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I am 57 and I am worried

As an architect 57 is old. I am worried about changing career at my age

Christian Fekete as we get older it is natural to have some fears due to our age. However, fear can be a debilitating strong hold…

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Revit and autocad technician

Iam more interested in architectural designer

Hi Rowan Gutierrez ! Here are some architectural design jobs near you!

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Working as freelance Architect at The development control enabled to know more about building codes, bylaws guiding the developmental process of any building type..
It also availed me the opportunity to work under senior colleaguea who always vetted my drawings before giving building approval.

I decided to work for #MordincNig.Ltd because

I wanted to put my skill into practice, acquire new experience and work in a new environment.

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Good job

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Thanks dear

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looking for anything in the world of architecture

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I want to work. I am ready to be relocate everywhere.

I am an italian civil engineer with a large experience in: landscape, urban plans, architecture, interior and industrial deisgn. I was director of work for all my 10 realized buildings.
Since the begin of my carrier, I was mostly of time a freelance. On 2009 in my Country started a big crisis and the builiding sector was touched a lot.
The last 4 years i remain withotu clients at all. Now I am looking for an work place in the world. I am ready…

Sorry, Marcus, but you explain me that it's not possible to help me because I am not in USA. Anyway, i am in Milan.

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Telecommute/Remote Jobs

I wonder if you all have considered FlexJobs. I too am facing age discrimination. To further my career I believe I would need to finish my education towards an engineering or architectural degree. I have a degree in accounting and one in web design, associates. Unfortunately, during our last administration, the market was flooded with accountants. I live in an are where the closest university is 70 miles from my home. I have a full time…

I have heard lots of great things about FlexJobs but I was unaware they charge a fee for membership. Good to know, thank you.

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CAD Drafter

I just received my Associates in Computer Aided Design in Architectural. I also have experience in Civil and Mechanical Drafting. I am looking for a position in this field.

Hi Samuel,
Please follow these few simple steps to find a job opportunity here on Jobcase.

1. Click on Jobs & Companies at the…

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My profile

Good day for you, I Hope all is well.
I am a Civil Engineer by profession and I have been working in Civil, Architectural, interior & Marine Architectural firms, for past 14years in India & UAE as well.
As per my job profile I am responsible for preparing the Civil, Architectural and Interior Jobs (Drawings & Site Engineer/ supervisor). I have involved in mainly Housing Project, Multi-storied building projects, Star hotel projects, Metro…

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