Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays Casey Langston-Clanton

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Good morning

Good Morning Daniel Krason , Welcome!
You can search and apply for jobs with a few simple steps right here on... see more

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Graduated with a BS in psychology in 2010, currently in grad school and never have been able to find a job. Applied to COUNTLESS companies, sending out god knows how many resumes and get nothing back. I've had my resume looked at several times but still I get nothing. 6, going on 7, years is a LONG time to be unemployed but I'm starting to see no light at the end of any tunnel. I lack experience because no one seems to want to take the time and... see more

Ms. Octavia, I am deeply related with you since I face the similar situation. I had been fired from the federal... see more

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I really need a job

Tyessia Bryant I did a quick search here on Jobcase and found these jobs hiring in your area. Be sure to apply to... see more

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I have just relocated to San Antonio Texas. Daily I have been searching for employment in my field. I am a master's level mental health social worker. I have been working with a diverse population of individuals for 25 plus years. With that much experience I would believe I would be knowledgeable in the field of But it seems as if employers are not interested even with all my experience..l forgot to add to my wealth of experience... see more

i live here and have an administrative background. i moved here in 2010 during the recession becuase every... see more

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I am looking for a position to share my experience as social worker,mentor,HR director/Manager

Hi Eleen! I did a quick search and found these social work jobs in your area. Feel free to apply to any that... see more

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I work for almost 8 years with this client he is 27 years old this kid couldn't walk couldn't eat always hitting himself constantly like in a way that he just wanted to kill himself and get it over with he will bite himself pinch the skin off it took me 8 years so he could stop at least 75% of all he used to do it was so hard to change him but he did a wonderful job he's a wonderful kid the mother is the co- founder in the CEO of the... see more

Hi Maribel! Ok deep breaths! Hugs. I would not be so stressed about this situation as that mother sounds... see more

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The most important thing about SOS children village was to see siblings stay together and to see the smiles on their faces knowing that they can trust me.

Hi Juanita! That's so wonderful! Do you have any other advice for people working there?

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Hi I am looking for a Nanny position as a live in or out in New York

Hi Silvia,
Great choice! Have you looked into and These are great places to look for this... see more

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Alyssa Hicks I was looking on earlier, its a pretty good site.

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I to working over some years met many types of adversity and thought that it was all over but by his grace and mercy I was able to start all over and countinued to have a very prosperous life now holding a degree in human and social science as a social worker but still haveing another rside of my work skills in the maintaince, lic. boiler oper., and other trades in the maintenance mech. abilities, so never say never just trust the God that you... see more

Good for you!!

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