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Mom looking for jobs

Looking for jobs at home.
I speak 2 language Spanish and English.

Hi Katiria!

If you’re interested in working from home here are a few positions I can recommend!

Convergys - Full and part-time…

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Back to work.....

So I've been home for almost 3 months, I had two major hip procedures. However I still have a job to do when I'm ready which is a blessing. Here's my problem, I want to go back to work but I am scared and feel not ready, a bit depressed because I'm not making any money and been home ,haven't been able to drive etc job is okay it's just one of my bosses , well he talks in such a manner ....just pissy I guess, thing is I want to go back but…

Hi Davina Kuritz - I think it's normal to be feeling depressed after being out of work. I've been there - and I am sure a ton of…

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Matt Bornhorst thank you! Your kind words and insight have made me feel a bit better about it all...I'll take that advice and…

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After 2.5 years of unemployment (Im a SAHM) and 100+ applications later, I have a job interview Friday!! Fingers crossed I get the job

Praying you get the job.

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Radiation Therapist Associate Graduate (not board certified)

Hello, I graduated a year ago and have attempted to take my boards twice. I only have one more attempt but decided to take my time this time, preparing for the boards. I am a 49 yr old single mother. I need to find work, but it seems impossible without my certification. Is there anyone out there who has connections for getting my foot in the door working in healthcare? I will start from the bottom. It’s just a great passion of mine to help…

Wife needs help

My wife wants a job at a Walgreens around the corner from our house and I keep telling her she should go in and apply, but she gets wicked nervous. She has stayed home with our kids for 7 years but now wants to get back out there. What can I do to help her??

t of job since August 2018, and things are very difficult an accountant by profession

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Home wife

Well I just get to start my new job today at toco bell

Fantastic News Jill Jones . Have a Fabulous First Day :-)

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I really need a job!


Why did you not go back to your job after the baby and look for a job while still working and I don't understand why you would…

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Steven Burns I am sure she was overwhelmed and just needed some time. She can re-group and conqeur. Best of luck to her.

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So frustrated!

I am trying to be patient, persistent, prayerful. I have been looking for both a job and a new house to rent, both at the same time, and am getting really frustrated and burned-out! I've been job-hunting since January, more strongly over the last 2 months. I have put in over 20 applications since the beginning of April, and nothing! Not even Walmart or Walgreens! I have been out of the workforce for the last 16 years, as a stay-at-home mom. My…

I hear ya. Resumes dropped off, uploaded, faxed and 7 months without nothing. Only one job has offered me a actual hire proposal…

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I go for a interview tomorrow for a babysitting position and I have always been a stay At home mom and all I know is cooking and cleaning and kids. I mean how do you act and what do you say that would be professional sounding please help me somebody.??


Your first answer was the best answer honest truth talk and proof of the experience the babysitter job requires so be relaxed…

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work from home

I need a work from home job. I am a stay-at-home mother with 2 kids who very active. I need something to work from home while they are at school.

@ Tara and All Looking for at home jobs: My friend works at Best Buy from home- Its a customer Service position and you have to…

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