It was absolutely amazing. My boss was such an amazing person, and our night crew was very outgoing and fun! We had the most fun! We did our job but we also were a big happy family! My boss recently passed away and it was the most heart breaking news I had ever gotten in my life. I'd never cried so much in my life, she was more than my boss. She was my friend and my family! My co workers were there for me and my sister who also worker with her... see more


I would love to work any where but I have to put my car in the shop

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I had been working in public health since 1990 . My work worked in coordination with public health programs inside the area as a city or group of cities. The Public Health Department had several types of health care centers. The biggest is a hospital then it's Cesamo (health care center with physicians) and Cesar ( health care with only nurses). The organization maintains a volunteer community, once a month they go to the closest health care... see more

Hi Marilia! Sounds like an amazing experience working with a wonderful team. What is the biggest lesson you have... see more

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Yes it is a great company but I have to say in the maintenance of way department it is hard work and dangerous

Thats fine im up for the challenge!! If not im open to other good paying passion's

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I ended up retiring at a young age because I couldn't cope with my job. I was always getting warnings and working my butt off but just not being good enough. I'd wake up with my stomach churning and I just couldn't deal with it anymore. I think my employer really wanted me to leave. The problem is that I've had to take any job because I needed an income. I accepted a lot of jobs that I hated. I've been working in insurance since 1984 and I hate... see more

You know, Mona, I do sympathize with your situation and I felt that way having been in mortgages for so many years... see more

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This depends on how well you handle stress for me the busy time is the fun times but as with all jobs I would say bout %80of people can't handle the full house times so there is a high turnover rate there and that goes with all titles there all around other than managers and co managers but it indeed takes a special breed to do what they do.other than the full house times I've seen a lot of people make it thru the day pretty happy.

john williams Great insight! What's one piece advice to overcome the stressful moments?

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When researching teaching positions between elementary, middle, and high school, you might realize that there is a choice to work at either a private school or a public school. Is there a difference between public and private school when it comes to teaching? For example, do you get paid more for working at a public school or private? Is the behavior of the kids different? What about city versus suburbs? I’m just wondering what it is like to work... see more

The kids are better behaved in private schools and come from better families.

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I am only nineteen and have not had many jobs yet, but I saw an article that said there is scientific evidence that people are happier and more efficient in their work in a happier environment...even the color of the walls matters. My previous conception of working was that you clock in at 9 and out at 5 and environment doesn’t matter, but I’m slowly realizing the importance of a happy workplace. We spend so many hours of our lives in these... see more

That's why im trying to find something in customer service in banking only because im two years from reviving my... see more

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Company culture is important. It can be the difference between hating or loving your job. A company with great culture is going to be excited to tell you all about it, but one with not-so-great culture will likely dodge your question.

So how do I know what the REAL company culture is?

Ask them! Here are a few sample questions to use during your interviews:

1. What is your favorite thing about working here?

This makes them have to really think... see more


thanks this helps

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You are welcome!

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I've never had the best social skills, but have managed to get by in life. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to do the same for workplaces. I can't seem to navigate without getting in trouble. How do I figure out if the work culture will be a good fit for me?

Irene, I have found that if you google the company and then read the reviews it will give you an idea of the... see more

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Horrible experience they treat the employees like it's a human modern day slave plantation!!!

Thats ok. It only means they want seriously good workers..they want the job done right! Nothing wrong w that!

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