I want to recommend a book that has added an immeasurable amount of value into my life. It is Wallace Wattles the science series, which includes the science of being great, the science of being rich, and the science of being healthy.

This year my career path has taken me into new heights bringing increased challenges, growth opportunities and MONEY! This entire rise is not only in corporate American but with my children, spouse and almost all... see more

Inspired by your comments and not usually someone who is. I used to be so hopeful and positive. I realize that I... see more

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Melissa Boyle That’s really cool to hear, best of success to you!

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In the many grievances many have about coming out of a long term job or industry ( 5+years ).
Most are not looking at the current options in starting their own business.

I know most need money for their time right now but each day of waiting for the right offer or even an interview.
Is another day wasted going no place fast.

Most Start Your Own Business Offers are baseless and also questionable if any one even makes any money ever. More then... see more

I was the owner and manager. Easy to stay positive when the success of the enterprise rests on ME!

I am the owner/operator of precision Cut unisex and have no employees. My work is what I make it and I have enjoyed it for 32 yrs. I need a change.

Lately I have wanted to see what I could do with an online business. I don't really know where to start though. I know youtube is an option but its not really a business. Does anyone have ideas on how or where to start?

Hi Austin Wheat , there's a lot of online self employment options available today. I suggest you start exploring... see more

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One of my favorite all-time entrepreneurs just uploaded a Masterclass. check it out...


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I am looking for a job in Human Resources or work with a small business owner and grow the business. Do you know of anyone that can help?

Hi Stephanie McGinnis , is there a particular role and/or job you are searching for within the Human Resources... see more

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Thanks for sharing Andrea Fobbs

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I would always try to understand why they were angry.


That's great! I think that's a wonderful way to solve any conflict. Thanks Kathy Darr

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