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Employment Yields Many Benefits

For most of us, being employed means that we can pay rent or a mortgage on our home, have a car, buy groceries, wear nice clothes and the means to spend on the things that we like to do. We can all agree that financial responsibility is what a job brings, but are there any other benefits that we can enjoy?

Employment benefits a person in many different ways besides financially. It benefits your mental health…


Por favor, mejora tu gramática
No se puede entender lo que exquisite decir
De lo contrario, no vas a poder encontrar trabajo

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Graciela Gerber English man ?

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Goodwill of Greater Washington.

If your not affraid of a little hard work and have been in Retail in some form or another then Apply today!

Learn a New and Challenging Career.

Goodwills help people overcome challenges to build skills, find jobs and grow their careers through the power of work.


Respect: We treat all people with dignity and respect.
Stewardship: We honor our heritage by being socially, financially, and…


I worked for GICW in Oregon and they treat their employees like dirt. Don't work for them!!!

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What are the benefits?

Sure, you see a lot of trucking jobs posted with sign-on bonuses, and companies expressing what you could make - but what are the benefits? Good benefits can make or break how successful you are at a company. Looking to learn more? Check out the website here.

Here they are:


Hi my friend. I want to know how to get benefit only especially or in general.thank you

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Need help medical insurance

I have an issue, that I hope someone can give me some advice.
I've been promoted to Assistant Manager along with a girl that asked me if I could help her get a job. She also was given the assistant managers title too. To make long story short. I take prescription medications and see doc twice a month along with my primary twice a year. I currently have badgercarr for insurance. Now with that type of heathcare I'm am only allowed to make $1040.83…

the community hospital in your area has a program where you can get all the health care you need and pay them on how much you…

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frank aguilar okay thank you. I will look into this.

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Interview with minimal questions!

Went to an interview the other day. I wasn't asked many questions. He really just explained what the position intails & benefits. I did try to sell myself as much as I could. I have over 15 years experience as medical receptionist . But not sure what to make of this. Has anyone else ever experienced this type of interview?

Yes, I had an interview like this and I believe that I wasn't what they expected so , they basically, told me about the job…

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Work place Discrimination

So Ive been working for taco bell for almost a year and my gm says she wants to give me a promotion but she cant until I get dentures. See I am a victim of demestic violence and she knows the situation due to the inccodent accurring two months after I started working there. Yes I had teeth when I was hired but its not my fault nor did I ask my ex to beat me up so bad causing me to have a broken nose, ruptured sinus and having to have all of my…

It's not discrimination for not having no teeth dentures can be replaced but I would get away from taco bell

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The best benefit at #CaliforniaStateParks was definitely...

Awesome work environment with one main goal with all State Park employees is to keep the park clean along with park visitors safe.

Thanks for sharing! Benjamin Taylor

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Hi I’m Marie and I have my opinions about your current situation. The AARP folks are there to make your second half of your life more of a friendly experience into your life experience as an mature adult.
Enrollment and membership has its perks and business experience in the social and business aspect of older adults. That’s why I’m excited about it and want to pass this amazing experience on to you.

Thank you for sharing marie Krekora ! The AARP has a lot of great things it does to support older workers!

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What I loved working at #UnitedParcelService

Free benefits that would also cover your family. Plus, you can get store and hotel discounts

Sounds like some great benefits Micah Poole ! Thanks for sharing with us

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The best benefit at #Unipressusa was definitely...

A great team atmosphere every one helped each other plus the pay was awesome

That's great to hear Michael Stewart Thanks for sharing!

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