The staff was very nice the supervisor was so understanding and the pay was good clean hotel awesome management

Great to hear! Thank you Nina j Solivan

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Thinking after 15 years working there that my employer thought enough of me that when I called in once the manager told me she didn't care if I was dying I better be there .I hardly ever called in,worked the first 5 years without calling in I quit. Thought the owner would call me to find out my side but he didn't.

My gosh, I'm sorry you went through that Paula Jones ! Seems like that wasn't a great place to work anyway. Have... see more

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When I worked at the Princess Royale, I had the opportunity to meet many foreign exchange students, and experience all their different languages and cultures, they worked hard, and learned quickly. I worked as a Banquet Captain and loved the head Chefs, really fun and great people, the pay was great, and the general manager new everyone's first name, which was really nice, especially with having so many employees. I learned alot in my five years... see more


That sounds awesome Christine chamnik ! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us!

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When will you be able to apply for a application For New Hilton Hotel in Flint Michigan, For Housekeeping / Laundry Attendant??

I am looking for whatever available in I will be seeking part time work I am on disability from having M.S. in... see more

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Never had a problem with a co-worker neither clients

That's great! What do you think is the key to a drama-free workplace, Ismail Bedia ?

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Elyssa Duncan the key is to be patient , teamwork , communication and always be on top of your orders ...and there... see more

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That I can do anything!!

Yes! Thank you for sharing your inspiration with us Candace Vettese !

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Meeting people from all the different places. It was 10 miles from where I lived but it was like you were in a different country. It was beautiful

Thanks for sharing your experience with the community, Paula Jones ! That sounds like a wonderful experience. How... see more

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Working at Shell Island was great. I had such a fun time working there and all the employees are amazing. I worked at Shell for four summers and never once got tired of it. It’s a fun place to work at and the environment overall is great. I highly recommend working at Shell Island.

That's amazing to hear Olivia Voogt ! What was your role at Shell Island?

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Elyssa Duncan I was a beach attendant and bellman. I rented out and set up beach chairs and umbrellas on the beach... see more

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Co worker we sat down and worked things out. Customer I took the food they were upset about off their bill and gave them a dessert for half price. They were happy

That's a perfect way to handle conflict! Thanks for sharing with us Paula Jones !

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They were like family to me

That's wonderful Tavares Greer ! Thank you for sharing with us

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