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How to let job know about another offer

Hey guys,

So, I was just offered a position with an organization who offered a pretty decent salary. I did not start yet as the first orientation is next week. I should be excited and anticipating starting right?

Well, this is the paradox.
As I was unemployed for about 3 months applying to almost any everything, every day, for like 90 days Lol, those seeds must have started to sprout. I just was contacted for another position for a company…

Good advice Michael. My sentiment exactly.

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Always ask questions..

So I am looking to get a new job. I had 2 interviews and followed up with Thank you card, without harassing the interviewers (Advice #1 always get a business card). I finally got the call from HR giving me the position. I was Koolaid smiles and jumping up and down. The job involved assisting management and lots of traveling without compensation for milage. I was a 25% PAY CUT for a lot more work. I asked if they had a sign-on bonus or could…

Keep the job but keep on looking the company is exploring you but right now just keep mum and keep on looking

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I thought I bombed my second interview today...
Less than an hour later, I got the call from the VP of the company offering me the position. I'm now with an amazing company that values and invests in their employee's continued education and success, empowers and gives their managers tools and motivation to succeed, and I feel fantastic about the long term goals that I share with this company. I've also been given a better salary than what I'd…

Hi Tiffany,


Based on your work and learning experiences, I think you understand &amp…

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My resume was being forwarded for a second interview but this happened...

The email said I didn't see anywhere your salary range would you please provide it Mind you, the salary was never disclosed to me prior and you're advised by the experts not to ask in your interview and besides it was the job itself that interested me the most. I did my research to determine how much a person in that field would make. So to answer the question, I shared what I made on my last job (which is less than the said amount my research…

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I am sorry you didn't get that job. But in the future, don't be afraid to discuss salary in a first interview. This helps you…

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Should I ask for a raise -UPDATE

Thanks to everyone for their comments and suggestions on my previous post. I have made a decision and thought I would share.

Even though I have been with the company for 3 years, this is the first year I have been doing the job I was hired for. If we make all of our production and shipping goals we will get a bonus in November. So, I have decided to wait to see if we get the bonus - that will give me a little more leverage.

Our review process…

Talk with the person who writes in their own salary, and I'm sure you'll be talking to the right person about a raise.

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Changed my life

So I got a new job 3 months ago and still love it. It's a sales service repersenative position with a class A cdl. It's local and I'm home every day early afternoon. This job has changed my family's life. It literally was a $40,000 a year raise from my last job of 10 years.
I am grateful and feel very fortunate to have this job. I know the struggle is real out there and I just want to send my blessings to you in Hope's you to will find a job…


Congratulations ! Thank you for sharing

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THIS WILL BE MY SALARY! (Visualization) [IBYC]

I'm telling you the truth...

THOUGHT: Many people will fall into the category as the song says...:Another one bites the dust, by the legendary music group called Queen! However, you can prevent your name from being added to the list.


The Master Key is called: VISUALIZATION

TAKEAWAYS: Visualization is the process of forming mental pictures in your mind of unseen scenarios, situations or series of events, that…


Thank you for sharing with us Edward Alexander !

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Working for Commissions Salary

This sounds so hard. I have always had hourly jobs.

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Thanks for this feedback Bridgett Irving

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I am happy to say I am getting a raise. Been workin for Amazon in the warehouse and my supervisor finally noticed I was working hard. I am really good at making sure the safety regs are up to code and that the people I work with are productive. Promotion and raise here I come!

Good for you, man.

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What I loved working at #GEDISTRIBUTION

I'm still working for GE DISTRIBUTION and its real nice place to work great coworkers nice supervisor and learn a lot there but just looking to make more haven't missed a day since l been there would love to stay but looking for better pay.

Hi Ernest Chaney

Have you tried using the job search tool here on Jobcase?

Just follow these steps!

1. Click on Jobs &amp…

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