lefts & right. It just been a struggle!!

Hi Jodi Davee I am so sorry you lost your mother. You are definitely NEVER too old to land a job and don't let anyone make you…

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