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Changing Careers

I've been in the IT Industry for many years now, but have also been an amateur 3D artist and modeler. I'm unsure of how to break into that market professionally or even how to put together a proper portfolio for my kind of art. Anyone have any suggestions or advice? Thanks for your support!!

Keep in mind content creation -- motion graphics and modeling included -- is getting majorly disrupted right now. Everything is…

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Hey I Do A lot Of Art And I Would Like To Start Selling It, Anyone Know Where I Should Begin?

Maybe try finding some craft fairs in your area. If you paint, see if any local cafes will let you display/sell your art there.

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Thank You I Appreciate That

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I'm Out There!!!

I’m an artist and I could never figure out how to show off all the work I do. I recently started stopping by local cafes and asking if I could display my artwork for people to see and possibly purchase. A couple of them said yes!!! I’m excited for people to finally see what I do!

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Thats a great idea. It's a popular practice in this city. Every cafe, restaurant, and bar has local art on their walls. Most of it…

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