Standing for almost 7 hours and waiting for someone to relieve you

That sounds physically exhausting and very stressful! Sheila Bunting

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In the afternoon when no one seems to visit in the drugstore

What makes that stressful if no one is there Rosalinda Pizarro ?

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Wasn't really stressful except for the LA traffic which I got used to after the first two years lol work stress is up to the person I think.

Thanks for sharing! Richard Blanco

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When you can't talk to H.R. because that person is ALWAYS IN A MEETING. They have No idea what it takes to keep that company running, I know....I did it. At least for our Maintenance Dept. . Thanks, Mike.

I'm sorry to hear that! Robert Mitchell

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When we where short handed and I had to run up to 5 machines at once. I did it kept up with it but it could be stressful.

That does sound stressful! Thanks for sharing Catherine Flynn

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Taurayi Emmanuel,

Based on your profile location, I saw there were some job fairs in your area coming up. I thought I would reach out in case you were interested!

Thu 03/08 - Mega Career Fair 2018! Greensboro Coliseum Complex (Greensboro, NC)
Wed 03/14 - Encompass Home Health- Nurses Night Out Hiring Event Extravaganza! (Greensboro, NC)
Thu 03/15 - NC-Charlotte Law Enforcement Hiring Expo (Charlotte, NC)
Fri 03/16 - Job Fair! (FREE) (Charlotte... see more

Job Fairs in my area are great wealth of information. The only thing I don't agree with is they most have a website... see more

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Extremely busy! Dealt with a lot of inpatient patients but kept a smile on my face and tried to pitch in and continue to be a team player

Sounds like you handled it well Angela Briguglio !

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As these are home jobs co-worker interaction was minimal at best and not confrontational or argumentative. As for management, they were helpful and not prone to argument or patronizing. It was a good company to work for.

Thank you for sharing James Mercier .

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No stress days form what i remember

That's good Mario Esquivel !

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Like a 3 ring circus absolutely ridiculous workers running around like a chicken with their heads cut off.

I'm sorry to hear that Edith Rustay , did something cause this?

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