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Ideas on getting that raise you deserve...

Just saw this article in Business Insider and thought I'd share it. Theres a lot of good thoughts in here (some might need to be converted for your particular situation but the principles translate pretty well. #whadayathink ?
#raise #promotion #SelfAdvocacy

I think it's always a great idea to know when and how to have this type of conversation with your boss. If you sit idly by and…

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Company placeholder
Kelly Services
1035 N Post Rd Ste B, Indianapolis, IN 462194245

Hello. I did not see a starting pay listed.

Hi! The starting pay depends on what position you are applying for. If you are doing warehouse work it is $13 per hour. If you go…

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My advice to people interested in working at #GOSHENINTEGRATEDSERVICESLTD as a #BUSINESSDEVELOPMENTSUPPORT ...

Goshen is not a well organised company that has low salary scale but could be a stepping stone pending on one's level.

My advice to people interested in working at #DangoteoilrefiningcompanyLagos as a #Craneoperator ...

I would tell the person to make his document about his/her skill available, but the salary of operators there is not Good enough compared to other oil companies

A #stressful #Cheddars day

Just busy and hectic but I love it bc u make good money and time goes by faster.

Education should not be considered more valid than Experience

When are companies going to realize that just because you have a degree does not automatically mean success in the workplace? There are mid level managers where I currently work that do not even bother to show up a lot of the time and are most likely paid quite well. How much money are companies losing over this philosophy that education automatically equals results. Those of you in the workplace for very long have likely had similar…

I have limited education and more of an employment history how would one highlight this on a resume? Employment history first…

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Im back in business

Your girl is so over the moon today. I was contacted about an opening yesterday and interviewed today. I was called 15 minutes later and offered the position. I accepted and start Monday. It's making almost as much as I made back home and I couldn't be happier or more excited. I had lust hope and felt very defeated. I actually hadn't applied for anything in quite a while because I was tired of being insulted with low salary offers and overlooked…

Hey ceia haven heard from you in a while looking forward to working together again

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Need a salary position

I am a professional hard working educated worker that cannot find a job that is not commission based. I have a real estate brokers license and have worked 100% commission the past 5 years and I am tired of waiting to see if the deal comes thru or not.
I have my AA degree in Business and just a few classes shy of my bachelors degree in business management. I have been working sales since I was out of high school with almost 25 years of…

Hi Tyler Barranger - Have you tried using the job search tool here on Jobcase?

Just follow these steps!

1. Click on Jobs &amp…

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I was patient

Patience is a virtue they say. I sent out probably 30 resumes, interviewed so many times I lost count with firms both large and small.
I took a job with a large national construction firm. Six figures as a base salary with per diem, travel and full boat benefits.
Patience, putting up with a job I did not enjoy for the time, all worked out in the end.

That is great to hear, and yes that is an old saying. Patience is a Virtue.

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The Art Of Salary Negotiations

Perhaps one of the most feared part of the job seeking process is what happens after the job offer is made. It is also a necessary step when gunning for a promotion at our current job. It is negotiating the salary.

Salary negotiation can be scary. But what’s even scarier is not doing it. A study revealed that of those people who negotiated, they were able to increase their salary by over 7%. That may not sound…


Hi Patrick Coppedge ! Wow look at all those likes : ) this is a VERY well put together post (as always)! These are great steps to…

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Ashley Wilson

Hello Ashley Wilson,

Negotiating is definitely something that I was not very good at early in my career. I pretty…

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