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My favorite and least favorite thing about going to #COLLEGE-TwelopeloPrivateNursingSchool

I use to like the uniform and the songs we where singing,writing test every end of month.

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Something I learned at #COLLEGE-TwelopeloPrivateNursingSchool

I have learned a lot of things of how to caculate medication and also working under the suppervission of the registered nurse ,also not to give up with what you have started.

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An unforgettable situation at #COLLEGE-TwelopeloPrivateNursingSchool

I will not forget that some south African they didn't want to speak English they wanted me also to speak their languages which I didn't know.

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My best day at #COLLEGE-TwelopeloPrivateNursingSchool was when

It was nice to be in school they welcome me well as I'm not a south African.

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The teachers they where egear to teach and making sure that you know the work.

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Taco Bell offering FREE college classes!

I see a lot of people on here wanting to go back to school. Well, Taco Bell is offering a free education to employees if they want one. Workers will now have access to more than 2,000 classes and programs in their pursuit of an undergraduate or graduate degrees, college-level education, a GED, or mastery of English as a second language. You can read more about that and the details here

Is this only for employees of Toco Bell

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Yo estoy interesada

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MSSU is not a good school at all. They are nothing but a junior college on steroids. They pushed for University status when another local college achieved that status. They make you take classes you're not supposed to take. The professors are horrible. My Spanish teacher the first day said hello in English then nothing but Spanish from then on. It is cheap to go there but you get what you pay for.

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Work or College?

Okay, so I've recently received a certificate in Basic Plate Welding and I'm NCCER certified in Welding Level One and in Core Curriculum. Where I've left off at in college was TIG welding carbon steel pipes in the 5G position and the next step after that was 6G and the 2G stainless steel. After this fall semester I was going to receive a Pipe Welding Certificate for that, but all in all I'm actually looking for a job because I'm thinking what if…

I would pursue more education. I think you might regret not getting that certification. I know you're already well-qualified but…

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Have to find job before this coming fall #College

I have been living in Orlando for more then 5 years. Seen I always see new places opening, also help wanted signs. I would apply online then a day later call them. Many times I would go in person ask for the manager, in the less busy time. About the apply there. Either I don't get an e-mail or call. When I do and managed get an interview. I don't get the job. Please help I have college this coming fall. The resources there are not that help for…

Hi Lizeth,
Where have you been applying? Reach out to a career professional at 407-531-1222 and ask for a free one on one career…

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How #DaymarCollege-Louisville changed me

It was a different experience. I love it there.


Im a student in college looking for summer work or part time work. I would like to be stocking or cashier i like to learn new thinks if there more you want to know about email me at.

Hi Tyrik,
Thanks for posting on Jobcase! I did a quick search and found these summer jobs in your area. Take a look and you can…

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