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Young momma in trouble!!

I have been driving for this company for the past 4 months and I like it, but now my boss wants to add more hours to my schedule. I have my son five days a week and my ex has him on the weekends. He can’t take him during the week and I don’t have family to help out for those extra hours. I am really in trouble! What am I going to do? Freaking out that they will fire me if I say no!! HELP!

I am 58 yrs old and live at 62 and Georgetown Rd. In Indpls. Can I help? I do not have a car. I love children!! Please contact…

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Will the job you have fit my skills?

I am currently living with family and have been laid off over 6 months. Is their anyone out there who can help with a reliable job? I am a mother of 3 and could use the funds to help support my family. I also dont drive at this time. I live in a small town where there are few jobs. Im looking to relocate if needed and will help with anything I can along the way until I get a stable place to stay. I am not looking for a hand out. I like to work…

What is your skills

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noushad tp They are posted on my description.

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Stay at home parents.

I've worked throughout the years briefly on and off, though always been a stay at home mother with very limited work experience or furthered education other than a year of college, what can someone like myself do to get noticed, to get the job? I'm older and know that most companies pass over a woman of age and lack of experience, what should I do? Any suggestions would be great! Thanks.

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2020 It will help you get some office experience with the Federal government.

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Wife needs help

My wife wants a job at a Walgreens around the corner from our house and I keep telling her she should go in and apply, but she gets wicked nervous. She has stayed home with our kids for 7 years but now wants to get back out there. What can I do to help her??

The best thing you can do is acvompany her to Walgreens and then while you are there tell her to ho apply for the job.

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Toys R' Us closing didn't stop me!

I was a stay at home mom and then started to work part-time at Toys R' Us for three years until they closed their doors. Shortly after my husband lost his job so I had to get out there and start providing for our family. I took a few bartending classes, got my Serv Safe certification and applied to a few places. No experience what so ever, but Mariott took a chance on me. I told them in my interview that I was one of 6 kids and a mother of 2 and…

Glad you're providing for your family with a job where you can use your people skills. Mariott seems like a great place to work. I…

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Can anyone help me

Hi everyone I’m looking for part time work 1-2 days out of the week it’s been along time out of the job field due to what I’ve finally been diagnosed with fybromyalgia, and arthritis, and I’m very nervous and honestly scared , because In today’s world jobs are not very understanding, my fybromyalgia gets bad in the cold months and cold rain and I need to find a employer that understands that once in a rare very rare while I may need to change a…

I’m looking for part time folks that work from home and then travel to meet with families. You can contact me through this site…

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Young momma in trouble

My daughter gets real sick sometimes so I need a job where I can pick my own hours and be there for her. I can’t leave her with daycare because they can’t take care of her right. I am by myself and have no family near me out here in Denver. It gets real hard. I don’t want to drive a car for uber or lyft. What else is there?? I have heard people talk about gig jobs in other forums. What are those? Please help us. I feel so alone.

I know you believe in your God but your God is he is real you having trouble with your daughter just keep praying just pray and I…

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I cant remember all the jobs I had in the past. Also I have large gaps in my work history because of being a mom and student. I need help with my resume.

If you have gaps and volunteer during those gaps put the volunteer work to fill in the gaps. Hope this helps!!

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Wfh job needed asap for stay at home mom

Does anyone know of any decent work from home jobs for a 38 year old stay at home mom of a toddler? I need something data entry, copy and paste etc related preferably. I have experience in customer service but can't do the required quiet environment. I have a desktop, iPad, Iphone, Android tablet and phone I can use. Plus headset if need be. Thank you in advance for your help.


Kimberly Evitts If you’re interested in working from home here are a few positions I can recommend!

Convergys - Full and…

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Desperately looking for a job with health benefits

The hardest part about finding a job is I have been a stay at home mom for 28 years. I really have no experience. I have had a few jobs such as a security guard and I worked as a Unit Secretary at a hospital both were many years ago. My husband is divorcing me after 28 years and with that he is taking away all my health benefits. I don’t have enough Social Security credits to draw or any retirement when the time comes. I want to be independent as…

Where do you live? Here in Mass you can apply for Mass Health so you and your daughter would be covered while you job hunt. Iam…

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