Its so hard not being able to find a job. I went on an interview i thought i nailed it but it didnt work out for me. Im still looking but i was offered a job working in a convenient store in the kitchen its a 4am-9am shift its ok hours and i know most people would say good hours whats the issue but i would feel like im settling just bc its a job but thinking about my kids and they did get robbed a couple of weeks ago. Makes me think about my... see more

You have the opportunity to earn some money for your regardless of the hours its a good... see more

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My position I had with Sam's club for 19 years was eliminated. I wasn't fired. They are downsizing managers and my position was one of them. There was no notice. They came in one day and said today is your last day hand in your keys. So now I'm 56 years old with no job. I was a very dedicated employee. I need a job here in spring hill florida asap fulltime. I was making $45000 a year.

Hi Vicky, I am so sorry to hear that! Make sure to follow up and ask your old boss and colleagues if they would be... see more

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Thank you Ashley.

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How long does it usually take an employee to start from basic $15.00 an hour jobs,.to getting a salary paying position?

Depends on the employee and if there's a progression process available for qualified employees at the company.

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What is the best way to find a new career? In not unemployed, just looking for better opportunities. I'm not at all interested in jobs that pay under $45k/yr

Hi Curtis,
I noticed your profile is missing your location information. By adding this info it helps other... see more

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Hello. Im Corey Moore, i moved to Texas, Amarillo, two and a half years ago. Been working for branson homes and construction. I love my bosses and I love my job. But I think I could be paid a lil better. Im just seeing what this is here. Toe testing the waters, so to speak.. One Love!

Hi Cory,
What do you do at Branson Homes and Construction? Skilled tradesmen earn higher wages. Do you have a... see more

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I was a manager at a hotel. I continually had issues with an employee being very disrespectful to the point I was being called vulgar names numerous times I had talked to our gm about the issue and nothing was ever done nor said to this employee. So I quit. I gave the gm a few warnings before hand because anywhere else this employee would have been reprimanded or something. Now he's refusing to pay me my wages.

Do you know of any places around Maryville, Tennessee that pay decent. If so, you all can message me. I greatly appreciate it!

After 12 1/2 years on one job the doors close for good at that store and finding full time work with reasonable pay Monday -Friday is hard to find. What's your opinion?

Job searching is a process within itself. Since you all those years of experience seek a position as a... see more

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i have have been working for 8 months now and have asked for a raise and have been given the excuse that there is a new gm and they have to get settled in to the store before asking for a raise

Anyone in Jacksonville Florida can help with finding a good job. I’ve been here four months and was recently released from a temp job. My time ran out I guess. I have four kids and I need something permanent with a decent wage

Housekeeper. Com, babysitter. Com,, pet sitter. Com, glass for receptionist/office positions. If... see more

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