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I am calm person

I said sorry and later I went to him face to face to explain things to him better and there was understanding

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Hi Otis! I'm glad you were able to work it out your differences. Let us know if you need any more help

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Got played at e month job

I had not worked job in 4 yrs n started at daycare. I all of sudden start having pains in heal. The director notice I was in pain n forced me get checkup n get this paper signed saying what was wrong. I did that. So later I had lower my working hours. All of sudden people saying I don't smile enough. So that didn't work. Set me up. After I left class they put a child on couch I checked before leaving to go to another class. So fired me. Talking…

I am so sorry to hear that Rosalaind Price it doesn't sound like that was a very supportive environment. How are you doing now?

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Drama at #DentalAssociatesofAurora

The front desk supervisor got mad at me and did not talk to me for 6 weeks for not collecting a $300 copay and she knew the insurance was covering it.

What was your first day like at McDonald's

It was Alright being around ppl that be petty don't have expirents in working with other's no good sportsmanship Either

Hi Smilely Baby - so there were other people that were new on your first day? Did you have someone training you?

I recommend…

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Matt B. I am actually with Goodwill Industry. Started at the bottom and worked my way to retail sales person and cashier.

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Bishop Arnetta Dalegottoe

Hello the last place i was employed was a great experience. Because i was my own business i work with many Schools and other nonprofits ..We were great partners help our young students reach their goal stay focus and never give up on their education and dreams of becoming successful in life....also a signing mentors to each youth that had know support systems....The hardest part of my last position was something having to pick up the ball and…


Holy cow! Were you living near a chemical factory? That seems like a horrible string of cancer to face all at once. I can't…

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forced to quit

So started working at a motel as a housekeeper a month in shit starts getting bad and other employees and the boss started doing shady acts to me and my olman who got hired the dayafter i did..example we leave tip envelopes in case customers wamt to leave the hk that cleaned there room a thank u..well i had previous motel experience so first month i proved how good i was at my job and everyone saw how much the guest enjoyed my presence here it…


Unfortunately, being a jerk boss is not against the law. In order to sue, you would have prove that your boss's actions were the…

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What I loved working at #Subway

My job was making sandwiches only. The co- worker would not teach me how they baked there bread and cookies.

Why not? That seems like the best part lol.

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Drama at #Dunkin

They took off their headset and asked if I wanted to start something. They then walked out. After calling my manager I was told to mind my own business.


That sounds so uncalled for especially in the middle of shift just walking out like that. Did they end up being disciplined for…

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False accusations

A fellow associate has falsely accused me of something and has gone to the manager with this. It is strictly his word against mine, with no witnesses. I feel sick. I have requested the manager review any cameras that may have been recording at the time. What can I do in a situation like this? I've got a 7yr. clean track record on my side yet I believe the manager is seeking advice on how to move forward from this point on. I have done no wrong…

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Sorry, but you r not guilty till proven guilty with enough evidence to support their claims.

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The biggest mistake I made as a #MedicalBiller at #NorthHillsSurgeryCenter ...

not going to my manager with problems instead I choose to handle them my self

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